Editorial: Slow Down GW! I Need More Time!


Seriously GW…could you give me just a bit of breathing room, before you release more stuff to consume what little is left of my 24 hour day?!


Like most of you, I have things in my life that aren’t 40K.  Job, family, etc.  With the time that’s left, I love to dive into the Grimdark.  Once in there, I suppose I’m a bit of a Renaissance man.  I like to build/paint, to play the plastic crack, to read the backstory, board game, computer game (no console) and write.  Herein lies the problem…GW keeps coming out with new stuff that hits on all of my points of interest.  You’re probably saying, “make a choice dude.”  Easier said than done.  It’s like telling someone from Wisconsin to choose between six different kinds of brats (that’s “brahts” not “brats”)…they’ll just say, “why should I have to choose?  I want them all!”


Building/Painting: So I put together over 5000 points of Marines/AdMech since last Fall.  Thought I was done for a while.  Yeah, right.  Anyone who enjoys this hobby knows that you are never done buying and building.  Always something new.  Or something old that you have wanted for a while but never got around to.  Then there is that stack of unopened boxes that have been around for a while.  The other truth of this hobby is that we spend WAY more time building and painting that we ever will playing the game.  My next project involves adding several AdMech units that I don’t have yet.  Then there are the rumors that a combined AdMech dex is due out sometime this year…more new stuff.  Seriously?!

Backstory:  I am an avid reader.  Always have been.  Once in a while I dive into something non-40K, but not very often.  Recently, I got through Pharos.  Enjoyed a few Heresy quick reads.  Finished off the Ahriman trilogy.  The Omnissiah’s Chosen.  Enjoying the first Cain Omnibus.  So what does GW do?  Can you say The Beast Arises?  How about the companion novel to the new Deathwatch game?  Is there truly no end to this foolishness?


Board Games:  I am, in addition to a 40K fan, a board gamer.  I sponsor the Board Game club at my High School.  I get to at least three good sized Board Game conventions each year (fortunately, two of them are local).  So what do those masochists from Nottingham do?  Well, there was already Relic, a Talisman-style game set in the 40K universe.  Love this game…however, a single game is an afternoon or evening investment.  There is Betrayal at Calth.  Not as long but another choice.  Now they come out with…wait for it…Deathwath: Overkill!  When the hell I am I going to have time to do that?!  There are also images of Lost Patrol…thank goodness they are waiting for Summer to release that one!


Computer Games:  To be truthful, I am actually a big Civilization fan, and have clocked in over 300 hours with Beyond Earth: Rising Tide.  So when I hear that Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is due out in three weeks, it is another “seriously GDub?!”  Another awesome thing to eat up my wallet and my time?  If you have not seen the YouTube playthroughs of the the Beta, I would recommend them to anyone who enjoyed the tabletop version of this game.  It looks amazing!  Oh well, looks like more unopened boxes on the shelf, more unread books.

Playing 40K:  This is actually the easiest one on the list.  And frankly, the one that takes up the smallest percentage of almost everyone’s hobby time.  There has been much discussion about the ratio of time spent modeling and time spent playing.  Throw in all of the above pastimes, and it gets even crazier.  I have set a goal for myself of getting at least one game in a month this year.  I know that sounds pretty tame, but I do want to get some table time in considering how much time we take to get those figs ready.

Blogging/Writing:  This last thing is something I admittedly have been remiss at.  I have my own blog (Shadow of Prometheus) as well as writing for BoLS.  The original goal of once a week for each has long gone by the wayside.  The crazy thing is I really do enjoy writing.  More importantly, sharing my hobby thoughts/experiences with other kindred souls.  I have even considered starting a podcast in the local area here in Milwaukee.  Many of you who are already invested in such an endeavor, however, know all too well how much time and effort that takes.


After all of this, I have no real complaints.  It’s just fun to grouse about how many choices we have, especially when the opposite could be true.  And having lots of options, at least for me, keeps things fresh and interesting.  It is also fun to tie together some of the above pasttimes.  Read the Deathwatch novel, build/paint some models, enjoy the board game.  It would be nice, though, to have more hours in the day to enjoy the different aspects of the Grimdark experience, but I suppose having to make choices is part of life.

A little boy choosing between a cupcake and apple...looks like the cupcake is the winner.
How do you spend your time in the Grimdark?



  • LordRao

    Your final paragraph really scuppers your entire article. It should, technically, be a conclusion to the rest of your article, which deals with the problems of being overfed by GW. Instead, it just harps on about how great everything actually is. What’s the point of writing this text in the first place?

    • MightyOrang

      The point is that he is celebrating, and his own way, the embarrassment of riches that GW fans have available to them these days

      • memitchell

        Right, the article is completely incomplete if he doesn’t complain about GW.

      • Vomkrieg

        Personally, i enjoy the non-GW stuff made by 3rd parties under licence a lot more than the main companies stuff these days. It’s a pity they don’t advertise or promote the great stuff in their brand within their own store/marketing.

        “Chaos in the old World”, for example, is one of the finest boardgames ever made. It’s dripping in theme, has excellent rules and is a blast to play. But you won’t see it in a GW store, or see it mentioned anywhere in their official materials. I find that fascinating from a business POV.

    • Zingbaby

      Agreed, how dare he lure in the innocent miserable GW-haters with this headline and not go full negative?!?

      Well at least some ‘reasonable’ commenters will be here to put into perspective just how evil and fascist this ‘miniature toy game’ is. Thank, you.

      • LordRao

        Holy crap but you’re missing the point. I’ve made no comment about my own attitude towards GW, or any of its games – or other companies and their games, for that matter. I’m commenting on the quality of the text, which starts out by being critical, and then ends up being a fan text saying all is groovy. It thereby defeats the reason for being written, or at least is inherently contradictory – either you think GW is releasing things too fast, or you’re fine with it. You can’t think both, that just doesn’t make sense.

        My assessment is entirely reasonable. Hence, your attempt at sarcasm in the second paragraph is kind of laughable, especially when you use words like fascist. You’re welcome.

        • Zingbaby

          To be fair, the “fascist” comment wasn’t really targeted at you, but to the general types of ridiculous anti-GW posts we see on here often.

          It’s an entirely optional, miniature, toy game and hobby… the level of DECADE-long grudges some of these people carry is borderline insanity.

          • LordRao

            I took the ‘fascist’ exactly as you intended. Thanks for taking the time to clarify it, though.

            Agree about the – often inane – hate towards GW. And I’m afraid it’s been around for much longer than 10 years…

            To be clear, I’m not one of those haters. I’m still a fan of GW, after 25+ years, which is precisely the reason I’m critical of their policies now and then.

            In fact, a shoddy text gets me riled much more than an ugly model or overpricing. But of course, that’s just me.

    • Sarah Connor

      I think it’s pretty clear that BoLS’s editorial policy is to provide favourable coverage for GW. Even in the world of proper journalism, this kind of approach is commonly made in order to initiate friendly relations to the company in question, and thereby gain insider access for future stories, and possibly even sponsorship.

  • MightyOrang

    What a nice problem to have!

  • Painjunky

    “The other truth of this hobby is that we spend WAY more time building and painting that we ever will playing the game.”

    Speak for yourself mate! I do the absolute bare minimum painting required. I wish all minis came assembled and painted!

    I’m a gamer not a frigging artist!

    • nurglitch

      Stick to computer games then. They’re developed for gaming rather than hobby activities.

      • Cergorach

        Most board and cardgames are not made with the builder/painter in mind…

        And if you REALLY want, there are a ton of companies/people that offer excellent painting & assembly services. Might cost a decent amount, but often a lot less then you make an hour after taxes…

        • Local Ork

          This actually make me wonder who does GW aims their board games?

          Even least “problematic” game (Space Hulk – 20ish snap fit minis made from different colours of plastic) require cutting game pieces out of the sprue, assembly and gluing as bare minimum. Not exactly easiest thing for unprepared non-hobbyist.

          And the price tag is higher than most board games (even if You get loads of really good miniatures in fair price, so boxes have great value)

          I think the only game that will sell well is BoC, simply because 40k players will use it as HH Marine bargain box (You get almost “free” game, Contemptor, 5 termies and 2 characters in price of 3 tactical squads).
          Deathwatch may also sell well (not as well as BoC), if people would like to have Genestealer Cultists Guard/cool marine ICs models.

          • Cergorach

            Space Hulk actually didn’t require glue, just removing minis from the frame. The recent rest (BaC, EF, OK, LP) all need assembly (not made for the casual boardgamer).

            I think it’s made mostly for us and those few souls that are willing to build minis to play a (mediocre) boardgame…

          • memitchell

            There are folks who like the boardgames, like the background, like building an painting the miniatures. I’m one. I’ll admit I’m the only one I know.

          • Muninwing

            how many people do you think ever actually play BaC as a game itself, not just to see what it would be like after they co-opt the models into other armies/legions?

            my Iron Hands got a great boost after i bought that… 30+ (after bitz and conversions and bionics i think i got 36 or so) new infantry models, another Contemptor, a new DA librarian (conversion), and a squad of DW knights…

            i decided that i could in theory play the game with my Thousand Sons as the chaos side (i have a sorcerer instead of a consul, and i converted the old metal Bjorn into a hellbrute), and any one of my loyalist armies.

            but actually painting it as intended and playing it that way? i have to wonder how many people actually did this without intending the models to fit into their existing (or new) Ultra/WBearers armies.

        • Chris. K Cook

          Don’t encorage him, the sooner the just here to bash face power gamers sod off the better.

      • rtheom

        That’s not exactly fair. Tabletop games still offer a much different experience to computer games. I love the crap outta Starcraft, but I’d never say it could easily replace 40K, even though it technically was created to act as 40K on the computer.

        I love the art aspect of our hobby, but it’s not really fair to tell someone they shouldn’t play because they aren’t willing to put as much art time in as you are. He clearly enjoys the other aspects of the game just as much as you enjoy the art side.

        • nurglitch

          I think you would be shocked to find out the ratio of painting/building/converting/buying to gaming that I get. It’s heavily weighted towards gaming. I think you could say I’m primarily a gamer, and a hobbyist second. But it’s the whole hobby, the end-to-end collecting, painting, building, converting, planning, list-building, playing, event-going, book-reading capital-H hobby that I’m into. I’m not into these things separately. I don’t collect comic books or cards or rocks. I don’t build model trains or paint pictures. I don’t play Starcraft (or Dawn of War). Doing all of these things together makes me want to do them individually. I have a friend that’s just into gaming, and it’s fascinating to see how Warhammer offers him absolutely nothing because he’s into gaming purely for gaming rather than any particular game, or even element of any particular game. The disposable element of computer gaming is perfect for him, because things like story, tactility, building, and whatnot aren’t things he cares about. Doing any of these things would interfere with gaming, for him, and interfere with his experience.

          • Thomas Gardiner

            Your argument makes literally no sense. A wargame is a vastly different experience to a video game. It’s social and tactile. Trying to pretend that the gaming aspect of wargaming is somehow directly equivalent to a video game is just utter nonsense.

            Also, stop telling the guy how to enjoy his hobby. Big whoop, you like doing painting and modelling. The OP doesn’t. Horses for courses.

          • nurglitch

            I consider the gaming aspect to be the strategic and tactical play, rather than how that’s implemented. My point, of course, is that video games are better suited for this focus.

          • Muninwing

            see, i need the manipulatives in order to think of it the right way. for me, the use of the video game interface can easily spoil the experience.

            i tried getting in some online games of WHF through an italian site that would mimic the movements, and had a built-in number generator for the decisions in combat. it was a great theory, but it just did not fill the niche that the game does.

            realizing that i have had undiagnosed high-functioning ADHD has changed how i address my hobby and the game that goes along with it. part of that is the physicality. not having the manipulatives and instead relying on the theoreticals is a great way for me to plan something past my ability and then never materialize it.

            let me tell you about my Jabberslythe, and show you the wire frame i made but never greenstuffed into a body… because some other new idea was less work and more able to be realized without stress.

          • Vomkrieg

            You are right about your friend, The warhammer games are pretty lacking if you want to play a game just for the game. Table-top gaming has evolved, warhammer has not. The hobby aspect and fluff is still strong, but the games are pretty weak.

            Fortunately, GW isn’t the only show in town, so you can do both play a good game, and enjoy the hobby aspect.

            On that note, i’ve just about finished painting wave 3 of zombicide and am starting on painting Cthulhu Wars. A lot of good boardgames out there with neat figures to paint, not even looking at games in the same ilk as warhammer (Infinity, Warmachine etc)

  • Erik Setzer

    My time with 40K? Well, it’s not that hard. GW seems to have killed off most enthusiasm for people to even play the game, so haven’t been playing it. Do a bit of painting when I’m in a painting mood. If I do hobby writing, it’s not limited to GW. For reading, I’m catching up on some Star Wars books (that may or may not be canon), and only Aftermath has been as tough to slog through as the last GW book I read, which I gave up on because it spent an incredible number of pages describing some kind of battle in the most boring way possible (on the plus side, that helped keep me from getting too far into the ever-growing HH series… there’s just no way I can get myself through that many books, which is why I never got through the New Jedi Order series).

    Board games… Nope. Haven’t played any of the GW board games with people except a demo game in-store for Execution Force. That is, games made by GW. I have plenty of board games and card games I play with friends, and sometimes a game like 40K Conquest gets thrown in, because FFG does some good games. You could say FFG is probably the best games workshop around, even. But there’s a lot of other solid board games to choose from, too, to say nothing of fun card games I can enjoy with people who don’t have to be huge 40K fans to enjoy.

    I do enjoy the video games (haven’t got BFG just yet), but I give credit to the companies actually producing said games. And they still haven’t wrestled my attention from Fallout 4 with its new DLC. But I have a heck of a catalog of other computer games I’m working through, like eventually making my way through Dragon Age Inquisition or GTA 5 finally, finishing Wasteland 2 and Dying Light, The Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, This War of Mine, The Escapists, Cities Skylines, NBA 2K16, Party Hard, State of Decay, sooooo many others… And then there’s online games, like Black Desert Online, Marvel Heroes 2016, Star Wars: The Old Republic, or Star Wars: Battlefront. I want to get some good time into Mordheim, but Warmachine Tactics is also calling to me.

    At the end of the day, I’m on the very opposite end of the spectrum. GW’s taken choices away from me and made others so undesirable that it’s cast my gaze elsewhere, where I’ve found a tremendous bounty I didn’t dive into while trying to keep up with just GW. Now I have a lot more games to play, more time to read other novels, models to paints, just so much more to do. They freed me up to pursue other stuff, and it’s been a great ride. I haven’t enjoyed myself like this in a while.

    • memitchell

      Thanks for sharing 4 long paragraphs on why you don’t care for ANYTHING GW does. Riveting.

      • Erik Setzer

        Thanks for sharing one sentence on how you lack reading comprehension skills.

        • memitchell

          Thanks for keeping your insult short.

      • Geko747

        Easier to just ignore him, always rambles on.

        • Muninwing

          we old timers have a tendency to do that.

          it’s even worse when we are arguing.

          but i do understand his point, and he said far more than he’s being given credit for.

          there are some people who hate GW for odd reasons. i knew a guy who refused to buy or play anything GW because a friend of his owned a store in the same town where a GW shop went in and skimmed the business. and “someone should have checked, that was an insult, it shows how little they care” as if any corporation has the means or time or cognizance to think that way.

          but an average person develops their opinion from somewhere.

          take me. i’m pretty anti-PP, if only because i like half of what they do and the other half seems completely misapplied. i know that they gained their early rep by just slamming GW. i know someone who claims to have been paid (in merch) for trolling GW message boards to stir the pot of resentment and offer PP as an alternative. i know that they have not been able to deliver on their claims, and that the business model is far more complicated than most people claim it is.

          but most of that comes after having tried the game and not liking the scale.

          and then there’s just not liking the high-fantasy IC-driven melodrama in the background, or the “warcasters do everything of importance” approach to fluff. i didn’t like it when GW increased ICs in their games either, and i only run ones i cannot get around (Belial in a 4th-6th ed DA army, for instance).

          it’s just not realistic that in a whole continent, or a whole galaxy, only a handful of people actually matter. and that unreality breaks my suspension of disbelief.

          nitpicky, i know. i have my argument, and i stick to it. even if the game has fundamentally changed since i tried to get into it about 7 years ago, it is going to take something big to get me out of my rut of thinking.

          the same is true for GW products. it’s going to take a lot to get me to try AoS again, even after they release a version 2. pitching it as a replacement or successor to WHF means i will compare it to its supposed earlier version, and see that it is a bad rendition. it may be a good game in its own right (it’s just not my thing, which matters too), but i liked the range-guessing, charge-negotiating, maneuvering, blocks of troops and the psychology and the complexity of the game.

          and how the game was released rubbed me the wrong way too. and the way they have treated their world-building (as in, inaccessible to a casual gamer, virtually nonexistent in a functional or sensical way during release) was outright sloppy. so it will take a big effort to get me to want to give it a second try.

          it’s not “i’m just a hater” or “i’m whining because i lost a game that didn’t sell” or any other of a number of silly oversimplifications to a complicated idea.

          understand why the long-timers feel the way they do, particularly those who feel the need to explain in long-winded posts like these, and you can understand some of the more complicated ideas at work in some of these issues.

    • Zingbaby
      • Erik Setzer

        I’m aware they do. This is all personal experiences, not overarching commentaries on everyone’s experience (which no one can make). Locally the scene’s pretty dead for GW games, but made up for with a lot of other games.

        It’s hard not to be bitter when you have an apartment chock full of stuff – never mind the value of it (thousands of dollars worth), it’s taking up so much space and in every room – but you can’t do anything with it even though you want to. I find it hard to get the urge to even assemble models or paint them because I do that to play the game, not just so they’ll look nice on shelves. (They do look nice on shelves, though, so at least there’s that.)

        • Sarah Connor

          I share your pain, and also avoid buying anything from GW (unless, it’s really, really pretty, in which case I get it through Ebay). But divorcing GW needn’t be the end, as there are now many alternatives out there. For instance, Kings of War and Ninth Age, both of which have soared in popularity since the Great Catastrophe (aka, AoS).

          • Muninwing

            but 9th age is built on 8th.

            and the many flaws and stupidities of 8th were part of the reason that sales tanked. so that is only a stopgap, not a fix.

            and KoW just isn’t the same. it has the trappings of a WHF game, but not the reality.

            if you could combine a game of AoS with a game of KoW, you’d still be missing about a quarter of what made WHF fun.

            really, i’d like to see an alternate 7th. go back to 6th… recalibrate all the armybooks as they exist in their best form, redo the unit rules to fit the game, construct a fair and comprehensive algorithm for points values, and then maybe it would be better than it’s been in a long long time.

            at this point, with other games that are out there but just not living up to the legacy, that might be the requirement to fix it all.

  • Shiwan8

    Eh….? GW has to release a balanced edition and then it can sit on it’s “hands” for 5 years for all I care.

    Anyway, you do not have to do it all….

    • Cergorach

      The made 40k chess, as balanced as your ever going to get…

      • ZeeLobby

        I’d settle for at least a middle point, haha.

      • Shiwan8

        Chess with 40k models is still chess, not 40k.

        • Cergorach

          So WFB with sci-fi models is still WFB and not 40k? 40k is just and illusion and GW didn’t kill WFB when they introduced AoS…


          • Shiwan8

            The models do not make a game.

          • Muninwing

            AoS is not “WFB with sci-fi models”

            it is a smaller skirmish game that eliminated unit dynamics and oversimplified many of the game mechanics.

            it is also an attempt to capture the audience they have lost to other games, without understanding why people have changed focus.

            it’s definitely still fantasy, but a different kind of fantasy and far less solid.

  • Hedwerx

    Wargaming in general has given me more stuff to do than I can possibly manage. Let alone just GW. I’ve had to put aside the larger projects and concentrate on a little force for Dragon Rampant. Just so I can feel like I’ve got something finished.

    I’ve got a cupboard full of scale kits and wargames stuff, and yet I always seem to get just another box of Light Cavalry, just another box of Panzergrenadiers, just another box of Marines. To go on the pile of boxes I’ve already got.

    It’s not a problem confined to just GW, every gamer/modeller seems to have eyes bigger than their workbench.

    • MerleHighchurch

      My dad is just an avid modeller, not a gamer, but I kind of learned not to do that from him. I know that he has unopened kits older than I am haha. The only backlog I have is about 2k points worth of early 2000’s dwarves and the first monolith kit GW did, which I hope they improved at some point.

      I just hated to watch him ebay stuff when I was younger, because he couldn’t logically keep 200+ tank kits in the house, along with all his other kits. Then again, he was the crazy guy that every model was a display piece with a whole narrative he’d try to play out. He’d buy a couple new kits a month, but only finish 2-3 a year. Crazy man haha.

      • Hedwerx

        I got distracted from a few projects, I’m starting to reign it in again now. Picking one at a time to work through till completion.

      • Erik Setzer

        Keep the backlog. It’s the secret to longer life. Every longbeard gamer knows that the moment you finish your last model, you’ll have a heart attack and keel over dead.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Oh I know many guys like that. Make me feel not so bad!

    • Severius_Tolluck

      and wallets, or wife’s tolerance!

  • Cergorach

    I see your problem… Other stuff! Family, way over rated! 😉

  • durendin

    Sometimes Games Workshop makes the decisions for you.

    I have a half finished Vampire Counts army and and Island of Blood box unopened along with around six boxes of additional Skaven that’ll likely never see the light of day.

    Probably I’ll make a transition to PC gaming with Battlefleet Gothic and Warhammer Total War with the occasional premium model to tide me over.

  • TweetleBeetle

    Ironically, there are no new model releases for next week.

  • Jeramy Bailey

    Imperial people problems.

  • Christopher Szynkowski

    It is interesting that we went from dying of thirst to drowning in such a short time.

  • Chris. K Cook

    You don’t have to buy everything as soon as it comes out you do realise that right?

    • CMAngelos

      Not if you gotta be the best most powerful thing on the table! Gotta keep up with the Jones’ as they say!

      I mean honestly people who by for “cool” rather than “power” seem to have that issue less, cus if it looks cool when it comes out, it’ll still look cool in 2 months when my current project is finished.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        unless its limitted quantity, blah blah blah splash release. Which is what GW likes to do a lot these days!

    • Hedwerx

    • Polynikes


  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    I reckon I spend an evening each week at my club playing and another evening building and painting. So my hobby/play ratio is 50/50 which is pretty good!

    • Shawn

      That is good knight. I work most nights, so get very little hobbying in, since I spend most of my morning waking up, lol. I might get a little bit of time painting before work, or get some on the weekend. I don’t get many games in because most of the folks play during the week and I get weekends off. I also like to do other stuff besides modeling and war gaming. I do some reading when I can and writing. I’m currently trying to get a couple of stories published.

      I’m not much of a board game person, and trying to get anyone around here to play any of the 40k games is like trying to pull teeth from a camel in heat. Although, I am going to try and engineer a 40k board game day at my local game store one weekend and see how that goes.

      I could go further afield to get games in. There are a couple of other game stores in driving distance to where I live, but I just can’t afford to drive back and forth to those other stores all the time. One store is about 30 miles away (48km approx), and the other store is over 50 miles away (over 80km). I can get out there once in a blue moon, but a trip there and back eats up a lot of gas.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        working nights can be a real bind. I did split shifts for a couple of years and it plays havoc with your social life not to mention your nervous system!

        I’m lucky where I live, although there is no store or club in my town I am half an hours drive from three good clubs including the oldest wargaming club in the world which has been going since the 1950s!

        • Muninwing

          i’d love to do this.

          work gets in the way (grades close today, are due by early next week)

          family trumps hobby (2-year-old takes a lot of focus, but the payback is definitely worth it)

          education gets in the way (i have a 12-page paper due friday, so no hobby for me this week)

          wife gets in the way (but she’s awesome, and we are starting to do art-nights after the boy goes to bed, so she will even start painting her Fallen Sisters of Slaanesh again)

          so while it’s rare i get to play these days, my intent is always to play. though i’m a hobby-driven consumer, i think of myself as a player who just needs the opportunity.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I think what you say is very true, that even people who hardly ever play use the game as a reason to collect, it gives shape to a collection. GW really ignore your type of collector I think and just see all such people as entirely uninterested in the game.

          • Muninwing

            i’ve played about five games of 7th. not out of lack of want, like how i gave up 40k during the second half of 5th… but because life gets in the way.

            i use sites like this to keep up. i work on my armies when i have time. but everything i build or paint is for the one-day goal of using it on th tabletop.

            when GW claimed that 80% of their customers were just modelers/hobbyists, i know that’s where they would categorize me. but i’ve been a game-player first and foremost in every way but ability.

            when i set up a project, its playability and its relevance are part of my purchase. and my hobby-ism. and even if i ca’t actually field the 15,000 points of imperials i’ve collected all at once, each model fits into a army that i have the options to field in varying ways.

        • Shawn

          Pretty awesome stuff Knight. I’d like to take a trip to England sometime, so I can visit a few of those clubs and have a few pints whilst I play.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            you’d be made very welcome.

            You can read a bit about the oldest club here (you have to take your own beer to this one though as its held in a church hall rather than a working men’s club like my normal club in Bath):


          • Shawn

            Thanks Knight, I’ll take a look. It’s funny that you say Bath. You see, I used to live in Bath, Maine, USA, while I was in the Navy.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I think you’ve borrowed most of our place names 🙂

  • Andrew Thomas

    Watch this thread get locked well before the week is out.

    • Muninwing

      they usually are only open a few days anyway…

  • Xodis

    Need to go full Men in Black and use the Centaurian cycle of time, 37 hours in a day lol

  • blackbloodshaman

    Thats one of the reasons historicals rock, never going to be a new panzer IV “mars pattern”, old guard grenadiers will never be replaced by old guard terminators. At the same time, almost an unlimited amount of models to paint and collect. Don’t like the rules…just find a set you and your friends do like.

  • Anti-Gravity

    A few years back everyone was crying that GW releases their products way too slowly.

    Now people whine that they are producing things too quickly. You know you don’t need to consume every bit of lore they print or own every model they release, yes? Pace yourself, nobody’s putting a gun to your head.

    • rtheom

      The books do seem to be on a faster release schedule than previously, but model-wise, I don’t think they’re all that different. We used to just get 4 or 5 models all at the same time once a month. Now we get 1 a week, which still amounts to 4 or 5 a month. I think it really just feels like more because we’re getting a constant feed instead of small bursts.

      Consequently, it’s easier to decide to buy things one at a time on the slow drip, and ultimately end up buying a lot more, than it was with the burst. The burst you could write off the entire thing and be fine for two whole months, basically. It’s been a pretty smart decision on GWs part I’d say, made more feasible with our advanced shipping and coordination options we have these days.

      • Muninwing

        they also declared at the start of 6th that this was their new plan, and people cheered.

        yet again, GW listens to their fans and gets lambasted for the results.

  • rtheom

    Overall, I gotta agree with this. Aside from when I’m stuck at work, I haven’t really spent a day bored since I reached adulthood and started earning my own money. I’ve got a ridiculous number of entertainment options and I’m readily able to pick and choose them as I wish. Just thinking about it makes me feel guilty. It’s pretty great.

  • Thomas Gardiner

    Surely this is only a problem for diehard fanboy types? You don’t need to buy literally everything GW makes.

    I collect 3 armies. When GW release models for said armies, I buy them. Otherwise, I spend the rest of the year happily not buying much and just slowly adding bits and bobs.

    • Aezeal

      Yes, I play woodelives, still waiting to get a full scope on the order side to pick which factions I will be getting now (not expecting to much wanderer releases. The fyreslayers don’t fit with my army. I Guess most elves will fit but my green + gold WE might just team up with Gold and green stormcasts.

  • Sarah Connor

    I wasn’t saying that BoLS gets insider access. I was saying that they may be trying to gain insider access by strictly limiting negative coverage, which is a common tactic of blogs, fansites and newspapers alike. I also wasn’t criticising the practice; simply pointing it out to those who might otherwise mistake BoLS for an objective review site.

    • LordRao

      I see your point, but I’m not sure it’s true about BoLS, or that they (its posters, if that is even a homogenous group) would agree with you.

      I’ve been a journalist for 10+ years. In my experience no-one is served by journalists being unapologetic, uncritical fanboys. I realise that that doesn’t prove or disprove anything in this case.

  • Bran D

    I haven’t been able to get into 40k books, both because I don’t know where to start and the lack of xenos material…screw space marines.

    Me and my buddies pool our models and have access to quite a few well rounded armies, but I’ve found the Corsairs and will focus on them for a bit…not swayed to any other army any more, much to the dismay of my Ad Mech. I’m not a skilled painter and find it tedious. Conversions are fun though!

    The recent board games, to me, are lame…probably because I know I’d have no one to regularly play with…but the rules and settings don’t get me outta bed either.

    I do find it fascinating that GW keeps pumping out new stuff week after week…I’m not aware of many companies that can say the same.

    And that’s my story gents.

    • Start with Sandy Mitchell’s Ciaphas Cain series. The writing is fantastic, reading them out of order isn’t problematic, and they present a view of the 40kverse that’s refreshingly different from anything else.

      Interestingly, the series is also the ONLY published thing in the history of the franchise that’s canonically ever gone past 999.M41.

      • Muninwing

        i’m just finishing the Cain books now… well, the 2nd omnibus.

        i had to read 5 novels for the class i’m just finishing, that started in january. that means i’ve read 10 books since the year started, not including the rereads i have to do while teaching novels (which i’ve done three since january).

        so while i should be working on my term paper, i’ve instead been gleefully enjoying Cain’s Last Stand. thoroughly enjoyable.

        • HOPEFULLY we’ll see a new entry in the series sometime soonish. I know he was taking a break from writing to see to personal matters, but he’d expressed a desire to keep writing Cain as soon as he was able, and that was over a year ago by now.

          • Muninwing

            i find that his writing is interesting and fun in ways that cover over any stylistic issues i’d have with it. it’s not great literature, but it’s definitely unique.