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The Collector’s Edition w/ a Secret – Codex Dark Angels

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Mar 28 2016



Take a trip to the 40k Dark Side with the Dark Angels Reclusiam Collector’s Edition! It’s the codex with a “secret”, come see!

This was an awesome set that came out in 2015 and limited to only 900 copies. The kit comes with a 160 page full color Codex, 36 tactical objective Cards for Maelstrom, 6 metal objective markers (which make a resounding clink when you put them on the table), 6 Psychic Power Cards, and a “secret” hidden 38 page data slate for Cypher which they never put out digitally.

The collectors set box is bigger than most of the supplement ones we’ve seen recently and has stunning gold leaf foil over it. The box is a solid piece with all the heraldry for the Dark Angles various companies and even the Techmarine as well.



The codex itself is very well done, and is trimmed in  brass foil trim the edges of all the pages. It’s even got a nice battle cry on the back,

“This shall be our day of reckoning. Look not to the shame of the past but to the glory of the future. We shall wash away the stain of our dishonor in the hot blood of our enemies.”




Underneath the codex is the swag section with the great looking coins, the psychic cards and the tactical objectives.



This is where most people might stop, you might not see the cut out section on the side. And even if you tug on it, it doesn’t pull out very easily. Nonetheless, the foam section does pop out and reveals the cool little section about Cypher. It’s sits inside very snug and doesn’t wiggle around much either so it’s not like you’d really notice it.




The Cypher book is made of a really nice card material; it’s a bit thicker than a soft back book, almost like, well, a playing card. The pages inside are normal codex quality.



If you have the Dataslate: Cypher, the first part is pretty much the same regarding his history and origins. His rules are obviously included; as he’s had several versions including the advent calendar one. Then in the back, it has all the altar of war missions.

It’s a cool 38-page mini codex.


Of course, this sold out super quick, we knew this wasn’t going to last very long. So, for those folks who weren’t able to get their hands on this I’m glad I was able to get this on loan to share this with you guys.

I hope you enjoyed it!


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