Minions: Swamp Gobber Chef 101

A chef that is a goblin that makes food out of your own troops! Outrageous! Outrageously AWESOME!


Who is the Goblin Chef?

This new goblin support model is a chef that will be spicing up the battlefield.  He is new tool for fury management.  Trooper models beware! Your life is even less precious then before.  If you thought trolls were just going to snack on whelps think again.  This cheap support model may just be what you are looking for to keep multiple warbeasts in line.

Who Does He Work For?

The Swamp Gobber Chef will work for all the Hordes factions. Everyone from Trolls to Pigs can field this new support model.

What Does He Do?

The Swamp Gobber Chef has a pretty decent defense.  MAT or RAT 6 will have a tough time hitting him reliably.  He is pretty squishy so don’t expect him to live through boosted blast damage or a charge attack. On the reverse end his melee weapon is pretty low POW.  He does have Opportunist so if someone turns their back to this gobber they might be sad when the pseudo weapon master comes charging in. His main reason for being taken though is his CMD range aura that he generates.  All your warrior models in his command range can now be eaten by your warbeasts. Before leeching, a warbeast can eat a close-by trooper model to have any # of fury points removed.


Who Gets the Most Out of Him?

Trollbloods- Trolls already have whelps and most of their builds are using multiwound infantry these days.  I am not sure how excited a troll player would to have Mulg eat a champion to remove some excess fury.

Circle – Circle is not known for bringing a bunch of spare infantry.  Shifting stones bring small amount of fury management ,but they do have limited range.

Skorne- Skorne does bring more infantry then some of the other horde factions.  If you have an extra point lying around and your paingivers are busy enraging things the swamp gobber could be right for you.

Legion- Legion has some of the best support models around.  The Sheperd is probably a better investment.

Minions- This is really where this guy can shine.  Pigs and Gators both have trouble during a heavy fury turn.  The Gobber Chef is probably going to be best used as a minion in Minions!

~What do you think of the new fury management solo BoLS?  Will you have the chef spice up some of your infantry before they get eaten by your own warbeast?  Please share in your comments below?


  • Damon Sherman

    I’m glad they made him available to all of the factions, but it seems more of a token thing than anything useful like the swamp gobbers or feralgeist.
    Well, if I ever give gators or pigs a shot, I can add another gobber to my collection.

  • James DeGrey

    with his points cost + the points cost of whatever is getting eaten I cant ever see it being a good choice, definitely not in builds I have ever used.

    • Damon Sherman

      don’t bog trogs have some sort of recursion mechanic? it never stated living models.