Star Trek Attack Wing: Wave 23 Ships Arrive



RED ALERT – Captain to the Bridge! Federation, Klingon and Romulan ships are off the port bow! Wave 23 is here:

Star Trek Attack Wing

via WizKids

Three new ships just warped onto the Star Trek Attack Wing tabletop.



USS Montgolfier $14.99

The U.S.S. Montgolfier is a Federation Saber-class starship. These small but well-armed vessels were involved in the Battle of Sector 001 and were used by the Federation throughout the Dominion War.

72327_IKS_Amar_pkg 72327_IKS_Amar

I.K.S. Amar $14.99

The I.K.S. Amar is a Klingon K’t’inga-class battle cruiser that encountered and attempted to destroy the powerful entity called V’ger by firing torpedoes into the entity’s massive energy cloud. The torpedoes had no effect which forced the Amar to attempt a retreat.


72328_IRW_Jazkal_Pkg 72328_Jazkal

I.R.W Jazkal $14.99

The I.R.W. Jazkal is a Romulan bird-of-prey. This ship was one of the first Romulan vessels encountered by the Federation when the Enterprise NX-01 entered into a Romulan claimed star system which the Romulans had protected with a minefield.

Attack Wing Quickstart Rules (PDF)

Attack Wing Rules of Play (PDF)


These ships are on the shelves right now.  Go grab em and rule supreme in the Final Frontier!

  • bobrunnicles

    I’m disturbingly excited by the fact that they included a Klingon ship from TMP – that opening sequence is great stuff!

    • tau4eva


  • So, more re-releases with new cards? Great….

    • Damistar

      Typically they are different paint jobs too. Much like x-wing, sometimes you get them for the upgrade cards. Besides, they’re on wave 23 and there’s not that many different ships in Star Trek.

      • davepak

        This is the issue….they raced too quickly to release ships and keep selling new items to an existing market, and are now running out of ships.
        Up next “that on ship in that brief scene in one episode…”.

        Many game companies make this mistake – (product churn on an existing customer base) instead of producing a slower paced higher quality product and growing their existing customers.


        • Damistar

          There is a balance though. Take Star Wars: Armada for example. It has been months since he last expansion and I’ve seen no indication of when the next one is coming out. I am wondering if FFG is just going to drop it. Enthusiasm for a game is a perishable quantity and I believe it’s better to put a little something out often than to have long dry spells where players move on to other games.

      • I know the paint’s a bit different on them, and yes that’s a little enticing unless you repaint them yourself anyway. I don’t think I’d be as upset if the models weren’t still so bad. I have the OP Saber Class ship and it’s frankly the absolute worst mini put out for STAW thus far. The lack of detail, the poorly pieced together hull and disjointed nacelles are simply awful. F-ing terrible. However, not to make this a rant about the mini quality in this game, lord knows there’s enough of those, I wouldn’t mind these re-releases if they produced a better quality mini and sold it with new cards. Hell, I’d buy the new ones simply to replace the old terrible ones I have.

    • Drew

      To be fair, they’re new paint schemes, and the Saber-class was only available previously in the Collective OP event blind boosters.

      But yes, that’s a bit disappointing; I wouldn’t actually mind them just selling cheaper card/token packs for new ships instead of a whole new model, but I see why they feel the need to supply the ship in case you don’t own the original sculpt.

  • A Legalist

    Star Trek Attack Wing is the Red Headed Step-Child of Wizkids. They haven’t done Errata or rules updates in months. The game is unbalanced as hell for certain factions or ships. One example is the stupid ISS Avenger that can stack stress forever and has 5 attack dice Wizkids need to get off their A and do some rule updates.