Ronnie Talks Deadzone 2nd Ed. – Up for Preorder


Mantic updates Deadzone with tuning, tweaks and a whole new (lower) pricepoint. Ronnie chimes in on what to expect:



Skirmishes on Forsaken Worlds


In the future, unthinkably powerful mega-corporations own and govern entire planets outright, protecting their interests with vast, private armies. Now, an even greater danger is sweeping the galaxy – a hideous mutagen wiping out entire sectors of space. To stem the carnage, highly classified Containment Protocols are enacted, blockading the infected system and wiping it from navigational charts forever. Here, with the veil of civilisation lifted, rival factions descend into furious conflict, each with a unique claim on the chaos of the Deadzone!


Deploy elite Enforcers to mercilessly hunt down the rampaging Plague army as it surges ceaselessly towards total contamination; Oversee the ransacking of abandoned districts by the hulking Marauders as the terrifying Veer-Myn single-mindedly set about bolstering their own numbers; Plunder natural resources with the tech-heavy Forge Fathers as the eclectic Rebs scavenge for discarded gear, or simply scheme in secret as the mysterious Asterians pursue goals known only to themselves. As your collection grows, where will your loyalty lie?


A tabletop wargame without the hassle, Deadzone strips away unnecessary complications leaving you free to enjoy the excitement and tactical depth of futuristic battle. Starter armies of two rival factions are included in this set, kicking-off your collection of Enforcers and Forge Fathers, along with everything else 2 players need to get right into the action. Assemble your finely detailed miniatures and get ready for fast paced, easy to learn, mission-based skirmishes in a brutal future!



This set contains everything you need to play:

  • Hardback Rulebook
  • Battlefield Mat
  • Game tokens
  • 8-sided Dice
  • Command Dice
  • Battlezones Scenery Accessories & Connectors

Enforcer Strike Team in Hard Plastic:

5 x Enforcer models including parts for:

  • Assault and Rifle options
  • Burst Laser
  • Incinerator
  • Sergeant

5 x Pathfinder models including parts for:

  • Sniper Rifle
  • Optional accessories
  • D.O.G. Drone Support Weapon

Forge Father Strike Team in Hard Plastic:

10 x Steel Warrior models including parts for:

  • Stormrage Veterans and Rekkhyrr
  • Hailstorm Autocannon
  • Magma Cannon
  • Dragonbreath Flamer
  • Mjolnir Missile Launcher options
  • Huscarl upgrade


Ronnie Speaks!

Here are some excerpts from Ronnie on the new updated edition of Deadzone.  Click over to read even more:

  • The game now has a beautiful, hard cover book – with the rules and army lists for all the factions in 1 place!

  • There is a slick game system that keeps all the charm of the first edition, while adding some great new developments, based on a more refined, intuitive set of mechanics

  • A couple of new terrain sprues that take the Battlezones range on to another level (no pun intended!)

  • Lots of the core troops in hard plastic, and razor sharp detail throughout

  • The cards have been replaced with something that’s just as much fun, but a lot easier to manage, namely the new command dice

  • A full campaign system to allow you to play a series of linked games and develop your strike force

At Mantic I really want you to be enjoying your box of toys (yeah, I know you’ll never paint them ALL, but hey we need to get SOME of them on your tabletop!). This means the Deadzone 2.0 was probably a little early for a second edition – but I thought it was so close to being the game that lots and lots of people would love to play – and so many people already had the models and the scenery – that the best course of action was to get the rules out to allow them to use all that they had! Over the next 6 weeks we will be adding to the website background on each of the races you’ll find in the Warpath Universe, and collating all the great hobby content that has been generated for Deadzone over the past 3 years (please grab the free downloadable audio book – done by DZ fans ‘Coach’ and his friends – which you can find the first 2 parts of here..

And of course we will be making the basic rules and 2 starter lists available to download for free from the website – so you can give the rules a try before you have to spend anything.

Seriously, it is really important to me that you enjoy the games we make and want to tell lots of your friends about it, so they start playing too. They can buy their faction at their local store – and that’ll help to support our retailers, who give us all places to play, and provide a venue for us to release more factions and add-ons directly. Ultimately this keeps the game exciting and fresh, creating a supportive network that keeps reinforcing itself. It starts with us making games you want to play over and over – I really hope Deadzone is one of those!


Learn All About the Warpath/Deadzone Universe Here


~Mantic continues to come on strong! Who is picking one of these up?

  • dave long island

    Which one of those minis is Christopher Walken?

  • Parthis

    Ah, another edition of Mantic’s Sci-if Me-too game.


    • Steve R

      If only Mantic’s art/mini designs weren’t so damn generic

      • Morat

        They’re not. Certainly no more generic than every single fantasy and sci-fi figure produced by every miniature company on the surface of planet earth.

        “Generic” is the weakest of all criticism, as it is -utterly- meaningless. You could pick -any- miniature, and I could dismiss it as generic and explain exactly why that was “true”. There are no truly original ideas left, everything is always going to be rehashings of rehashings of rehashings of something that might have been original decades ago.

        Such is the reality of living in the 21st Century.

      • Talarius

        I got an early copy of the rulebook a few weeks ago @ Adepticon. The artwork & minis photography throughout look great. Their new plastic Forge Fathers are definitely a big thumbs up as are the mercenaries-for-hire (I do like the Enforcers AND the Rebs as well…). The rules look pretty straightforward, imho. Well laid-out, although I haven’t played a game yet.

        The terrain can be assembled in endlessly different ways. I really think pretty much *everything* in this new edition of the game gets a major thumbs up. They’ve done quite a good job sprucing up this game and I hope they do just as well when they update Dreadball, which could use it, imho.

        • Morat

          “when they update Dreadball, which could use it, imho.”

          Which s confirmed as happening apparently. I think it needs a great deal less work than Deadzone did. Just some rules cleanup and consolidation (6 supplements is too many) plus a decent league system.

          Ronnie mentioned “new positions” which is worrying. Three player classes is enough, the forth (Keepers) we’d be better off getting rid of entirely.

    • MadLarkin

      I’m hoping this turns out to be good as I want to get back into Sci-Fi gaming again without all the BS. For example, this is on the front page today:

      40K: The Unstoppable List – The First Turn Charging Death Star

      The Top 3 New Game-Breaking Astartes Psychic Powers?

      • Parthis

        Headlines that feed ad revenue. That unbeatable list is nonsense, for example. Ignore then dudebro commentary that this site pushes, it’s rarely accurate.

        40K is fun if you want it to be.

        That said Mantic’s M.O is to lightly clone and overly simplify other gaming systems. This is their 40K.

        Maybe take a look at Beyond the Gates of Antarres if you’re considering sci-fi. It’s pretty good.

        • Morat

          Utter piffle, if you had actually bothered to read the article at all you’d have seen it’s not an analogue of 40K at all, but what actually happened, is you saw the word “Mantic” in the description and saw a picture of a Sci-Fi style figure and off went your auto pilot to spew out the usual tiresome drivel.

          Now if you’d said Necromunda, you’d have been closer.

          As for simplifying, well KoW is certainly a simpler (and by a million miles better) game than WFB, but Cancer Co, made Warhammer an order of magnitude simpler with AoS…

          As for Gates of Antares, a nice enough system for mass combat, but with virtually everything being metal, no bloody thank you.

        • MadLarkin

          40K is still definitely fun for me in a closed system (among friends with very clear expectations or a scenario). But for pick up or tournament play its just not fun for me anymore.

          I’m playing Kings of War right now and on its surface it is much simpler than Warhammer Fantasy ever was. And that’s a good thing because it actually focuses the attention on outmaneuvering the opponent and other tactics rather than getting bogged down by rules or finding that one rules loop hole that allow you to kill swathes of opposing troops.

          I’m looking forward to warpath a lot. I’ll try deadzone too as I loved Necromunda, though I’ve really been itching to try “This is Not a Test” or infinity instead so we’ll see which one wins out.

  • georgelabour

    Despite my often facetious prodding of Mantic’s somewhat ADD approach to rule systems and new editions I am kind of hoping to see them get a bit more ground covered with their warpath line…this time around.

    I mean they have Teleporting space turtles fighting space zombies and space ork pirates fighting space dwarf miners all in the same setting. That alone is worth picking up a squad or two for the skirmish game

    The space skaven are just an added bonus.

  • Myu

    Sounds promising, might give it a go