SHOWCASE: Adepticon Admech Charity Army – Big Bosses, Big Robots




Hello BoLS readers!  Last time I went over the Thanatar, now to some more big robots.

Kastellans are another model that I love for the open surface area, large size and frankly while some may disagree the retro and somewhat goofy look to the models.  They’re charming in their own way, even if not covered in skulls and spikes. Somehow despite their simple poses Kastellans feel very alive and that is very important to me in a model.  Not every model needs to be leaping over objects to feel real, and sometimes those that are, don’t.

The other model showcased is the Archmagos.  On most any given model I am optimistic and enjoy painting it, this one I was unsure about looking at the images online, but in person the sculpt is super clean and paints up very well.  In the finished army the size and grey-black paint sets it off perfect as the leader.

Next time, more AdMech fun!

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“What? You eyeing my squad?”

  • LordCastellan Vas

    wow. Gorgeous army!

  • euansmith

    That’s a fantastic display board.

  • TweetleBeetle

    Looked at it repeatedly for 4 days!

  • CMAngelos

    My only question is: Where’s the rest of the Reaver?! D:

  • BT

    Waldo wasn’t at Adepticon. 🙁

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Yeah I got to see it in persons, very gorgeous. Hard to see the chips and cracks and all the lovely stuff in photos compared to on site. Those thantar are larger than I thought they were, and god they looked good! Lucky me leaving twenty some odd minutes away!