Mynock Squadron Podcast XVII: Heroes of the Resistance

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The Heroes of the Resistance expansion was announced! We stare at the pixels trying to decipher the new content.

Mynock godfather Dallas Parker joins us, and we close with a reminder that the TIE Swarm never dies.

In a land filled with U-boats and saggy old Emperors, one man continues to fly what some consider the “purest” X-Wing squadron…the TIE Swarm. As per the Mynock creed, Dallas Parker (Texx) continues to stubbornly stick to his guns when it comes to his favorite archetype. As fate may have it, the “Crack Swarm” has vaulted to the top of the meta, and we have the man, the myth, the legend on to discuss it.

Also, we find out just how many snacks can fit in the NEW MILLENNIUM FALCON! That’s right, Heroes of the Resistance has been announced and we are eager to share with you our thoughts on just how good it can be.

00:08:30 Heroes of the Resistance introduction
00:14:30 HotR Pilots: Rey Salm, T-70 Aces, and Core Poe vs. Hero Poe
00:31:00 HotR Upgrades: Hot Cocoa, Snap Snacks, and more!
00:40:00 HotR Titles: FLOOPS!
00:50:30 TIE Swarm 101 with Dallas Parker



Ryan Farmer
Dee Yun
Dallas Parker

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  • Adam Murray

    Is it possible for anyone who isn’t anorexic to not look fat whilst wearing an orange flight suit and a life preserver? And to be honest for a forum full of glass houses do you really want to start throwing those kinda stones?

    • Ryan Farmer

      I’m not trying to offend anyone! It’s a reference to a joke in our podcast about an upgrade card we can’t see the full text of. So we deemed the card “Snap Snacks” until further notice.

      • Adam Murray

        Fair enough mate I’m not offended. I just remember thinking in the film that costume wasn’t doing him any favours. Orange isn’t a good colour if your a ‘larger’ gentleman.

        • Jack Biddo

          even on a hot girl the outfit isn’t that flattering to one’s figure.

    • V10_Rob

      If getting triggered is a reoccurring problem for you, I recommend staying off the internet. For all our sakes.

      • Adam Murray

        Sorry I didn’t mean to trigger you.