Geekery: Short Film – Tears of Steel


This open source short tries to save the world from a bunch of killer robots.

This 2012 short was directed and written by Ian Hubert, and created with crowd-funding by users of the open source 3D creation tool Blender.

A group of warriors and scientists gather in the “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam to re-create an important event from the past, in an attempt to rescue the world from robots bent on destruction. Will they succeed?


What are your thoughts on this week’s selection?

  • Cergorach

    It’s kind of funny. Special effects are ranging from Meh! to Wow! The story is a bit messy, the acting ranges from OK to GTST (folks from the Netherlands will get that one ;-)…

  • Jordan Holt

    I’d definately watch more. Yeah, you can tell it had a budget, but the concept was really cool.

  • Col. Duke Lacrosse

    So if you were laying on the ground underneath him and then insult him and then he cries on you would that be…’stehl rehn!”