Geekery: Nerf Mega Mastodon is Totally a Heavy Bolter


Need to kill a cardboard xenos horde? Nerf has the gun for that…

This bad boy debuted at Toy Fair this year, and it’s available to purchase now – it just needs some paint and insignias and it’ll be ready for cosplay!

nerf mega mastodon

Dominate Nerf blaster battles with the first-ever motorized Nerf MEGA blaster! The Nerf MEGA Mastodon blaster boasts incredible rapid-fire speeds to send MEGA Whistler darts screaming through the air from its integrated 24-dart drum. Bring the MEGA Mastodon blaster into action to overwhelm opponents with its imposing size. Use the shoulder strap for easy maneuvering to be ready for Nerf battles anytime, anywhere.

• Motorized MEGA blasting
• 24-dart revolving drum
• Fires darts up to 100 feet (30 meters)
• Comes with 24 MEGA Whistler Darts


What other Nerf weaponry would fit into the aesthetics of the Grimdark?

  • georgelabour

    That’s going to be quite popular with the cosplay crowd.

    Also. DO WANT!

  • Евгения Ремезова

    Em… it looks horrible. Like, REALLY horrible. Even if you paint it, I see no way how to mask it into a passable 40/30K bolter for Cosplay or LARP or whatever…

    • An_Enemy

      Foam and card board work wonders on a solid base build.

    • Shatterclaw

      Plastic.card, to.cover the mega and.nerf.. add a bigger pvc pipe over the muzzel.. you can make it look like a heavy bolter..

  • Shatterclaw

    and the Nerf War crowd, and the Free Fall Fire fly crowd..
    Hasbro just learned how to print

    • Printing money is not a new thing for Hasbro. They own Magic, remember?

      Internally, WotC refers to MtGO as “the money hose”.

  • gwensdad

    There’s also a chainsword like weapon available from Nerf. Time to work on that Sarg Harker Cosplay. (after I hit the gym)

  • Mike X

    My Nerf war group will be pleased with this.

  • euansmith

    What a nice apartment he has.

    • wibbling

      Heh! I agree. I’d like another room. Or even a shed, let alone that palatial expanse!

      • euansmith

        and this chap wastes it on a NERF Gun range instead of painting and modelling stations.

  • JP

    Finally. A Nerf gun that can be used as an accurately scaled Bolt Pistol.

  • Jonathan B.

    Enough of this. Vader, release him! This bickering is pointless. Lord Vader will provide us with the location of the toy store selling these mastodon pattern heavy bolters by the time this station is operational. We will then buy them all with one swift stroke.