KoW: Enslaved Guardians Available for Pre-Order

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Add some brute strength and magic to your Empire of Dust army…

The Ahmunite empire, stripped of their power by the Ophidians, wages a war on the living and the dead. They march across the scotched desert fueled by hate, and compelled by necromancy.

via Mantic:

These powerful desert spirits will crush your opponent, with their incredible strength, their magic and even the sight of them would create fear in your enemies’ eyes. This unit has should be enough to scare any foe into routing.


These models have a high degree of detail and quality, which’ll provide hours of painting enjoyment. Add this unit to your army to make it look amazing. You choose how the models look by deciding what weapons they hold for battle and how you win the game with them.  They can be built with either large, two-handed axes or enchanted heavy crossbows.


Although the Enslaved Guardians are not numerous they should still be kept in your army list. Their Windblast power can push attacking enemy units back out of charge range. The two weapon options allow them to be fielded either as powerful range troops or crushing melee regiments. Never leave home without them.

Enslaved Guardians are now available for pre-order. Pick up yours now!


Will you be adding these to your army?

  • Admiral Raptor

    I like the Empire of Dust line, with the exception of these guys. The detail of these models seems soft, but maybe it’s just the paint job.

  • Gunsheeplol

    Remember when Mantic did something original? Neither do I

    • Moose

      Remember when anyone did something properly original?


      • euansmith

        GW’s new stuff is certainly “original” 😀 I’m not saying it appeals to me, but, blimey, it is certainly different.

        I think that Mantic aim to scratch an definitely Old Skool itch with generic armies.

        Their Sci-fi stuff is a bit more varied, though it cleaves to Space Dwarfs, Space Elves, Space Orks, Space Marines, and Space Guard; it also has some varied designs in the Reb’s faction.

        • Alienerd the unbannable

          Still waiting for mantic’s sci-fi line to include Space Space.

          • euansmith

            Oh, I forgot Space Rats.

        • zeno666

          Could be worse. I know a game that is all about space marines, space marines and space marines 😉

      • Gunsheeplol

        Other companies manage to put their own spin on things or have moments of creativity and imagination.

        And then there’s Mantic.

  • Brian Griffith

    So they’re… Ushabti, but ugly?

    • Heinz Fiction

      To be fair they aren’t that bad. But GW Ushabti just look to damn good.

  • Rainthezangoose

    A company with bad rules can live with amazing models, and a model company with good rules can work with iffy models.

    At least thats what i thought but apparently you can have both rubbish models and terrible rules judging of mantis performances

    • Brian Griffith

      I just don’t know who this is supposed to please. The people who already have Tomb Kings armies will just buy the book and be good. They have no real use for these Ushabti-but-not that won’t match their existing ones.

      In the meantime, who’s going to look at these sculpts who doesn’t own a pre-existing Tomb Kings army and go “I gotta get me some of that”?

      • Rainthezangoose

        exactly, If i was part of the latter group id just hit ebay. Mantic isn’t even cheap anymore.

        • Brian Brodeur

          Spoken like someone that has no idea of the current market. Go check the prices of new Ushabti with bows on ebay then come back.

          Yes, I’d rather have 9 of these guys wielding the proper weapons for KoW, then 3 that don’t.

  • Simon Chatterley

    I really like this line. I already have a large amount of GW tomb kings but never liked the Ushbanti they did so I’ll be picking a few boxes up to flesh it out.

    Any KoW post just gets naysayers and bashers on these days. Mantic aren’t perfect by any stretch but when GW stepped away from caring about a system a lot of us loved I can’t fault them for trying to step up to the plate.

    I like KoW as a game, simple to learn yet has great amount of skill needed to play at a good level. Tactics and smart deployment/movement are rewarded and long may they continue with it.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Mantic is getting better. Their models aren’t amazing yet but they are definitely becoming good.

    • dave long island

      Let’s hope they keep getting better. Mantic with GW quality minis or close to GW quality minis would be a powerful force in the miniature wargaming market. They’re moving in the right direction with these minis IMO.

    • jcdent

      …not mantic fantasy, tho. I mean, I’m rooting for cheap mini manufacturers (the skeleton and zombie regiments are amazing if you want to mass them for AoS… but do you want to mass them for AoS), but most of their line looks… bad.

      At least the enforcers look good!

  • Countdiscount

    Can’t tell if it’s the paint job, or the sculpt, but I don’t like these

    • Brian Brodeur

      The paint jobs aren’t really helping these guys, for sure.