40K: Beast Arises – Watchers In Death Out Now


The Birth of the Deathwatch is HERE – Part 9 of The Beast Arises Series “Watchers in Death” is available from Black Library!

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Watchers in Death

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Brute force has failed – and drastically so. The assault on the ork home world has ended in disaster and new tactics are needed. But will Koorland’s new force – his so-called “”Deathwatch”” be effective?

It chronicles the birth of a beloved Warhammer 40,000 force and shows the Imperium in transition, finally learning from their mistakes in order to move forward to – hopefully – victory.

The attempt to hunt down and kill the orks’ leader has ended in catastrophe. The Imperium is reeling from the loss of so many beloved heroes, and the military forces of mankind have been reduced to tatters. Koorland now knows that brute force is not the answer – but how else can the orks be fought? In a radical move, he creates small, mixed Chapter units of Adeptus Astartes – compact teams that will hit the enemy hard and fast, and with deadly accuracy. With armour painted the black of mourning, the new strike teams become known as the Deathwatch. But will this be enough to tip the balance, or does the Imperium need to discover other new means to defeat the orks?

Written by David Annandale


It’s a little surprising to see this book out now. We had a fairly accurate time-table of when these books were coming out thanks to Amazon and this one wasn’t scheduled to come out until next week. Watchers in Death is book 9 out of 12 in the series with the final 3 coming out later this year.

If you don’t know what’s going on in the story so far…Well, it’s been a WILD ride. To set the stage we’ve got the largest WAAAGH! ever recorded in Imperial History being led by an Orkish Monstrosity. There is a Primarch involved, Space Marines, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus, a bunch of CRAZY fleet battles, BILLIONS of civilians conscripting into a massive offensive and an Ork DEATHSTAR! This series has been over the top Grim-Dark action.

It’s also been leading up to the Formation of the first “Deathwatch” units. It’s almost like Games Workshop planned to have this book coincide with the release of Codex:Deathwatch…

Oh and one last thing: The Cover is available as a print!

Gallery Print: Watchers in Death $50.00


An iconic image of a Deathwatch battle-brother, emblazoned with the golden shoulder pad of an Imperial Fist, forms the cover of the ninth volume of The Beast Arises. And now you can have this depiction of a black-clad alien killer on your wall!

This print is one of a series of premium quality Gallery Prints, selected from amongst the very finest Black Library art adorning the covers of recent and forthcoming titles.

Size: A3 (297mm X 420mm)
Artist: Victor Manuel Leza Moreno

The Gallery Print is printed on 260gsm Linen White paper and is supplied in a card-mount frame, ready to display. It’s part of a limited run of 50 copies and is only available direct from Black Library.

There are only 50 of these prints available from the Black Library. Better move fast if you want to get your hands on one…


The Beast Arises – but so do the Heroes of the Imperium!

  • Xodis

    If this is a “shoot from the hip” type of immediate response….how did they already get Inquisitorial Shoulder pads and armor created? lol

    • Benderisgreat

      Kinkos is the other “Emperor’s Finest”.

    • As of late, many covers of BlackLibrary books don’t really fit the content of the book. It’s basically as if they just checked the available artwork at disposal and pick one. It’s not as if they are ordering covers fitting a book’s story.

      • Xodis

        Thats sad…

        • ZeeLobby

          Haha, yeah, they have summer interns do most of the work.

      • The problem is that the Beast Arises covers were, up until the last 4 books maybe, commissioned way ahead of time, and revealed when the first book went up for preorder. The content wasn’t set in stone, which also meant the Sisters of Silence artwork got scrapped along the way.

    • Critical Kaiju

      me thinks you are judging a book by its cover.

      • Xodis

        Nope just judging the cover by the synopsis lol

  • OldHat

    Seriously?! The 9th volume already? Holy hell, I tried to get through the first book earlier this year and just plain hated it. How are that at nine installments already? Why can’t the HH books move at that pace?

    • Benandorf

      They probably had them all written before the first one was published? Not having more than 1 book from their “top tier” writers doesn’t hurt, either, as I’d guess they give Abnett or ADB more time to write books than some of these guys.

      • The first few were written before they started publishing. At least half of them were in the works until recently, though. The first few were written years ago even, and then put on ice while GW changed policy for BL.

      • Emprah

        Also Mr Abnett had a bad… I think stroke a year ago so he needs time to recover, poor guy.

        • He was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009/2010. The illness makes writing complicated at times. Here’s an interview from 2012 where he talks about it (and writer’s block and writing about multiple universes) a bit: https://youtu.be/6jDkXru-aw8

        • His epilepsy came up during the writing of Prospero Burns, which is why that was delayed for almost a year and changed so drastically.
          The bigger reason for his absence from Black Library is simply that GW changed policy and clamped down on what Abnett wrote: inventive stories about non-gaming factions or characters. They’ve finally loosened up, so he’ll be back, but the last few years there was no way they’d have published another book like Eisenhorn without it tying directly into a GW product release.

    • The first book is the worst, hands down. The peak for me is still Throneworld, book 5, but I also really liked The Beast Must Die, 8, though the action has been dragging on lately.

      • OldHat

        Jeez, I am almost over reading 40k books. The HH series hooked me good then dragged. Their normal novels are getting stale… this caught my interest, but the first book drags and you are saying that I should slog through 4 more books to get to book 5 for peak enjoyment… ugh.

        I think I am going to start AoS fiction for a change of pace.

        • Do yourself a favor and don’t start AoS. Having read 6 of the novels plus the novella, they are almost entirely battle pieces. Fight, fight, fight, over and over, with very little besides. Same formula, same need to one-up themselves with ever more ridiculous deus ex machinae.

          I’d highly recommend you pick up Fire Caste by Peter Fehervari for 40k, though. In fact, Fehervari’s stories are all linked in some fashion, but it is up to the reader to connect the dots.
          Death of Integrity by Guy Haley uses the premise of purging a Space Hulk to develop Novamarines and Blood Drinkers in a pretty good way, so I’d recommend that too.

          With The Beast Arises, I disliked I Am Slaughter for being barely about the orks and just wiping the Fists off-screen. Predator, Prey wasn’t bad but ultimately almost irrelevant because its purpose is to show the Imperium-wide destruction by the orks. The Emperor Expects was a great fleet-based novel with lots of intrigue, and the politics on Terra were the highlights to me so far. The Hunt for Vulkan didn’t have much of that and was mostly action focused, and The Beast Must Die was the big attempt to get back at the Beast, action all over but developing the orks in a great way (including old Codex references and making them an actual civilization).

          But I’d say that had the novels been full-length rather than 200-250 pages, the series would be done in 6 books and tighter than it is.

    • amaximus167

      It is my understanding they intended to release one book a month from the get-go. So it would be a year of the Beast…

      • OldHat

        I wish they put that much effort into the Heresy, which has now dragged on for an eternity.

        • amaximus167

          Right? I was certainly really into it for awhile, but I honestly have started losing the drive to read it anymore. I did enjoy all the Calth material however, most of this other filler material they have been releasing in the last few years is feeling just like that. Filler. Also, I was greatly disappointed by a couple of them, which made me kind of shrug with an internal ‘meh,’ anytime a new book was released.

  • Ross Webb-Wagg

    Is it me or does the marine look like Robert Pattinson?

    • euansmith

      😀 I had to go and Google “Robert Pattinson”, but you are spot on.

    • 6Cobra

      My first impression was George Clooney. Maybe it’s a generational thing.

  • Anthony Shannon

    Impassive marine- neither screaming litanies of hate nor bald. Looks like he’s thinking about what’s for space-lunch

    • euansmith

      He needs nought, but his faith in the Emperor and some Chimichangas.

    • amaximus167

      Exactly my thought. Has about as much enthusiasm as someone that is working as a cockroach exterminator to help put them through school…