40K: More Deathwatch Armory & Tactics Pics


The Deathwatch’s full Armory & Tactics list has been spotted – come see all the new shiny toys the Deathwatch are getting!

We recently got a glimpse of the Deathwatch Armory from the Death Masque rules but now we’re seeing the fully armory listing from Codex: Deathwatch. They don’t call them Deathwatch for nothing!

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Deathwatch Armory

Deathwatch Armory1a Deathwatch Armory1b Deathwatch Armory2a Deathwatch Armory2b Deathwatch Armory 3a Deathwatch Armory 3b Deathwatch Armory 3c

Pulverize: If the To Wound roll for an attack with this weapon is 6, the attack has the Instant Death special rule.

Deathwatch Armory 4a Deathwatch Armory 4b

Deathwatch Tactics

Deathwatch Tactics1b Deathwatch Tactics1a

The Deathwatch are definately getting some fancy new tools to take out the enemies of the Emperor with. The Guardian Spear is interesting as is the Clavis. We also get a look at the armament of Blackstar and it’s got some decent options. And the Deathwatch Shotguns are pretty brutal as well!

The Tactics we saw earlier as well, but combined with the formations we saw and you’ve basically got units that are going to be re-rolling 1s To-Hit and re-rolling To-Wound. If a Deathwatch Player wants to kill a specific unit in a turn, they aren’t going to lack the tools to get the job done!


What do you think: Any fun Deathwatch weapons that tickle your fancy?

  • Horus84cmd

    ewwwww instant death on rolls of 6’s (i hazard the d6 value – you can’t see it on the pic and article hints this too) for the heavy thunder hammers “Pulverise” rule

  • Matt

    Any chance they’ll release overkill rules for this?

    • Horus84cmd

      It was mention in the 40K Radio interview the rules for the Overkill are not directly in the codex, since they are available to download on the site to use them as either a squad(s)/individuals. It was also mentioned that in the codex that same unit can be fundamentally made from the all rounder DW entry called “Squad Aquillia”. So players can pick which option to use.

      • Matt

        Sorry I wasn’t very clear. Will the new kits have rules in Deathwatch:overkill

        • Horus84cmd

          Would not surprise me that a WD article is done to allow this, but at the same time I would not hold my breath either.

  • Rainthezangoose

    space marines can use a weapon as a gun and as a melee weapon in the same turn but orks can’t, despite the latter crippled a hole unit and the former is just gravy. Space marines arn’t overpowered because they are teachers pet yeah totally….

    • Salty much?

    • OolonColluphid

      It’s a Power Spear with a Bolter on it. So your argument is false equivalence. It’s just a special weapon for Space Marines, Custodes have them as their stranded issues weapon.

  • Kevin Maloney

    Very nice, I am especially liking the look of the Deathwatch shotguns, but….no Relics section?

  • Byor

    So, they steal the Swarmlord ability for force invul saves, for give to speeesh mareeens. So typical…

  • Tom

    Silly question but where is the headline mini from?

    • MPSwift

      Watch Master apparently, will be a clampack release I suspect; comes with the Guardian Spear as standard from what I’ve seen. And looks like the Clavis on the left arm.

      • Tom

        Ah cool, thanks!

  • Guido Hockmann

    Dat infernus heavy bolter….

  • Benderisgreat

    The “Sudden Onslaught” special rule?

  • nurglitch

    So it is a Guardian Spear. Neat.