40K: New CSM Book Inbound: Traitor’s Hate


Chaos Space Marine players your dark calls have been heard – Chaos is BACK and they are bringing the HATE!

It looks like it’s time to start collecting those skulls because Chaos Space Marine are getting a steroid shot of KHORNE heading their way. Who better to lead the charge than Kharn himself!

via GW 8-27-2016

traitor's hate - teaser - GW

via Scanner


Kharn 1 enhance

Let’s break this down! First off Traitor’s Hate looks to be kicking off a “Black Crusade” series of books in the Diamor System. Will this be like the War Zone Fenris series or Damocles Gulf? Unclear, but the text does allude to who is involved:

  • Abaddon (Black Legion)
  • CSM Lord Xorphas (Crimson Slaughter)
  • Kharn (World Eaters)
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Blood Angels

Interesting! Also this book will have more than just narrative info. Looks like CSM are also getting some new toys to play with:

  • Renegade Knights
  • New Psychic Disciplines
  • New Formations
  • Black Crusade Detachment


The Warmaster is BACK and he’s lighting a match to burn this Galaxy DOWN!

  • eehaze

    Works Eaters are not mentioned in a book with Kharn on the cover? GW bewilders me sometimes.

    • Christie Bryden

      well that would require GW to give us new (actualy good) CSM rules, this way they can just continue to stick there fingers in there ears a little while longer.

    • Karru

      From what I’ve understood, Kharn is no longer really part of the World Eaters. He kinda just rolls around the galaxy slaughtering everything that comes in his way with a band of Khorne Berzerkers. So for me that sounds like Kharn doesn’t mean that the World Eaters are around.

      • nurglitch

        He did betray them.

        • Nani Sore

          Well he got his name for a reason :^)
          Kharn the Befriender

          • nurglitch

            “Don’t worry, Kharn will calm things down when he wakes up.”

    • car_tag

      Kharn was on the cover of the Limited Edition book for Khorne Daemonkin. He’s not even in the army.

    • Spacefrisian

      Well…Skulltaker and Kharn not being in a Khorne dedicated book…just let it sink in for a bit.

      • Skathrex

        Skulltaker is in it, I think you mean Skarbrand or Karnak, which in the end comes down to the same thing

  • Christie Bryden

    hopefullly this will be thrown i with thousand sons showing up in fenris.

  • Wayne Molina

    hopefully this will be something good not just here is the same crap and nothing new

  • Alexander Slizewski

    I bet on my mothers financials that this will end up flopping. (picks up tail, and crawls back into his troll den, eating a stick of garlic butter as he slides his way back into the cold, moist confines of his mother’s basement).

    • Sigmarine

      *offers freshly baked brownies*

      Look on the bright side, its not a new codex meaning things can’t get worse 🙂

      • Alexander Slizewski

        I would take the brownies, but my mom has banned me from eating too many sweets. According to my painstakingly strict diet, I could only have one bottle of Mountain Dew and one bag of Doritos a day in order to reach maximum sexual attractiveness.

    • Zack Seiders

      Good news, chaos space marines are getting new powers “don’t need a mark for these” already the one shown is significantly better than the csm tzeentch and slannesh table “even if the power in question is only good for horde armies or any armies that are stuck with 4+ save for majority”

  • Charon

    So… we get more formations that grant hatred an soulburn?
    Not to mention a 3200 points formation of formations that lets you roll 2 warlord traits.

    • Karru

      Bro, don’t forget the amaaaazing Chaos Lord and his terminator retinue gaining double Fearless as long as the Lord is there! That’s the game breaker right there!

    • Captyn Bob

      Bored of compulsory possessed? Well the new formations give you compulsory Mutilators! So much better

  • The_Ordo_Malleus

    Good lord people crying already, You haven’t even seen the rules yet don’t worry about detachments or formations until you see what they have done. This is GW beta testing the CSM codex hence why its a supplement not a full Codex and only one of the four gods, Yes Khorne get a lot of love but mechanically there the easiest army to write for lets say this supplement sucks that only means GW are going to try harder to write a Codex that people want and with the success of 30k Legions they have a solid foundation in which to work with.

    I play Loyalist through and through and i just want to fear CSM knowing they are absolutely brutal and so they should be.

    • Karru

      Ah yes, Tell me again how they “experimented” on the CSM formations when the Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter Supplements rolled out along the Angels of Death book.

      Let’s get one thing straight. CSM players have every god forsaken right to be pessimistic about anything Chaos related. Ever since the loss of 3.5 Codex and the garbage we have been fed every time they release something for CSM, there really is no other view on these things. Yes, there is that chance, that is around the same as winning in lottery 10 times in a row with the same numbers, that the book will make CSM at least interesting army to play. Until that day comes, I firmly believe that CSM players have every right to complain.

      • Strategery.

        muh 3.5 dex!

        all memes aside its kind of weird getting even more khorne stuff after an entire monogod codex. i mean i have 15k of world eaters and i love it but i still think the other gods should get some (read: a LOT of) love.

        • shiwan

          Not “muh 3.5 dex”. It’s “change does not have to be bad but why is it bad every time?”

    • Charon

      We saw that with the CS and BL supplements which came with the Angels of death. Broken PSI powers and more godly formations for marines, while CSM got double fearless on a termi lord or +1 BS on kombi weapons if you include abaddon.
      Sorry. Marines are straight better, get basically new powerful stuff every month (Cataphracti, free marine with an ID Plasgun, Termi captain,…) while CSM are like “wow… this gives my lord now hatred for the 3rd time”

      • Karru

        Exactly. Everyone that has actually followed every CSM related release knows that GW likes to make them more boring and bad to play with each release. So yeah, call me a pessimistic crybaby but I believe that if history has taught us something about GW and CSM is that it is more likely to screw Chaos over again instead of giving them something worthwhile outside of possibly models.

    • shiwan

      What makes you think that GW is trying to do it right this time? Nothing we have seen supports that line of thinking.

  • William Jameson

    If it’s Khorne related… Traitor’s Hateful Eight?

  • Zack Seiders

    Hope the formations are good. If it makes a viable nurgle army (among the 4 chaos gods nurgle csm’s are the only ones remotely good, with khorne csm only being viable in the daemonkin book “even then you are better off with bloodletters”.) Since beelz and cancer (2 daemon princes of nurgle) were able to beat Abaddon I want to have those 2 make a black crusade that will cripple the imperium “fluff wise Abaddon is not the only one who does these black crusades…. the daemon princes in those crusades have smaller scale goals but are still more successful”.

  • OolonColluphid

    Still no indication of anything for the Chaos Undivided factions that you know, turned to Chaos first or whose Primarch named the Eye of Terror.

  • shiwan

    Calling it now. CSM gets new formation that forces you to take veterans of the long war for all units that can have it and as a bonus gives you Hatred (Space Marines) USR. The core formation is a chaos lord with power armor and no weapons plus 8 20 man CSM squads that have no upgrade options. The whole army has to start as reserves and can not have drop pods in it.

    • grim_dork

      . . . and three mandatory units of Mutilators.

      • Karru

        Remember that those units have to include at least 3 models each.

      • Spacefrisian

        You forgot the token 2×10 Possessed and Fabius Bile.

  • Karru

    Every part of me is wishing that this will be Chaos version of the Angels of Death Supplement, Chaos version as in CSM units in the formations but with the interesting and effective buffs that is the Angels of Death supplement, not what we saw with the Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter supplements.

    The Psychic Powers would hint that this is the case, but I will remain the forever sceptic since I have this uneasy feeling that the Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter formations will be a copy paste from the old supplements.

  • Jeff Daniels

    This release looks like a mixed bag from a design standpoint. The new Khârn model has much better proportions than the old one, and the pose is more dynamic. His skull-faced belt buckle looks more childish than scary, and those blue furry ear-tufts are laughable.

    The cover of the book looks great (minus the laughable ear-tufts) and the title is pretty intriguing. Instead of the name of a group (Codex: Crimson Slaughter), it’s a common noun. Unless the book is only about Khârn’s hate, it should be titled “Traitors’ Hate”, though.

    The campaign seems to involve the Crimson Slaughter and World Eaters versus Blood Angels and Adeptus Mechanicus. So that’s warriors in red armour teaming up with other warriors in red armour to fight more warriors in red armour teamed up with red robots. Possibly not the best idea.

    • Karru

      A small correction. This book includes the Black Legion and Crimson Slaughter fighting Blood Angels and Mechanicus forces. Kharn isn’t part of the World Eaters anymore.

      • Jeff Daniels

        You’re right too. No World Eaters mentioned in the blurb. But the Black Legion are black (duh) and so are a good proportion of the Blood Angels (Death Company), so it’s still red and black versus red and black.

    • Andrew

      He always had the tufts, to my recollection.

      • Jeff Daniels

        Just checked a picture of the old model. You’re right, they were always there.

        The new miniature would have been a good chance to get rid of them then, ha!

  • Painjunky

    The ad mech and blood angels will get the lions share of the best new rules and formations. Chaos will get the scraps.

    BTW can DE or orks have something/ANYTHING new and maybe even playable?
    “NO”… thought so, sorry for asking.

    • Spacefrisian

      DE are very playable, you just have no clue how to use them.

      • Karru

        From what I’ve gathered, DE are playable but somewhat boring since they really have one or two viable builds which both include spamming a few selected units while most of the book remains unused.

        If you compare them to Ad Mech for example, yes their book(s) include very few units, but the formations they get makes most of the units at least somewhat useful or amazingly fun to use. For me it’s not the “unplayability” of the faction, it’s the lack of cool and fun stuff that makes it not fun. For example I started Orks recently and when I read the Ghazghkull book, I was crushed to see how bad it was compared to the Space Marine formations, in the main book and Angels of Death. The formations in the Ork side are way too big, give very little and are not interesting enough to be fun to field.

        Both Orks and DE can be played, but if you want to compete with any of the “top tier” armies, you are forced to use very specific and narrow set of units thanks to the lack of useful formations.

  • BrianDavion

    renegade knights is no suprise, it’ll presumably just be the page info from the rengade game.

    • Spacefrisian

      WIch is a good version actually, it has all the variations in 1 page…instead of a full blown codex that adds some named ones in the mix.

  • Anggul

    Until they bring out a new codex, no number of supplements will make chaos marines stop being crap. Just do a new codex!

  • Agent OfBolas

    oh look another book with KHORNE …. god, I’m so tired gathering those skulls for the skull throne…

    And I’m going to ask again, why should I buy this book … when main CSM book is still such crap? When GW will release a decent and playable CSM book?

    Or we are asking for too much?