BREAKING: New 40K Necron FAQ


Games Workshop has unleashed the Necron FAQ – It’s time for the rise of the Ancient Ones.

via Games Workshop (Warhammer 40,000 Facebook)

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There are lots of clarification and tweaks to mull over wit this one. I like that Games Workshop has come out to basically say the rules of the Transcendent C’tan are the ones in the codex and not the old escalation rules. There have been models with multiple sets of rules in the past that they have been less clear on. At least the C’tan has an “official” set of rules now.

And how about that Night Scythe boost? Fifteen Models and they can transport Jump Infantry – Will the Croissants of Doom reign again… probably not. But it is nice to see that cleared up.

You can find these and all the other FAQ’s released right here:

Warhammer 40,000 FAQ (2016)


Necron Players: Have at it!

  • Lee Williams

    The second and third already contradict each other. Only difference is in the third they named the ability.

    • Walter Vining

      not really. they ignore the negative movement but they are still affected just like beasts as far as the initiative modifier

  • Phil Turner

    Christ, I really wish people would learn to read. Some of those (4+ reanimation) can be solved with simple reading comprehension. I blame the school system (as well as parents, really anyone I can point a finger at).

    • Horus84cmd

      I blame it on the boogie…. 🙂

    • generalchaos34

      dont blame the schools they work their butts off. Its about 90% the parents at this point since they expect the schools to teach, discipline, feed, and change their kids for 12 years

      • nurglitch

        This. There’s only so much a school can do to make up for absent parenting.

        • JimOnMars

          And the fact that all kids are expected to graduate. Sad to say the school is forced to teach to the average.

          • Dennis J. Pechavar

            Add to that the kids are all being groomed for college and that there is a serious disapproval of blue collar jobs. Half the kids should never go to college and should have been given training in the trades.

          • nurglitch

            That’s just a factor of class sizes usually being way too big because people aren’t willing to pay for middle class teachers.

  • Darkjedi

    “Treat Monolith Tesla Spheres as sponsons”. We knew that part… but does that mean 180 degree arc or 270? The graphic in the rulebook can be read either of two ways (‘sort of 180’, or ‘blocked by vehicle’s body’). It makes a BIG difference on the Monolith and could have been clarified so easily. 🙁

    • Walter Vining

      sponsons work by what limits them. it is literally where they can arc to.

    • Necky

      i would say 270 degrees, since they aren’t hindered by the model.

    • Me

      You should mention that on the Facebook page. That is why these are prereleases and it is these kind of suggestions that I think that they are looking for.

  • Jim Collins

    Deathmarks cost VS ability against several popular underpriced units, I never realized they could be this dangerous. Low base cost wraithknight harasser and possible killer. Note : don’t ever play crons in my area with the few players we have. Always fething eldar.

    • nurglitch

      I think I need to get me some Necron allies…

      • Lee Williams

        Necrons don’t ally.

        • Andrew Thomas

          Tau, CSM and Orks. Just lack Battle Bros is all. Conclave + Skwadron could be interesting.

        • nurglitch

          Come the Apocalypse they do.

        • Me

          Everything allies. It just comes down to what level of comfort they have. There is even the fluff piece (Gehenna Campaign) where they ally with a the Blood Angels to defeat a ‘nid invasion.

  • Raven Jax

    I’m about to ask a silly question, but I was hoping someone could help me:

    Can Monoliths Jink?

    I’ve read the rules for jinking, skimmers, and heavies, but can’t seem to find a definitive answer. None of my friends can point me to the exact page in the rule book that clarifies this. Another friend said mysteriously that it was “in the FAQ” but it’s certainly not in this FAQ. Can you point me to a specific page number?

    • Filip Hanell

      on page 89, under special rules

    • Char Aznable

      A heavy vehicle may not jink. Special rule for 89 in the main rulebook.

    • Raven Jax

      Thank you!

  • Artyom Trityak

    Can i use The Nighbring C’Tan instead of Transcendent C’tan in Conclave of the Burning One formation?

    • Andrew Thomas


    • Damistar

      You can use the miniature however, and simply say it’s a transcendent shard.

  • Flan man

    Why cant the C’tan fire 2 powers if they are treated/intended as a shooting weapon? Can’t Monstrous Creatures fire 2 weapons in the shooting phase?

    • Brillow80

      Because Powers of the C’tan are treated as one weapon that has 1 of 6 profiles rolled for during the shooting phase. MC’s can only fire 2 different weapons, not the same one twice.

      • Flan man

        Ahh gotcha.

        • jazeroth

          seems really silly to me that we cant roll twice for 2 shots 🙁

          • Brillow80

            Seems silly to me the player can’t just pick which of the 6 to use instead of D6. “Why yes I will take out your knight against front armour with S6 AP4 assault 10….”

          • Juan Ramon Fernandez Martinez

            Seems more stupid you can’t use the power when you are charged.

  • Ronin

    Night Scythes being able to suck necrons back up while zooming is stupid.

    • nurglitch


      • MPSwift

        ^this, how is that more stupid than it beaming them to the battlefield to begin with?

        • Patriarch

          Because it is easier to throw something out of the window of a speeding car rather than pick it up?

          • MPSwift

            True, but the necrons aren’t really getting into the scythe they are getting beamed into another dimension.

          • jordan stein


          • MPSwift

            Exactly 😀 and Chekov manages to beam people up while they’re falling!

    • Manwiththedogs

      Totally disagree. It’s awesome. It’s because they’re super crazy sci-fi with tech humans can’t comprehend. Perhaps that’s why you’re struggling with it. You’re human I assume?

      • Ronin

        Narratively, it’s awesome, but gameplay wise it’s just another factor that slightly debalances the game since it gives another “special snowflake” exclusive ability to a faction that doesn’t need it. Necrons are already tough enough to deal with especially when factoring the decurion detachment. Why should they be a faction that has more mobility and speed than Dark Eldar when they already have the resiliency to more than make up for it?

  • Lee Williams

    So according to the Conclave rules in the FAQ the c’Tan shard is a Transcendent c’Tan. Does that mean that anything from that book which says c’Tan Shard mean Transcendent?

    Before deployment, nominate a single friendly C’tan Shard in your army. As long as the bearer of the God Shackle is alive and on the battlefield, the nominated C’tan Shard adds 1 to its Strength and Toughness.

    If the God Shackle can be used on the Transcendent that makes a Conclave of the Burning One positively evil.

    • Andrew Thomas

      That’s exactly what the Erratum says.

  • Firemind

    The judicator battalion is a hell-a-lot better now : )

  • Andrew Thomas

    CotBO erratum is 6 of one, a dozen of another, but hey at least we get to use the cool C’tan.

  • Dan Wilson

    Glad it cleared up the issue with Praetorians taking Nightscythes but not being able to embark on them due to transports not being able to take “jump infantry”.

  • JP

    Holy sh1t. Watch the f*ck out Wraithknights. Deathmarks just became your kryptonite.
    Between AP2 on 6’s and sheer volume of wounds dumped by wounding on 2+, a full squad of 10 in rapid fire range has a realistic chance of dropping a Wraithknight in one round. It’s really risky trying to Deep Strike them within 12″, but it could be huge payoff too.

  • petrow84

    Thank you for clearing up the confusion about the Canoptek Harvest formation, even for that alone it was worth.

  • I play Necron all the time. I like it. Many people are also playing the awesome 8 ball pool multiplayer.

  • Tiernoc

    I’m sad to see the decision about Initiative Penalty when moving through cover, as it was worded pretty well with regards to moving, “Didn’t end your movement in difficult terrain? Then nothing to worry about!”

    It would have made a lot of sense to me overall to see them just phase move through (so long as the entire unit can move in cohesion) and avoid the difficult terrain / initiative penalty .

    Overall a really good FAQ though, and well worth the wait!