GenCon 2016 – Day One Photos & Videos


Day one is done… check out some of the great games vendors showed off!

GenCon kicked of with a massive crowd yesterday morning – this is only part of it, the hall was packed to the gills all day.


The doors are open! #gencon2016

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@mayfairgames open/demo tables #gencon2016

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The fans weren’t the only ones that turned out – the vendors all had great thing to show off.


Privateer Press Warcasters


D&D Storm Giant from Gale Force 9

gf9 star trek gen con

Ferengi expansion for Star Trek: Ascendancy from Gale Force 9

cmon board games gencon

Ta-Da, Bloodborne, and Potion Explosion from CMON


New Minis for Dark Age from CMON


Infinity Minis from Corvus Belli

star wars destiny

New Star Wars: Destiny from Fantasy Flight

doom gen con

Cyberdemon from Doom from Fantasy Flight

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Are you at GenCon? What’s been your favorite thing so far?

  • zeno666

    So where are the 2nd best selling miniature company?
    Oh yeah, they don’t want to talk to their gamers/miniature collectors 😉

    • ZeeLobby

      At least FW has a presence. But that’s not surprising. Only place gamers are still left at GW.

  • Mike Linke

    They tried to go last year, but made a mess of things.

    They didn’t have the proper visa forms filled out and were officially traveling for pleasure. Customs officials overheard them talking about “working the booth” at GenCon, and they got deported, and barred from reentering the country.

    • V10_Rob

      They should have talked about suicide bombing the booth instead, they would have been sped through and given a green card.

    • euansmith

      Really?! That’s both hilarious and sad.

    • zeno666

      Haha that does sound like most things that company touch these days 😉

  • marxlives

    Congratulations for CMoN for taking an old game like Dark Age and dialing the design to 11.

    • euansmith

      The new Dark Age minis, since they moved away from Brom’s, admittedly wonderful, artwork, are often simply stunning.