GW: New Releases August 13th “First Looks”


The Deathwatch Cometh – Check out all the new kits coming this weekend from Games Workshop.

via Games Workshop

Deathwatch Land Raider

99120109010_DWLR05 99120109010_DWLR04

Deathwatch Transport

99120109004_DWTransport01 99120109004_DWTransport04 99120109004_DWTransport03

Deathwatch Watch Captain

99120109007_DeathwatchWatchCaptain02 99120109007_DeathwatchWatchCaptain01

Deathwatch Terminator Captain

99070109006_DWTermCap01 99070109006_DWTermCap02

Kill Team Cassius



I’m really liking the Deathwatch accessory sprues that come with these models. I’m also really glad to see Kill Team Cassius as it’s own boxed set too.


What do you think? Are you grabbing some Deathwatch stuff this weekend?

  • Beefcake the mighty

    The stormcast have a tank now?

    • Mr.Fister

      badum tssss!

  • MightyOrang

    Both captains look like rehashes of existing models — only more expensive.

    • Horus84cmd

      That’s since the DW pre-order stuff this weekend, baring Team Cassius*, repackages that also include a new “mini DW upgrade” sprue.

      *in away this is too. Since it’s only available in Overkill.

    • Timotheus

      That’s because this is what they are.

    • I remember the Captain being around 10€ originally. Now its 20€, with an added upgrade sprue. I’d pay those 20 if it included various Chapter-specific upgrades besides Deathwatch, like Dark Angels robes, Black Templars gear with chains, Space Wolves manes and pelts etc. However, the box as it is here isn’t worth that difference.

      • Spacefrisian

        €12.50- to be exact.

        • I wasn’t quite sure if that was the launch price, but it was the price I associated with it as well. Great price, wish they’d get back to that era…

    • Alpharius

      Yes, they are existing models with deathwatch shoulder pads, but they are not more expensive than the non-deathwatch variants, which makes this a pretty damn good deal as these boxes include a full deathwatch upgrade sprue as well!

      • MightyOrang

        That’s refreshing!

  • Liam Wolf

    So according to the GW site, all the models including the Termie and regular captains, come with the full Deathwatch upgrade sprue. That is great news, loads of extra DW shoulder pads and icons mean it’ll be cheap enough to make more troops out of all those marine bits most of us have lying around…

    • Horus84cmd

      Good prices too:

      – Termi Captain is cheaper than the blood angel equivalent by £5. The actual termi body sculpt is only available in a £35 set with terminators at the moment, so anyone who wanted one for another army can now get him without having to buy termi’s
      – The DW space marine captain only a £1 more expensive than his SM counterpart. Plus as you say you’re getting all the extra pads for kit bashing.
      – The DW Transport is the same cost as the SM Razorback with the extra sprue thrown in at £25
      – The LR only £3 more costly. Yet you’re getting all the LR frames for extra goodies and kit bashing in the future and of course the DW sprue for kit bashing extras.
      – The biker come in a set of five i.e. a more practical unit size. For roughly the same cost per bike (at £7 compared to £6.66). Yet again you’re getting the DW sprue for kit bashing extras.

      Good price points I feel.

      • Paul Jan

        Termi Captain is also available in the Start Collecting Marines set.

        LR kit should be easy to flip the lascannon sprue to someone who wants to make a IG Vendetta

        Its not really a big sprue though is it. About the same size as the Ultra/BA/DA/SW sprues, but sold like the old Black Templar upgrade.

        • Horus84cmd

          Ooo forgot the Termi captain in the Start Collecting set. Same benefit for someone who’d didn’t want all the other parts of that set.

          Good shout on the extra lascannon sprue for vendetta use.

          No – not a big sprue, but I don’t see that as big downer. Comes with 10 of shoulder pads with DW iconography. So really useful.

  • Boondox

    Does anyone have pics of the DW upgrade sprue that is in each of these kits?

  • BaronSnakPak

    It’s a little underwhelming that the biker box is just the old box with a DW upgrade sprue thrown in. It would’ve been nice to get a little more DW theme in the kit, like the white scar in overkill. But, at least there are 5 bikes instead of 3.

    The termie captain is a great model, I use him for my ultras, so I’ll probably get another for my DWs.

  • Spacefrisian

    I still think its silly having that lascannon on the back part of a Landraider, right behind a door. Must be just me as no one else seems to notice this.

    • Djbz

      I agree. I always use the front part for the weapons (regardless which land raider it is)
      Don’t want to shoot my own guys in the back when they disembark..

    • Boondox

      I’ve noticed it as well but always imagined that the barrels of the lascannon were higher than the ramp and the guys disembarking. Given the scale isn’t quite constant or realistic a certain amount of latitude is required. Sucks to be the standard bearer though…

    • JP

      That’s why my Raiders are modeled with the guns out front. How much sense does it make to have your troops jumping out IN FRONT of the lethal laser cannons? Additionally, those doors swing down. They would drop halfway and get stuck on the barrels. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

  • Boondox

    So if I buy the DW CPT who already has a DW shoulder pad on his sprue I get enough spare shoulder pads for two Terminators and ten power armored Marines? Since he’s the only one with DW iconography on his armor he’s really all I need to buy then. Cool…

    • Alpharius

      Yeah, its a pretty good deal!