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The new Berserker kit is out and it brings along a new jack for Khador. Come check out our review of the new Mad Dog(s)!

What Is It?

This is a brand new cheap pointed jack for Khador with a specialty in trampling the competition. It is only 7 points and has a Field allowance of unlimited. While I don’t mind the Rager FA:u is subject to groans from me as I have a distaste for some of the spam list this jack can make.


What’s It Do?

The Rager is a Berserker variant so it has the similar DEF11 ARM18 SPD4 statline you may be used to. However it does have some interesting rules to go along with it. It has the Jury Rigged special rule similar to the Freebooter of the mercenary faction. So it can take damage for exchange in a speed buff of 2″. It also can trample for free with an additional dice to hit during tramples thanks to the Smasher special rule.
Like all Berserker chassis it is an unstable jack representing it’s poor cortex construction and may blow up if using heavy amounts of focus. The Rager is not heavy per se in the melee department clocking in with 2 POW14 Spike attacks.


Example List:

You may have already seen some Karchev and Butcher lists spamming these jacks. They are relatively cheap and Butcher can make up for the lack of hitting power with Fury and his feat. Karchev gives them some impressive threat ranges and overall jack buffs that makes a lot of them an issue to deal with. On the bright side their defense is relatively low and the armor is less than the standard Khador heavy and my personal favorite the Juggernaut.

In Butcher tradition and having played against a similar list a few weeks ago let us spam with Butcher!!! This list boggles up the front line with 6 Mad Dogs who are quite capable of clearing models out with Butcher’s full throttle cast on them. Even heavies have to be wary if the Butcher feats making all of the Mad Dogs pseudo weapon masters. Combine that with the core stable of Behemoth, Joe, and Rifles+Rockets you have a pretty nasty list able to take on multiple threats. Pathfinder is lacking in this list so probably not a great Wurmwood or Circle drop. But that is what Irusk2 is for!

75point Khador list:

Butcher1 +28
– Mad Dog 7
– Mad Dog 7
– Mad Dog 7
– Mad Dog 7
– Mad Dog 7
– Mad Dog 7
– Mad Dog 7
– Behemoth 24
Orin Midwinter 5
Kovnik Joe 4
Greylord Ternion 7
10 Winterguard Rifle Corp 13
-3 WG Rocketeer 6

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Revenant’s Final Thought:

Mad dog is an interesting addition to the Khador jack stable. I do like now having a cheaper option to field since Behemoth usually leaves you with only a few spare free jack points. It doesn’t do anything atrocious as some of the other cheap lights that are roaming around and I think it is a pretty well balanced addition to Khador. I think you will either see 0, 1 or 6-10 of them.

What do you think of the new khador Mad dog BoLS? Please share in the comments below.

  • Mr. Nailbrain

    Personally I cannot wait for the meta to leave the “hey I brought 8-11 heavy warjacks and NOTHING ELSE!” stage. It’s incredibly boring to play against and also incredibly frustrating to see at the local store on casual game night, as it forces every list you make to be an obscene armor cracker.

    • ZeeLobby

      Not to mention, it almost never makes it to the top tables in a real competitive event anyway… I wonder if it’s just an influx of players new to WMH because of the new edition.

      • Richard Mitchell

        true that, I can think of some regular lists I run that can give a spammed mad dog list some heart aches but then again I got ten years of play backing me.

      • Josh Watkins

        It might be a bunch of “win at all cost” 40k players trying to get a game in since no one wants to play against them in 40k …

    • V10_Rob

      I’m certainly not missing Troopmachine, where you only took one ‘jack on sufferance. Still, if the meta definitively moves to all jacks all the time, that’s not good either. Surely there’s a happy medium.

      At least PP can be relied upon to nerf and buff to keep some semblance of balance, particularly with the way they’ve structured mk3’s unit stats and rules for easy patching.

  • rakshasa

    These are the same player that bring tonnes of Knights or riptides to every single game.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    This jack seems to represent both the appeal and limitations of the Khador line. I love the psuedo-russian look, the brutal designs…but the jacks themselves seem almost too blunt and often kinda crappy in actual design.

    Still trying to find out which faction I should try. I like the looks of the Khador, Cygnar and a friend gave me a boxed set of Cyriss figures as a gift (some big army box). Not sure where to start and don’t want to go on looks alone.

    • petrow84

      In previous edition, Khador was a big trap for beginners, with all the steam armoured dudes and great warjacks. Now, with the power-up ability, and the increased WJ points, you can run an onscene amount of warjacks efficiently, and still have point for something else.
      I don’t have many information about Man-o-Wars, all I know that they have the most HP now among multi-wound infantries.
      Khadorian infantry is still strong, especially Winter Guard rocketeers, whose FA restriction is (currently) gone.