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Behemoth has a new sculpt, and even better rules. Come check out our review & tips on the best jack in the game.

What Is It?

Behemoth is Khador’s premiere character jack. It has a point cost of 24 and is field allowance C. You can only take 1 because 2 would be absurd!

What’s It Do?

Behemoth is sporting a SPD4 ,DEF of 10, and an ARM20 like most of Khadors jacks. However, his relation to other Khador jacks pretty much stops there. His armament consists of 2 RNG14″ POW14″ 4″AOE bombard cannons and 2 open fists POW12 with the armor piercing rule. If that wasn’t enough to make you balk Behemoth has powerful shot so for only 1 focus his full bombard attack is fully boosted. This means the hit roll, the primary target if hit , and all blast damage. With 2 4″ AOE and RNG14″ there is very few non girded infantry models not fearing Behemoth.

Behemoth argueably is the best jack in the game currently.

Its high armor, focus and range efficiency, and hard hitting melee makes it potentially devastating. Combined with Khador’s access to every jack speed buff you can think of Behemoth will have little trouble overcoming that base SPD4. Also don’t forget it has a FULL damage grid, not a box is wasted. Your opponent will have to do 36 damage to get rid of this powerhouse jack.

privateer khador behemoth

Example List:

Normally I would post an example list for Behemoth to be in. However, Behemoth is so good that there really isn’t a reason not to take him. Sure you can get 2 Juggernauts at the same price but they will likely be unable to project the same force that Behemoth does on the opponent. The range and melee threat of Behemoth is morally demoralizing once he gets going. He can easily chunk a heavy down to half with his bombards in any casters hands. It just gets more absurd as you start adding in things like Signs + Portents, Sorcha2’s feat, or knocking down a high defense targets. I will go into why each caster loves Behemoth!

Sorcha2: Behemoth can 1 round almost anything in melee with Sorcha’s feat. It can also put out accurate ranged damage threat.
Karchev: Karchev can move Behemoth an extra 3″ and his feat makes him able to kill the heaviest of targets in melee even with high defense!
Zerkova1: Watcher doesn’t have a better target then a Behemoth
Irusk1: Superiority makes Behemoth even more deadly and gives Irusk a credible ranged threat.
Malakov: Combined with Sneak and a greylords cloud you have a stealth-ed behemoth. Throw in Escort and a feat that will keep him alive it is a great match!
Harkevich: Harkevich synergies very well with broadside, mobility, and the hour of the wolf.
Strahkov: Overrun + Superiority is crazy strong combined with an extra 4″ to charge. Yes please!
Butcher2: Combined with feat and boundless charge behemoth could drop 8 armor piercing attacks onto a collosal.
Sorcha1: She freezes everything, Behemoth kills it. Next.
Butcher3: Butcher can get Behemoth there quick with energizer. Anything that gets close enough to Behemoth to kill it will most likely die to Butcher next turn.
Koslov: Gives him a credible range threat and with unyielding Behemoth armor is really high.
Zerkova2: She freezes the target and Behemoth kills it. Next.
Old Witch: Combined with Apparition and Gallows pulling in targets close Behemoth will have an easy time getting to targets.
Butcher1: Butcher’s feat makes the guns and the melee attacks mad scary!
Irusk2: Energizer and cover will keep Behemoth safe and threatening potential targets!
Vlad3: Infernal Machine makes Behemoth infantry killing even better and Sidestep increases his threat range by 4″!
Vlad2: Assail is great on Behemoth and gives Vlad a credible ranged threat.
Vlad1: Probably the best caster with Behemoth synergies with. The feat makes insane threat ranges , signs and portents makes it super reliable, and boundless charge because why not!

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Closing Thoughts

Behemoth is the best, you can make a case for Imperatus or Deathjack but, I don’t think there is a better jack and he is worth every point.

~What do you think of Behemoth BoLS?  Please share in your comments below?

  • Richard Mitchell

    Behemoth, you are so sexy. I want you so so bad.

  • Mike X

    “Behemoth argueably is the best jack in the game currently.”

    Why was this its own line, bolded, AND highlighted in red? The word “arguably” adds a 50/50 opinion-based variable to the sentence, with neither side being right nor wrong. It’s not synonymous with “definitively” or even “probably”.

    For example, I can actually say, “The Tyranids are arguably the best army in Warhammer 40,000 and always have been” and not be wrong. I’m not right, either, since the word completely discredits any sense of facts or truths in favor of personal opinion. But in an advice or analysis column it has no place whatsoever.

    • petrow84

      Well, I was stopped a bit at the “morally demoralizing” part; it sounded the same like “destroys destructively” 🙂