SW Armada: The Next Admirals?



Today we take some guesses at what might be coming to Star Wars Armada.

Armada has a whole host of amazing and evocative Admirals in it. From Akbar to Vader and Tarkin the heroes and villains of the films, and some of the books and shows, are represented. However each new wave brings new Admirals to the game, with new abilities and builds to shake up the meta. Today I want to take a look at what I think are six of the most important Admirals that need to come to Star Wars Armada. Two quick notes here’s. First I’m not going to talk about Thrawn, since he will be in Rebels Season Three his coming to Armada is a question of when and not if. Second we are going to be talking about old EU stuff, so spoilers.

6. Lando Calrissian


Smooth as a Colt 45


The handsomest operator in the galaxy. If you don’t already know who Lando is this isn’t the article for you.


Someone must have told them about my little maneuver at the Battle of Taanab.


Now Lando is of course in the game already, as an officer upgrade card. However this is too little an honor done to the great Lando. Like Han and others Lando was made a general before the Battle of Endor. Unlike those others however Lando was promoted for actually leading a successful battle. Shortly after the destruction of the First Death Star Calrissian took command of the Taanab Defence Fleet and won the Battle of Taanab against a fleet of pirates. In recognition of this the alliance promoted him to General. In addition Lando also commanded the Rebel fighters during the battle of Endor. That such an experienced and handsome hero isn’t already a usable Admiral is a crime. Give him some luck or fighter based ability and the game is at least 45% better than it already is.


5. Warlord Zsinj


Commander of one of the better Star Wars mustaches 


Zsinj was an important Imperial Warlord in the years following the Emperor’s death. Eccentric and sometimes comical Zsinj’s ambition knew no bounds. He killed his own mother when she defied the Empire, and later formed his own mini-Empire in the chaos of the Galactic Civil War. He served as a foil for Rebel heroes such as Han Solo and Wedge Antilles. Eventually after faking his own death in order to stage a comeback he is killed by Solo. He serves as villain in both some of the best and worst Star Wars novels.


The TIE Raptor is his baby


Though he often shows up in more in the background of things, he was powerfully enough to command a large fleet, including super star destroyers. In addition he was not above allying with dark side users. He was known for his technical proficiency, even designing his own type of TIE Fighter, and for being a master of misdirection and illusion. His place as an important commander among the Imperial ranks means he could be an Armada Admiral, and his penchant for misdirection could lead to some cool abilities. He’s famous for commanding both a Super Star Destroyer and a Victory, the Iron Fiist in both cases, so pair him with some version of one of those and run with it.

4. Talon Karrde


Apparently only Sith nobles and respectable scoundrels wear capes in Star Wars


Though not as flashy as some Talon Karrde was a major player in the old EU. A successful smuggler and data broker, Karrde was in essence what Han Solo would have been had he never joined the Rebels. Over several years Karrde built up an impressive organization for himself, included several armed ships. During the Thrawn Crisis he eventually helps to form and lead an alliance of smugglers and other rogues. This organization while working on the edge of the law, does support first the New Republic and it’s successors. He is tightly tied to both the Skywalkers and the Solos.


His ship the Wild Kar…ohhh I get it! It’s a joke. 


Karrde is an important character in the EU and certainly commanded forces in combat, making him a good fit for an Admiral. In addition while he could easily be a Rebel commander, he would also make an excellent choice to head up a new Scum faction should FFG ever see fit to make them. His ship the Wild Karrde is a modified Action Vi transport and those could make a great new flotilla. He’d most likely have an ability based on using small ships some how and could be a great new commander.

3. Gilad Pellaeon


I give that mustache a solid 7/10


Admiral Pellaeon is a representation of all the good ideals the Empire could stand for. First introduced as Thrawn’s second in command during the Zahn trilogy, Pellaeon goes on to play a major role in the EU universe. Though looked down on by some for being the man who ordered the retreat at Endor after the Emperors death, Pellaeon is a man of principle and after Thrawn’s death he slowly rises to become leader of the Imperial Remnant. It’s Pellaeon who eventually makes peace with the New Republic and ends the Galactic Civil War. He remains a major players, both in politics and military areas. He leads the remnants of the Empire till the age of 92 when he is killed for refusing to bow to a Sith Lord.


A man of action when called for


Pellaeon is probably the greatest Imperial Admiral in all of Star Wars. He is also the first sympathetic Imperial character in Star Wars. While Thrawn’s reputation tends to eclipse his, Pellaeon has more long term success. He learned from Thrawn and was able to temper that tactical genius with a dose of practicality. Moreover he serves as a reminder that sometimes good people end up fighting for bad causes and sometimes they can reform their causes from the inside a bit. Pellaeon is one of the best and most prolific Imperial commanders in the EU and for that alone he should be brought to Armada. Since his trademark is kind of knowing when to cut your loses his ability should somehow reflect that.

2. Ahsoka Tano


The Jedi we deserve 


Since Ahsoka is a current character, not from the EU, I won’t give too much away about her. In brief she’s starts of in the Clone Wars as Anakin Skywalkers apprentice. After growing into her own she survives the Jedi Purge and later helps to found and command the early Rebellion.


She does help command this fleet


Ahsoka is hands down one of the best characters ever to show up in Star Wars. Her prominence in Rebels makes her a great choice to show up in Armada, which has slowly been stealing things from the show. In addition she would be the first real force user to show up on the Rebel side (Luke, Leia, Corren and the others are all portrayed before they really come into their powers.) Giving her an ability that reflected a use of Jedi Battle Meditation would tie in to the lore well and also make her an excellent Admiral. Overall I think she mostly speaks for herself.

1. Natasi Daala


The old lady of the Empire


Admiral Daala is one of the iconic antagonists of the Star Wars EU. Much like her contemporaneity, Gilad Pellaeon, she started off as a low ranker officer and climbed her way up. Unlike him, she was originally heavily discriminated against as a women and it was not until she became Grand Moff Tarkin’s mistress (eww) that she saw promotion. Eventually she proved herself as a commander and would rise to command, not just the Empire, but later the Galactic Alliance. Though she was often a sort of Imperial Team Rocket, showing up with a new super plan only to be defeated and vanish off into space. She also proved herself a ruthless and capable commander, complete with her own legendary version of Drakes Drum.


Looks like Daala is blasting off again


Daala is an iconic Imperial Commander and deserves to be in Armada. She one of the most written about and famous Imperials and her love of crazy plans and super weapons could make for a cool ability. Plus she’d help break up the Imperial Admiral Sausage Fest.


Something shes been happy to do before.

Alright folks, that’s all for now! Let us know which charterers you’d like to see become Admiral’s in Armada and what abilities you think they should have down in the comments!

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  • dinodoc

    I’d rather they save Talon Karrde for a Scum faction fleet.

  • Jake

    Pellaeon gets an ability to tell ahsoka to put more clothes on.
    also, my dad looks like a very very sleepy version of him

  • tylran

    Is Grand Admiral Thrawn in the game already or what the hell? I mean he should be #1 especially since he’s canon now.

    • ellobouk

      Quite literally the exact same thought I had. I don’t play Armada (…yet), but if he’s not already on a card, he damn well should be top of every list.

    • Stable Abe

      ” First I’m not going to talk about Thrawn, since he will be in Rebels Season Three his coming to Armada is a question of when and not if.”

  • elwin charpentier

    ( Thrawn would be a Tzeench followers in 40k, don’t you think ? Genial schemes and plots are his things).