Tabletop Spotlight: Traitor’s Hate

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The Tabletop Spotlight is on Traitor’s Hate – CSMs come take a look inside the new Supplement from Games Workshop!

A lot had already been said about the new Traitor’s Hate book even before our buddies from Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy showed up with it. So I was excited to actually get to flip through it for myself:

I want to say upfront I stopped caring about competitive play a long time ago. If you’re looking for that type of a breakdown of the Traitor’s Hate book Goatboy did an excellent job showing off the Good, the Bad and the Ugly earlier. Go read his article for the full run down but, that said, I can’t help but agree with most of what he laid out:

  • Access to basically the same Psychic Powers as the Space Marines from Angels of Death is really good – even if it does feel a little on the lazy side.
  • The Raptor Talon formation seems pretty useful as well as a few others (Battle Host, Maulerfiend Formation, Typhus & Co).
  • Some of the things in the book feel ‘Okay’ but a bit lackluster (Possessed Formation, Renegade Knights, Heldrake Formations).
  • This book lacks Relics, Warlord Traits & some general ‘fixes’ that would have been nice.

If you’re looking for the rebirth of the Chaos 3.5 Dex – this ain’t it. But if you’re looking for something that differentiates Chaos Space Marines from Space Marines I think this book does help highlight some uniqueness between the two. If you like those differences…well, that’s something else entirely.

khorne-possessedNobody wants to play with me…

What I actually really like and find the most interesting about this book is the fact that it’s relaunching the 13th Black Crusade! Holy Cow – how is that NOT exciting news for people?! For me, the original launch of the 13th Black Crusade is scarred into my brain. The online campaign, the epic stakes, the battle for the fate of mankind…Sure the ending kind of fell flat due to online shenanigans but the excitement of participating in it was real at the time.

Angel’s Blade is coming out this weekend. That means there are two new books coming out talking about the new Black Crusade. I definitely care more about the background lore of this event more so than any of the previous “warzone” books that have come before. That news has my attention and really the Traitor’s Hate book delivers a TON of background info about what the heck is going on and who is participating in the attack (at least on the Chaos Side).

Overall, I think this book is one that I’m going to want to pick-up more for the lore than to use in game. I am excited for some of the “new” things but my Chaos Army was built and constructed for a different era (literally – I think I might just relegate it to a 30k army only at this point). I may muster up the willpower to mess around with a few list ideas using this book at some point, but for now, I’m going to stick to the info on the Black Crusade. Maybe that will inspire me to field my Chaos Marines as a 40k army again!

Traitor’s Hate $50


A campaign supplement for Warhammer 40,000, containing a story from the beginning of the 13th Black Crusade – the invasion of the Diamor System; featuring new rules content for Chaos Space Marines.


At least Kharn looks freaking awesome!

  • Matthew

    It’s hard to be excited about the 13th black crusade relaunch for that very reason: It’s a relaunch. The 13th crusade was already done, wars already fought and tells already told. That GW wants to say it never happen will not change the fact that, yes, it did already happen.

    Even if you can put that behind you, there’s now the doubt that in 10 years, they may relauch the 13th black crusade again. Thus making everything we read-do now, pointless.

    Also, the ‘big bad’ this time around, chaos space marines, sucks. The units are under power and over costed. This, this was a chance to do it right. To give chaos a fresh start from a 4 year old codex that’s seen as a ‘bottom tier’ codex. To say they failed is an understatement.

    The expectations were high and they did, it can be argued, the bare minimum. Already, next week, we have a blood angel supplement coming out, and the safe money is on it being soo much better than Trator’s hate. Simply because the baseline-the codex-is better.

    Chaos players waited for four years, we were drip fed small things here and there, but it only left us more hungry. This, this was a excrement sandwich fed to us. It lacked even the decency to match what our loyalist brothers were given in terms of power and usability, and, while there are those who will gladly take a bite and say it’s not that bad, I will not.

    Expectations may have been high, but this was them not even trying.

    • ZeeLobby

      That’s their problem with a lot of stuff lately. They took the community saying “we want it how it used to be” and they’re literally giving us a regurgitation of what they used to have.

      • E65

        If you mean regurgitation of everything post 3.5, then yes. They must not look at their copies of ‘Lost and the Damned’ and ‘Slaves to Darkness’. Its the only thing I think of to explain the ongoing abysmal efforts.

        All they had to do was release books for the four gods instead of spending all there time wasting design and production costs on Dinobots, Mutilators and hell-turkeys.

        They could have had a base squad box and character for Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh along side current Khorne a long time ago.

    • Agent OfBolas

      even the images in this book seems like random internet search … allmost all of them are from previous books.

      This is the book we were waiting for?

      I can write such crap in 1 hour, including search in internet for graphics.

  • Malisteen

    Yeah, unless we get an actual new book to breathe some life into the corpse of our faction, rather than just dangling that corpse around on strings like this supplement does, I think the 13th and a halfth Black Crusade is going to be a pretty lackluster and uneventful experience overall. You can’t really motivate people to fight against a dire, existential threat that isn’t actually very threatening.

  • barry sadler

    It’s hard to see this being a long campaign when the logo for black crusade is an amalgam of chaos and blood angel iconography. Skull with a chaos star and skull with a blood drop.

    • E65

      One can only conclude this is not as big a deal as the internet thought it would be and this is not the 40k version of “End Times”

      • barry sadler

        Almost as if GW came up with some detachments for 2 armies and made some books as a vehicle to get the rules out, like kauyon, stormclaw, shield of Baal etc.

        • E65

          Pretty much. GW wrapping up loose ends.

  • Wayne Molina

    My issue with Traitor’s Hate is thus: In my opinion it just helps exacerbate the current style of play with Chaos, which I find to be not in the “spirit of the game”. Min CSM squads, handwaving marks and pretending they’re bionics/extra reflexes/extra strength/etc. to justify including them in “undivided” armies, taking allies and several detachments just filled with goodies, min-maxing units as a “tax” in order to get the juicy bits… it’s better than nothing and some of the formations are cool, just it’s fighting an uphill battle with an old, outdated and woefully inadequate codex.

  • E65

    One would would have thought GW would pull out all the stops for a book that is supposed to launch *Something big* for 40k. Instead we get a book where a few bits improve Chaos game play and the rest is bumpf marketing department (pleeaase buy multiples of the same model to improve revenue) formations.