40K: Space Wolves No More


The Wrath of Magnus is coming for the Space Wolves and it’s not looking good for the Sons of Russ…

We all know that Fenris is going to have some bad times. They were already hurting (if you were following the previous lore) – you might remember where the story left off:


——————-Spoilers Below—————




Still here? Okay – here we go!



At the end of the first part of War Zone Feris the Space Wolves are definitely on their back leg. Chaos Demons have invaded the system and the Wolves are fighting on all fronts. The Dark Angels have arrived with the Inquisition and Azrael has ordered the firebombing of their planet Midgardia.

The Wulfen have also arrived to help their brothers, however due to their mutation the Inquisition was not super excited about the reinforcements. Rumors of traitors run wild, accusations of treachery from both sides are lobbed, and it’s just getting started as the true bad guys finally show up.


Now, that’s just a quick recap – if you want to read the entire series (up to this point) you can check out the Legacy of Russ Series from Black Library for even more background info. So that’s where we stand now – the Fenris system is on fire, Chaos incursions are all over the place and the Space Wolves’ Allies have a “nuke it from orbit” policy. It certainly seems like Magnus’ Wrath has already hit the wolves but mayne he’s just getting started…

Here’s the list of characters provided by Games Workshop:


If this really was the end of the Space Wolves there should be one more name on that list: Leman Russ. Don’t forget his promise to the Space Wolves: “In the end I will return. For the final battle. For the Wolf Time.”

So I have a feeling that the Space Wolves won’t get completely destroyed in the Wrath of Magnus, but this is definitely a revenge plan 10,000 years in the making. After the Burning of Prospero the Thousand Sons lost their homeworld. Is that Magnus’ end game – to take the Fenris system away from the Space Wolves? Does he want to cull them down to 1000 Space Wolves (remember their 12 Great Companies have varying strengths and sizes.) Does Magnus just want to wipe them out entirely? Does he want them to be declared Heretics and have the Imperium execute the Exterminatus? Whatever his plan is he’s causing the death of millions, perhaps billions of Imperial souls to get it done.



So what do you think? What’s Magnus’ grand plan? And what do you think is going to happen to the Sons of Russ? Is this the End Times for the Space Wolves or is just a really bad day in the Fenris System?

via Games Workshop (Warhammer 40000 Facebook)


My vote: Magnus just wants to watch the world(s) burn…for now.

  • “Now, that’s just a quick recap – if you want to read the entire series (up to this point) you can check out the Legacy of Russ Series
    from Black Library for even more background info. So that’s where we stand now – the Fenris system is on fire, Chaos incursions are all over the place and the Space Wolves’ Allies have a “nuke it from orbit” policy. It certainly seems like Magnus’ Wrath has already hit the wolvesbut mayne he’s just getting started”

    So the author points out the Legacy of Russ serialized novel, but completely ignores that, hey, said novel also made it clear that the other loyalist factions have now allied for good with the Wolves, figured out that the Changeling deceived the Dark Angels and the Inquisition is turning a blind eye to the Wulfen for the duration of the crisis, at the very least.

    The Wolves are far from spent. Robbie MacNiven even elaborated on the losses the Wolves have taken so far, as a whole, and while they certainly suffered badly, its nowhere close to what other Chapters had to endure, like the Blood Angels, Crimson Fists or Scythes of the Emperor. They’re doing fine.

    • Michael R.

      thank you thank you thank you!!!

    • Alpharius

      Saved me a lot of typing, thanks!

      Then again, there was this post on Warhammer 40K facebook page where some guy made the oft repeated adage of “there are no wolves on Fenris” and the page responded with “there soon won’t be”. Oh snap shots fired! 😀

      So Wolves will survive but they may lose Fenris and their sole source of recouping recruits (which was meager to begin with). So it will be the last generation of the rout, kicking butt with more fury than ever. Last of the Space Vikings has a nice ring to it.

      • BigGrim

        They won’t lose Fenris. Hell, they won’t lose the Rout. The most popular Space Marine Chapter, which sells stupid amounts of plastic will not be damaged that way.

        • Alpharius

          The Rout is already gone technically, the Wolves of today are different in many ways than Russ’s legion. They’ve already been damaged in their reputation and general system of Fenris holdings, and I’m sure Magnus will cause more trouble. They’ve already been “hurt” once when their geneseed purification project was ended forever, making them a Last of the Mohicans (sp) type Chapter would only add to their appeal.

          • Aezeal

            Fenris should die and they should be a roaming chapter.

            Couldn’t they get recruits from other sources

          • They can’t, that’s the whole point. That’s why there are no successors.

          • Aezeal

            Move some viking clans to another world?

          • Alpharius

            Right, that’s where the pride and stubbornness and rigorous adherence to tradition and superstition comes in.

          • Leif Leegard

            That’s not true. They are just dead set on their traditions, as such never wanted to break apart like the rest of the chapters. Kind like how they insist they are not librarian psycher’s, but shamans.

          • Wolf Brothers say hello.

          • Alpharius

            No, for whatever reason the canix helix now only works on people who are from Fenris, any other attempts (like the Wolf Brothers) result in mass-mutation all around. Hence the project of the Wolf Priest in Battle for the Fang to remove that weakness and create a whole bunch of successor chapters of Wolves to basically lock down the Eye of Terror (if it’s that easy, why don’t they just send another chapter without the flaw, but I guess that’s just more Wolf exceptionalism *eyeroll*).

          • BartTP

            Ok, so it needs to be people from Fenris. Why not relocate them to other cold (or not) planet?

          • Alpharius

            Pride, probably.

          • Jim Collins

            I was once corrected on this very forum on this.
            Black Library apparently didn’t agree and there are terran space wolves, which kills the whole fenris deal.
            It’s a usual continuity mistake.

          • Alpharius

            The geneseed originally was relatively stable. As the geneseed was implanted into Fenrisians, who were basically all slightly mutated, it impacted the progenoid geneseed that was passed on to new recruits. The Space Wolves were also never very punctual about submitting samples for testing and storage.

            So now 11000 years later, the geneseed has adapted to Fenrisian genetic makeup and doesn’t work on anyone else (and even many Fenrisian recruits fail and devolve into monsters). The Space Wolf geneseed at this point is the least stable and reliable, with no clean supply back on Mars, hence the big project to clean it up that was destroyed by Magnus.

            The only one capable of producing non-Fenrisian Space Wolves are the Alpha Legion, if they still have the data from the Primarch/Astartes project they stole from Corax.

          • Leif Leegard

            Hell yes. Same way the Dark Angels have been doing it since the HH. All they have left of their home planet is a floating space castle for the last 10k years.

    • adamharry

      Yes, thanks for pointing that out – I was not mentioning all that because of spoilers and that also wasn’t the intention for the article.

      My intention is to set the stage for a discussion on what happens next, not to give a full book report on the Legacy of Russ series. I’m fully aware there is more to the story than what my recap
      included…Plus the story is far
      from over.

      So I’m asking YOU – The Wolves are on their back heel and the Thousand Sons are poised to cause even more damage. What do you think happens next?

      • Bulvi Nightbane

        Lots of battles, space marines die, lots of guard die, chaos marines die, lots of daemons and cultists die. Magnus and the TSs land on Fenris just like they tried before, and lay siege to the Fang. Titanic battle, Magnus kills one of the Wolf Lords without a model or rules, Ragnar or Krom or Bjorn or Stern kills some Sorcerer od the TSs created just for this book. Grimnar duels Magnus to distract him while the Grey Knights and Rune Priests pull some fancy warp magic, and the TSs withdraw to the Eye of Terror to join the 13th Black Crusade and Fenris recovers just fine. Basically Battle of the Fang 2. Magnus may have more men and daemons this time, but now he faces al of the Wolves, all of the Dark Angels, lots of Grey Knights, and an entire crusade fleet. Much bigger battle than before but the same result.

        • MightyOrang

          Don’t forget that Bjorn will be really grumpy until he’s had his coffee.

      • Alvin Adorno

        magnus wakes his brother the lion to try and turn him showing him what happened to the empire of man.

    • Admiral Raptor

      So they’ve removed all of the interesting bits. Great.

    • cudgel

      QQ Scythes.

  • Nyyppä

    Wolves are loyalists. It’s not like they will suffer from this in any significant way.

    • ZeeLobby

      They’ll probably get better!

      • Nyyppä

        Likely so.

  • Lord Elpus

    When Magnus lands on Fenris I can just hear “Fear my nipple armour!”

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      winter is comming, brace your nipples

      • Lord Elpus

        It’s a bit nipple out..

    • Carlos Allende

      Hey Magnus, I guess it is a little cold out there

  • Hunlow

    Hey don’t they know there aren’t any Wolves on Fenris!?!

  • Tzompantli

    How was the Legacy of Russ series? Is it worth reading?

    • Yes. Good reception overall.

    • crcovar

      I enjoyed it. Read it as a serial when it was coming out though, so I don’t know how it reads all at once. A good balance of bolter porn and character intrigue.

  • BigGrim

    The White Dwarf points out that Fenris is not actually Magnus’ true goal!

    • Lord Elpus

      Is it the 7/11 on Midgardia then??

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Curse those delicious smoothies

  • The Rout

    Here’s how I see the “tragedy” playing out. Magnus breaks into the fang, the wolves become very angry. Said wolves become wulfen. Wulfen do what wulfen do. It’s tragic because wolves are lost. It’s not tragic because wulfen are amazing in both fluff and game terms. I actually like the models but not many people agree…

  • Sonic tooth

    as much as i would love to see Magnus get his revenge and the cheesebag wolves get their asses completely kicked….. we all know that this wont happen

    • Lord Elpus

      that’s because the Wolves have something the Thousands sons don’t!!! PLOT ARMOUR!!! mawhaaawhaaaww!!!

      • Sonic tooth

        Sad but true

  • generalchaos34

    My predictions are that Lion’el Johnson will return, possibly Russ as well. They wouldnt have brought The Rock along for no good reason, its there for a purpose. Fenris is going to get rocked, thats for sure, but I think the Imperium will at least score a Pyrrhic victory

  • Carlos Allende

    Book 3: Russ comes back, Lion comes back, Mangus gets his ass kicked again……..or Russ comes back, Lion comes back, Mangus learns the truth on who ordered the burning of Prospero….then gets his ass kicked

  • batthemadbat

    Did I hear anybody say “wolftime”?

  • benn grimm

    Just like the simpsons (and 40k in general) everything will go back to how it was at the start of the episode. Does anyone really think they’d do serious damage to one of their most popular lines?

    • zeno666

      They never do

    • Korvalus

      *ATJUM* End Times *ATJUM ATJUAM*

      • benn grimm

        40k is the end times already. No where left to run with that one, so we get Eye of Terror 2 (watch Failaddon fail again) and Battle of the Fang 2 (now with added Wulfen). Nothing earth shattering, nothing new or original.

        Luckily FW (and a couple of the BL writers) do know how to tell interesting stories within the setting, otherwise 40k would be as dead as the Warhammer world already.

    • Bulvi Nightbane

      There will be a change, but it will be insignificant in the end. One of the least important Wolf Lords will get killed to show how powerful Magnus is, and one of the TSs sorcerers created just for this story will get killed by another Wolf Lord or the Wulfen.

      • benn grimm

        Sounds about right.

  • All this is is setting up the “good guys” to come back and win the day. This is a fairly traditional and oft copied formula. Right now we’re in the “Empire Strikes Back” part of the trilogy.

    Return of the Leman Russ / Lion will have Magnus get goldberged and his legion stomped on.

    Magnus will have some pretty sweet rules i’m sure but you never want to be the first of anything in GW-land… because that just means soon after you’re going to suck for a long time while the other stuff gets even more powerful rules to one-up you and then sit like that for years.

    • Aezeal

      Ow looking bad for chaos again… because you certainly have a point.

    • Drew

      While I don’t disagree with you, especially about the power creep, I think it’s kind of absurd that Chaos players expect anything different narratively (and are always complaining about it).

      The forces of Chaos are clearly the antagonists in the setting (yes, the Imperium does all kinds of evil deeds, but they’re still not soul-devouring warp personifications of horrible things that consume and corrupt all they touch), and narratively, they’re going to do what antagonists do: challenge the protagonist and eventually be overcome. To think otherwise would be like the actor who plays the Emperor getting upset that the story is “stacked against him” in Return of the Jedi.

      Now, once you accept that this is how stories work, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. It can be really freeing to accept that you’re playing the VILLAIN, because then you can have a blast getting your mustache twirl on and having fun attempting to execute your ULTIMATE EVIL PLAN before the protagonist takes you down.

  • Dan Wilson

    The Math of Bagpuss…

  • One should think that it’s not too hard to kill a few thousand guys in big metal armour using some space ships nuking the planet. Right?

  • Latro_the_Zombie

    No, it’ll be another huge battle boom kapow, then 8th comes out new SW codex nothing ever happend

  • elwin charpentier

    Delenda Fenris est !

  • generic eric

    Ain’t no time like Wolf time!!! Howl at’cha!

  • SilentPony

    Oh yeah, I’m sure they’re gonna kill off all the fancy new models they just released. Yup.

  • Shatterclaw

    Just a hunch, but .

    Some thing will happen.. And the Wolves will either rally and find a way to steal victory from defeat..

    Or many allies The Wolves have might show… So it might be that The Navagators house, The Imperial guards.. The Eldar.. Some times.. kind off.. Come to there aid.. how bad would it be for some one like the Dark Eldar to show up.. and end up turning the tide of the battle?

    Or Even The Emperor Or Russ…

    Fenris might have less or more land mass after it’s said and done..

  • evilazzaMachine

    Even if they do lose fenris and their only source of recruits, they’ll still be playable with maybe altered rules. Eldar gave been dying for 10,000 years lol

  • Horacio Rivas

    End times for 40K? same wolf still gets its bone taken by Archaon (magnus) 🙁 RIP Ulrik and you fabulous death metal Viking marines from the 80s.

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    Well, I figure Eldrad will wave his arms a lot, but the thing he was trying to do won’t actually happen, and the status quo will return like it always does.

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      Oh wait, sorry, that was Death Masque. Magus will be doing the arm waving in this one.

  • TheWanderingJewels

    And the Various sons of Russ reform the Legion….

    • Deathwing

      Oh go punch a space ship

  • Carey_Mahoney

    No Canis Wolfblood and Lukas the Trickster on the list?

    • Max_Dammit

      Yeah Last page, Lucas walks up insults his mother, Magnes hits him and there locked in stasis for all eternity as a nice trophy for the wolves.

      That would be pure cheese

    • Bulvi Nightbane


      Canis got seriously wounded in the Legacy of Russ series while fighting a Blood Thirster.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    And anyway: Why should Magnus need a plan? He’s Chaos – his mission is destruction.

    • Alvin Adorno

      no magnus is the smart one he would always have a plan.

      • Carey_Mahoney

        Maybe I should have said “scheme “.

  • BartTP

    Why can’t Wolves just take over other frozen planet and start anew?

    • mike

      It’s not just Leman Russ’s geneseed that makes the space wolves wolvish. The human population was genetically altered so they can survive the frozen world. It’s this genetic alteration that mixes with the process of making space marines that makes them unique. Take the altered human genetics out of it and they would shift a lot more towards being vanilla marines.

      • SYSTem050

        If you excuse the pun it’s a bit Woolly/fuzzy regarding the mutation of the wolves. Some source have the whole canis helix being part of the sw gene seed others have it as part of the fenrisian natives (which inturn implies that the fenrisian wolves are mutated/devolved original colonists)

        Personally I prefer the latter as it explain the difference between the Horus heresy SW which were more space Vikings (majority of recruits were Scandinavian terrains) and the 40k furries (who all cone from Fenris and thus have their DNA spliced with wolf DNA).

        But it’s your dudes and your game so just go with what you like

        • mike

          Yeah i always thought it was the genetic modification affecting the geneseed to make the space wolves, but the last 10k years the geneseed has mutated so it can’t be used on anyone else/it’s more unstable now.

          I need to reread heresy books that have Terran space wolves. I like the idea they’re just like, screw you all; this is how we did it even before we were marines. Haha

  • Frey Jepson

    Of course the wolves will not be wiped out. Doom will be rested upon them and their allies probably inflicting tragic casualties on peoples favorite characters and then at the climax of the war Grimgor Ironhide.. i mean Leman Russ will come behind Archeon.. i mean Magnus and kick him in the nuts ending the war. Alternatively this could be the beginning of the end for the milky way and not soon after the age of kiddy 40k. R.I.P. Warhammer Fantasy Battles

  • Will Frank

    My prediction is that the Fang will fall, Fenris will burn, and the Space Wolves will be scattered to the stars. At which point, Russ will return to his Sons, bring them back together and bind them to him, before setting off for a final show down between Russ and Magnus

  • mike

    The Lion and Russ will wake up.
    Magnus will learn that Leman Russ was sent to Prospero on orders from horus.
    They’ll have a bro moment after a few punches.
    The Lion and Russ will fight because it’s tradition.
    Everyone will have another bro moment appreciating Magnus’s new horny nipple armour.
    Magnus will take over the golden throne like the emperor intended, the emperor can finally die and be reborn without worrying about the millions of daemons flooding into the throne room in the .2 seconds it takes for him to regain his faculties.
    He’s confused, slightly ashamed but trying to be supportive of his sons life style choices and selection of Mardi Gras style wings and clothing.

    • Alpharius

      They know about the deception from Horus, neither of them cares. Russ figured Magnus was up to no good anyway and would have eventually required putting down, Magnus is bitter and a friggin’ demon prince with multiple personality disorder. Bro moment? We’re far more likely to see Necron/Blood Angel hybrid babies.

  • The_Illusionist

    As it is sometimes said within the darkest depths of the internet: “get rekt wolves lol”.

    ….I know it probably won’t happen, or if it does, it won’t last. After all, the Celestial Lions got rebuilt from 50 marines…. Hell, the Imperial Fists got rebuilt from ONE Marine and handouts from his friends…. so the Wolves aren’t going anywhere….

    ….But…. One can dream, and tell themselves sweet, beautiful lies…..

  • Alvin Adorno

    whats funny is that i havent seen any one mention the fact that the lion is sleeping in space over the wolves home world.

  • MightyOrang

    I think the Space Wolves sell a LOT of models for GW. I think somehow those plucky boys in powder blue will pull through.

  • MechBattler

    At the last second, Russ bursts forth from a fiery warp rift riding a hammerhead whale that swallows Magus whole!

    • David Leimbach

      +1 on new hammerhead whale flyer. That sounds awesome.

  • Eradicate them before a new codex comes out with Wolfen or Dreadnoughts on Thuderwolfs pls…

  • Frank Lévesque-Nicol

    I’m so tired of Loyalists winning all the time. It removes dramatic tension so see them prevail when anything is *really* at stake. I want Magnus to win for *at least* diversity’s sake. I’m also hoping that he wins, and that we learn that his true motives were not only vengeance, but something beyond that nobody expected.