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40K: Wrath of Magnus Announced

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Nov 18 2016


War Zone: Fenris Part II has a new teaser – The Wrath of Magnus is heading your way!

Holy Smokes! Games Workshop has a brand new teaser for the Wrath of Magnus and it’s looking pretty grim for the Space Wolves!

via Warhammer TV

Things are looking pretty dire for the heroes of Fenris…

For story so far, check out War Zone: Fenris Part 1 – Curse of the Wulfen , which covers the war’s opening gambits.

Then, in Robbie MacNiven’s 8-part short story compilation War Zone: Fenris – Legacy of Russ the war escalates even further, bringing us right up to the start of Wrath of Magnus.

There are lots of goodies hiding in the teaser – it looks like The Thousand Sons are getting some brand new toys…



Ahriman is back and he’s on a disc…


That’s him – you can tell because of the helmet!


It also sounds like Ahriman and Magnus have patched things up over the last 10,000 years as he addresses them as “all my sons.”



Uh oh…are those Rubric Terminators?


Whoa! That’s a standard Rubric Marine packing some heat!


And they are getting some Tzaangor reinforcements, too!


Yeah, it’s not looking good for the Sons of Russ…


It seems like in just over a week we’ll be seeing the Wrath of Magnus – I’m guessing that’s when the pre-orders will go up. We already know there is a new Magnus model on the way and it looks like we’re going to be seeing at least 3 other new units – Plastic Rubric Marines, Terminators and some new Tzaangors!


Ahriman is on a Disc as well – maybe there is a new model for him on the way also? Games Workshop did show quite a few sorcerers flying around on discs also – maybe another combo kit? I guess we’ll find out soon enough when the Wrath of Magnus pours out on Fenris!


Vengeance for Prospero comes for the Space Wolves…

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