BIG New Privateer Models Thumping Your Way


The Hammerfall Siege Crawler and more are heading your way this week. Take a look at Privateer’s latest!

Hammerfall Siege Crawler – $84.99


Firing its thunderous siegebreaker cannons to crack open fortress walls and pulverize enemy armor, the Siege Crawler is a mobile artillery battery worthy of the reputation of Hammerfall’s renowned mercenaries.

Megalith – $59.99


This stone goliath sometimes wanders where it believes itself most needed, allowing nearby woldwardens to advance together as a crushing wall while shrugging off enemy attacks.

Major Harrison Gibbs$14.99


A natural survivor and ruthless pragmatist, the man known as Gibbs is as capable on the battlefield as any professional soldier. As a cook in a Cygnaran trencher company, Gibbs was stranded behind enemy lines and was forced to adapt to survive. Wearing the uniform of a dead officer, he introduced himself not as a cook but as Trencher Major Harrison Gibbs and has become a vital member of the Llaelese Resistance.

Blighted Nyss Warlord – $14.99


The warlords of Everblight’s Legion enter combat armed with the double-bladed claymore—a weapon requiring remarkable dexterity and coordination to wield. With it, a blighted Nyss warlord scythes through enemy ranks, severing heads and limbs alike with blinding strikes.

These models should be hitting the shelves any day now with an official manufacturer release date of November 9th.

~I LOVE the Siege Crawler! +1000 Internets to the first modeller who makes a windup walking version of it.

  • ANevskyUSA

    The Hammerfall Siege Crawler is cute. I want to give it a treat for being a good boy.

    • euansmith

      I imagine it sounds like Thomas the Tankengine, “Poop, poop”

      • petrow84

        Thomas ends his friends.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The Hammerfall Siege Crawler is amazing!!!!!!!

    • petrow84

      Agreed. Mercs definitely deserved some cool battle engines. Now, give Minions some Gargantuans, PP.

  • DeadlyYellow

    Oh man that Megalith looks sweet. Love the look of the Circle’s golems.

    Though the price is a bit of a detractor.

    • Jabberwokk

      My theory is it’s because your only going to need 1.

  • NovaeVox

    Kawai! Kettle Slug!!! :3

    • euansmith

      Kettle Gear Solid? 😉

      • NovaeVox

        Good one.