Five Ships FFG Needs in SW Armada


Always in motion is the future, so what does it hold for our beloved game and what ships should come to Star Wars: Armada?

In general I’ve stayed away from trying to predict what ships will be added by FFG to either Armada or X-Wing. But hey, what if’s are fun, so today I want to take a quick look at a handful of ships that I think totally need to be added to the games. Journey with me in the deepest depths of Star Wars lore and beyond! Just remember there may have been a good reason Disney made the Expanded Universe non-canon…


5.The Sun Crusher


It looks kind of like a flying saucer and a pyramid mated, ah ha! Illuminati confirmed! 

Ah, the Sun Crusher, is there any ship more beautiful, more powerful, more well loved in all Star Wars lore? Small as a fighter, yet with the power to destroy whole star systems and armored enough to shrug off a Death Star’s super laser, this ship has made it’s mark among the fandom. This ship is the perfect addition to  both X-Wing and Armada, a perfectly balanced and not at all OP, ship to help rip though the current meta, like the hull of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Adding it to the game would make it a must have for any serious player and an instant best seller for FFG. As for me, well with a Sun Crusher in my list, how can I lose (barring random black holes), it’s the perfect strategy.

4. The Hapan Battle Dragon


Are there a lot of Dragons that don’t engage in battle out there? Some Peace Dragons or something? 


Dragons are very in vogue lately so what better addition to Armada than the Hapan Battle Dragon. Built by a power, yet secretive race that showed up out of nowhere, almost like a writer invented them when needed, the Hapan Battle Dragons are fearsome ships, carrying loads of heavy guns and fighters and able to go a whole year without refueling. Though this last is presented as a plus, a part of me does have to wonder, since it was pretty much the first time I’d ever heard Star Wars ships worrying about fuel. Is going a year between fueling actually a good thing?  But I digress. Hapan Ships would be a cool addition to our Star Wars games, adding much needed roundness and the fact that they are full of impossibly beautiful people can bring a simile to your face as well! For a fun special rule instead of paying points for them you can just discard a Princess Leia card.

3. The Darksaber



In any setting but Star Wars this would actually look like a practical ship. 

Forget the Executor or the Viscount the true giant ship that Armada needs is the Darksaber. This amazing ship is what happens when you take all the star out of the Death Star. It’s basically one giant super laser with some engines, which sounds amazing. The fact that it looks almost exactly like a colossal lightsaber is just a random coincidence, you really should’t read anything into it. Of course it does have some draw backs, namely that it never really worked and has a serious weakness for asteroids. But who cares! Just imagine that model on the table top, taking up a good quarter of it. Sure it’s size would mean it would hit an obstetrical the first time it moved, and yes it’s special rules would mean it would be destroyed by this, but hey! You’d be accurately recreating Star Wars, and that’s what we really want, right?

2. Every Yuuzhan Vong Ship


Totally not tyranids

People are always clamoring for new factions to shake up Armada and X-Wing and what better than the wildly popular Yuuzhan Vong?  Introduced later in the setting the Yuuzhan Vong are a race of extra-galactic being that have traversed the vast reaches between galaxies in their living bio-ships in a quest for conquest. As they arrived in the setting they unleashed a hoard of biologically mutated warriors to invaded worlds so they could be striped of resources and terraformed. Though there success was great, eventually a long lasting war of attrition lead to their defeat at the Battle for Macragge. Anyway. the point here is that these guys are awesome and well loved by all, they would make a great new faction and possibly draw in confused players of other games. Lets add them to the game!

1. The USS Enterprise


To boldly pick the low hanging fruits

Because how else are we going to settle the Star Wars vs Star Trek debate?


That’s all for this poor attempt at humor, BoLS fans. Did you find an even crazier ship we missed?

  • BClement

    “Because how else are we going to settle the Star Wars vs Star Trek debate?”


    • Richard Mitchell

      Speaking truth to power man.

  • JL

    5.The Sun Crusher

    Nope. Even as a joke. Nope I’m out.

    • Shatterclaw

      yeah, suncrusher or any of the planet killing super weapon are a noope.

      the one good thing of the Edu going away.. is the over abundance of super weapons

      • SwervinNinja

        …Starkiller base?

      • zeno666

        And noYuuzhan Vong, thank god. Never liked those guys. Never thought they where very Star Wars’ish.

  • Derek Lee

    I know this was joking, more or less, but I’d like to see the Dreadnought heavy cruiser, Corellian ships, and anything or everything Mandalorian.

    • Completely agree on the Dreadnought.
      It’t a rugged workhorse of a ship. Simple, yet effective. I love it.

  • mafiacheese

    Really, anything from the list of Starships here would be great:

  • KellyJ

    Well, since we are fanboying…Battle Stars. Original and the remake. Vipers and support craft. Old and New Basestars. Raiders. Then you can add the small craft to X-Wing.

  • MKG35

    I love Star Wars but the whole super weapon thing has to stop the Sun crusher is just plain silly.

  • Evil Otto

    “5.The Sun Crusher”

    Oh, thank God you’re being sarcastic. I was about to delete my BoLS link, burn my laptop and the house it’s in, and retire to a Monastery in the Swiss Alps.