Star Wars Armada: New Objectives Sighted


The Corellian Conflict campaign expansion is sporting 12 new objectives to shake up the game. Take a look Admirals:


FFG has pulled back the covers and has a lot to say about using the new objectives in games.  Here’s the new card themselves:


Defense Objectives

These objectives will alter the play area to give one admiral an advantage.

swm25-fighter-ambush swm25-planetary-ion-cannonswm25-jamming-barrier


Assault Objectives

These cards reward damaging or destroying designated enemy ships.

swm25-blockade-run swm25-station-assault swm25-targeting-beacons swm25-close-range-intel-scan

Navigation Objectives

These objectives benefit admirals can maneuver quickly and with precision.

swm25-sensor-net swm25-solar-corona swm25-salvage-run-1

~The Corellian Conflict is due out soon. Which one of these strike your fancy?

  • markdawg

    Sick I can’t wait for this!