Unboxing: Thousand Sons Rubric Marines


Curious about the new Rubric Marines? Join us as we take a good look at the Sprues in the box!

After many years the Thousand Sons are finally getting some amazing new plastic kits. We got our hands on the Rubric Marines and they are another fantastic kit from Games Workshop:

These models are a sight to behold. The amount of detail on the helmets alone is bonkers. Games Workshop stepped-up their game with the new Space Marine kits they have been producing and these new Thousand Sons got the benefit. Their right arms have that new type of wrist-joint so lining up the weapon with the left hand is a breeze. The rest of their armor is really crisp and has tons of details. Even their boots have a little something special on the bottom!


I loved that their armor is based off the Mk. IV armor as well. This is a Legion that (as you probably know) the majority of have been bound to their armor from the Horus Heresy. Nothing is left of their physical bodies – just dust. So the fact that these new plastics no longer have the newer Armor Marks fits perfectly. Same goes for their Terminators – It’s a nice touch and it makes sense.


I’d also like to call out the amount of stuff you get in the box. Games Workshop has packed this kit full of all the weapon options you could field with the 10 Rubric Marines in the box: 10 Bolters, 10 Flamers, 1 Soulreaper Cannon and all the bits to create an Aspiring Sorcerer with all the fixings.


Overall, Thousand Sons players should be quite pleased with this product. Hey, if you wanted to add a squad to your Chaos Marines this is a great pick-up now, too! On a side note you can take a unit of up to 20 and you could put Flamers on all of them. That would be a scary unit to charge if they didn’t have Slow and Purposeful – good thing they have a relic for that…

Rubric Marines $50


Stepping out from the fog of war come the Rubricae. Many of these undying warriors were psykers in their own right, before an ancient curse damned them to an eternity as living husks – their baroque power armour now contains nothing but sparkling dust. In battle, a malevolent witch-light crackles around the eyes of these traitor Space Marines as they open fire on those they would have once called brothers. Their infernal weaponry spits plumes of warpfire into the ranks of the foe, flesh and molten armour exploding in all directions as salvo after salvo hits home.


The Thousand Sons march on with a great new kit hitting shelves this weekend!

  • Christie Bryden

    might need to hunt down some lascanons and misle launchers to make thousand sons havoks

    • Emdee

      Hopefully, such a thing will exist….fingers crossed.

    • DaveTycho

      Just get the legion heavy weapon sets

  • Zack Seiders

    tome of decay, a csm pack for kitbashing… or the thousand sons pack for the lulz/ painting a smaller but more detailed model? That and since plans of painting an iron snakes dreadnought went down the drain this december I need to practice in painting a specific color scheme.

  • Emperor’s Champion

    I’m slightly annoyed about the lazy transfer sheet.

    • Dan Wilson

      This. Transfer sheet was lazy, was looking forward to seeing what new amazing transfers they’d throw out. Fortunately I have the Forgeworld transfer sheet.

      • Emperor’s Champion

        I was hoping for a more tzeentch oriented sheet. tbh that sheet is a bit out dated in general now.

    • Andrew

      Yeah that newer transfer sheet is kinda meh.

      • Emperor’s Champion

        newer one?

        • Andrew

          The CSM transfer sheet that came out I think around the Crimson Slaughter book. Or maybe it was when the 6th CSM dex dropped. Not a fan of that one as opposed to the old one from 2nd edition that was around forever or those really old transfer sheets for each god. The designs on it are much better, as opposed to those kind of cartoony ones on the newest sheet.

  • Alpharius

    I would have liked if they got the ability to form combat squads, but I guess I get the whole “sorcerer leading automata” thing. Taking 10 and splitting them into 4 bolters+reaper and 4 flamers + sorcerer would have been a nice touch. Remote control Rubricae? They use them as guards, so they aren’t totally useless without supervision.

  • Malisteen

    Very pretty unit. I wish there was a reason to get a unit for my Black Legion army, but without the Thousand-Sons specific subfaction, formation, and decurion rules, the base rules for this unit aren’t really workable for their points cost.