Total War: Warhammer – Wood Elves Arrive

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Total War: Warhammer latest DLC is out – and the Wood Elves have are here!

We talked about this when it was first announced but now the day has come – The Wood Elves ride to war!

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Greetings! The latest Campaign Pack, Realm of the Wood Elves, is now available! You can purchase it here:

Total War: Warhammer – Realm of the Wood Elves

welf_key_art_bannerHere’s the full feature list:

  • New Wood Elves Race in the Grand Campaign
  • New additional Race-specific currency: Amber
  • Wonder-based Campaign victory condition
  • Wood Elves may conquer any region on the map
  • Two New Playable Legendary Lords: Orion and Durthu
  • Two new Lord types with deep-specialisation skill trees
  • Three new Hero types with deep-specialisation skill trees
  • Comprehensive Wood Elves army roster
  • Adds an additional campaign map to the game with the unique ‘Season of Revelations’ Wood Elves story Campaign
  • New Unique Monsters, Heroes, Magic and Game Features

In addition, the new maps, Grey and Jade Wizards are HERE! Check them out in the below video:

The Wizard features features, you ask? WELL. Allow me to help:

Grey Wizard
Disciples of the College of The Grey Order, Grey Wizards study Ulgu, The Lore of Shadows. It is an illusive Lore that twists the minds of its targets.


  • Smoke & Mirrors (Augment): Map wide speed boost for friendly troops
  • Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma (Direct Damage): Strong vs multiple combatants, slows movement speed
  • The Enfeebling Foe (Hex): Reduces target’s melee attack and melee defence
  • The Withering: (Hex): Reduces target’s armour and leadership
  • The Penumbral Pendulum (Direct damage – wind): Magical damage, large area of effect, strong vs multiple units
  • Pit of Shades (Vortex): Magical damage, large explosion area, strong vs multiple units, disrupts units
  • Okkam’s Mindrazor (Augment): Imbues bonus magical damage and bonus armour-piercing damage

Jade Wizard

Practitioners of The Jade Order study Ghyran, the Lore of Life. Powerful healers, they travel the Empire offering their services to civilians and armies alike.


  • Lifebloom (Augment): Replenishes hit points of friendly combatants map-wide whenever a Life spell is cast
  • Awakening of The Wood (Explosion): Magical damage, large explosion area, reduces target’s speed
  • Flesh To Stone (Augment): Improves armour of friendly targets
  • Shield of Thorns (Augment): Area-effect, improves missile parry and weapon damage of friendly combatants
  • Regrowth (Augment): Replenishes hit-points of friendly target combatants & Physical Resistance
  • Earth Blood (Augment): Area effect, replenishes hit-points of friendly combatants
  • The Dwellers Below (Direct Damage): Large explosion area, strong vs multiple combatants, reduces target speed, severe damage, chance to resist


The Wood Elf DLC will run you $18.99 but the two new Wizards are free. If you’re looking at add some more fire power to your army or if you want to command the forces of Athel Loren then go pick them up now.


I once heard a story about a grey wizard and a treeman…pretty sure there was a ring involved…

  • Moonsaves

    The Beastmen also got a new Legendary Lord in Morghur the Shadowgave, letting you spam Chaos Spawn galore.