40K: Return of the Dead – Primarch Edition

The Primarchs Cover Art

Why should the “living” Primarchs have all the fun? Let’s bring back the Dead Primarchs!

In the Grim-Dark universe, there is lots of death and destruction to be had on all sides. There are big, over-the-top heroes and villains – almost “Comic Book” like in some ways. Well that idea got the BoLS Crew thinking: “No one ever stays dead in comics…Why not bring back those dead Primarchs, but in the most Grim-Dark way possible?!” …So we did! Here’s our list of ideas on how those “Dead Primarchs” can come back:

Ferrus Manus


“Fulgrim personally killed Ferrus during the battle at Isstvan V, using the daemon weapon he acquired fighting the Laer to strike his head from his shoulders in one fell swoop. Ten thousand years later, a daemonette of Slaanesh taunted Iron Hands Sergeant Naim Morvox on Shardenus, claiming that it had seen Manus’s head, and “it is still screaming.” “

Ferrus Manus was the first Primarch to get the Axe (…well Sword) of all his brothers. So I think it’s appropriate that he comes back in the most amazingly ridiculous way possible. He needs to come back like a Head-in-a-Jar, Futurama style. Maybe he’s got a regular looking robot body, maybe he’s all Chaosified and they “install” him on the body of a Defiler.

Chaos ManusI don’t know what it would look like, but it needs to happen.

Konrad Curze


You didn’t think we’d only be talking about Loyalist Primarchs, did you? Oh no – the Night Haunter needs to come back one way or another. Daddy issues aside, I never liked the concept that Grim-Dark Batman just plain “quits” and let’s himself get killed by an Imperial Assassin. He’s seen it coming and he’s been prepared. Sure, in a way, he’s getting the last laugh because “Death is nothing compared to vindication.” …But C’mon!

Batman CruzeNight-Man, fighter of the Day-Man…

Clearly, Curze planned for that with the only Batman like super-power he has: Plot Power! And because he’s Batman, he faked his own death. For the last 10,000 years or so he’s been hiding out, probably in a cave, planning his revenge. There’s no justice like VENGEANCE, amirite?!

Rogal Dorn


“Rogal Dorn is missing and presumed dead after attacking a Chaos fleet with a vastly outnumbered force. Seeing the importance of attacking the enemy fleet while they were still preparing he relied on hit-and-run attacks until his reinforcements could arrive. Dorn went missing on board the Despoiler Class BattleshipSword of Sacrilege after leading a desperate attack on its bridge. Only his hand was recovered which is kept in stasis by his chapter.”

This is a classic comic book death and, therefore, we must abide by the comic book rules: No Body, No Death. Sure, the Marines found his Hand, but that just means he’s missing one. And you know what, I don’t think a missing hand would stop a Primarch! Oh no, that just means he could weaponize that stump and come back even more powerful. And I’m not talking Luke Skywalker robo-hand. Oh no, we’re going Mega-Man on this puppy!

Megaman-dorn-40kRogal Dorn: Back to bring the BOOM! It’s Strength D, naturally!

Alpharius / Omegon


Alphairus/Omegon is said to have been slain by Dorn and/or Guilliman. But lets be honest…That’s just want the Alpha Legion wants you to think. In reality they were probably never even there and it was all a ruse for them to infiltrate and execute their plans. What are those plans? Well I’d tell you but then something bad would probably happen to you, or me, or both – this is the Alpha Legion we’re talking about!

So how would they come back? That’s easy – they never left! You just know that by other names…


Following in the foot steps of Captain America…Hail Hydra.




“Sanguinius was eventually struck down by Horus, the only damage Sanguinius did was create a small dent in Horus’ armour. Some say, however, that it was through this chink in Horus’s armour that the Emperor was able to deliver the fatal blow. Thus the belief is that Sanguinius did not die in vain; but by dying, allowed Horus to be slain and the Heresy destroyed.”

Sanguinius is actually dead. He got killed by Horus at the battle of the Terra (well, technically it was on Horus’ Battle Barge…but whatever). And he’s also one of the few Primarchs who’s body they actually found. Intact. Mostly. Point is, it’s really hard to come back from that – it’s not like he’s Kyptonian or a Vampire that regenerate after feeding…Okay, maybe those are bad examples. The thing is, he’s kind of already back…

99800101046_TheSanguinorNEW_01The Sanguinor, Blood Angel’s Deus Ex Machina…Angel!

No one really knows for sure who (or what) The Sanguinor is…but that’s part of the fun! And also very Comic-booky to begin with. What ever he/it is, The Sanguinor is a symbol more than anything else. Is The Sanguinor the psychic projection of Sanguinius or a manifestation of the Blood Angel’s Rage/Noble side? It doesn’t matter because it’s the Legend that lives.

Or…we just go full Bram Stoker and have Mephiston “feed” some of his blood to the body of Sanguinius and he comes back as a super Primarch Vampire! Black Rage? More like Sparkle-Power. NO! Wait! Wrong “Vampires” – what have I done?!

Bonus: Horus


Look, once you get slain by the Emperor there really isn’t any coming back from that. However, because Comic-Booky stuff happens, I guess GW picked-up some tips from Marvel and tried to do the “Spider-Man: Clone Wars” thing* but with some lessons learned: 1) Clones are stupid. 2) Have those Clones get killed by someone else and 3) never do clones again. But since we’re bringing folks back…Send in the CLONES!

244px-FabiusFabius Bile, Evil Genius and Clone-Maker Extraordinaire!

“After capturing Horus‘ body on Maleum, Bile created his first true clone but this confused creature was killed by Abaddon in the Battle of Harmony. During the same battle, it was revealed that Bile had attempted to clone all twenty Primarch’s from samples he had gathered over the ages. The result however were a collection of adolescent monstrosities and deformed creatures, which were all subsequently wiped out by Abaddon and his forces. Annoyed, Bile stated that Abaddon had set his work back considerably before retreating.”

Just have Fabius Bile re-create his Clone Program and send in Clone Horus. Heck, send in all the Clones! Ferrus Manus, Dorn, Sanguinius… All of them! And once you get that Clone story out of your system, set it on fire and NEVER do clones AGAIN.

Clones are BAD, M’Kay?


How would you bring back the Dead Primarchs?

*Yes, I know that the Spider-Man Clone Saga technically happened after the Horus Clone Saga… but it wasn’t fully covered until Talon of Horus which was published in 2014 – plus: that’s the joke.
  • SilentPony

    Eh, I’m actually okay with the dead Primarchs staying dead. There are still plenty of living ones that can tool about.

    Also Alpharius. Is he really dead? REALLY? I mean not only does BL change the canon with every new novel, it was just his mind in another dude’s body. His body is still alive, just with another dude’s mind. And if Fulgrim can unpossess himself from a painting, I’m sure Alpharius can take his old body back.

    And yeah Omegon may think he’s dead, but that could also be part of the con. Alphy is now free to do whatever he wants with everyone thinking he’s dead. Something like I dunno…disable the shields of the Vengeful Spirit at the climax of the Siege.

    • BClement

      Did you read the article? Cause that’s kind of the joke…

      • SilentPony

        I’m coming from a more literal point of view, assuming the body Dorn killed truly did have the soul of Alpharius in it, not just the normal ‘tee-hee Alpha Legion doesn’t exist’ trope.

        • Erikjust

          Officially Dorn was either killed or went missing when he lead an attack on a chaos ship.
          HOWEVER there is a theory that Dorn survived the encounter took a vow of silence and became one of the Emperor´s bodyguards forever watching over his father to make amends for what he perceives as his greatest failour.

          Failing to prevent the Emperors death at the hands of Horus.

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Alfie’s probably still dead, but I imagine Meg’s got his soul in a locket, to stay at full power. Kurze should stay dead. Still want a Knight-sized DP Perturabo, though.

    And can we NOT indulge Marvel’s Edgelord BS?

    • BClement

      Right?! Clones…#NeverAgain

      • ZeeLobby

        They’ve already gone full clones. Next up, time travel.

        • bfmusashi

          Oi, isn’t there the Ordo Chronos or something and they’re thought to have deleted themselves from the timestream?

          • ZeeLobby

            I don’t remember them ;D

          • Aezeal

            That is the correct answer… I fear the Ordo will have to delete bfmush from his live though.

  • Chris Boyle

    I’m sure if GW can profit from their return then return they will. : ) The easiest way would be to retcon their deaths as to be not really dead, only mostly dead, which as we know is slightly alive.

  • benn grimm

    Sure, why not? While we’re at it, why not add in Moomins as a playable faction? Or My little ponies; would make about as much sense.

    • SilentPony

      Oh ponies, now there’s a good idea!

      • benn grimm

        Indeed. But only extremely quiet ones…

        • SilentPony

          They really are the best types tbh

          • benn grimm

            I can believe it 🙂

        • lorieth

          Too right. Those Rending Ponies were way too overpowered.

    • Sparti67

      Remember Slaans and rats were once part of the 40k lore.

      • benn grimm

        The ‘old ones’ or Slaan are still part of the fluff (as far as I’m aware) and I’m sure there are plenty of rats in the grimdark, some big, some small, none unfortunately interesting enough to write fluff about.

        • Sparti67

          But do you think they still look like frogs in space? I almost quit playing 40k when the few models of Slaan showed up in the back pages of WD. Or maybe it was the old RT.

          • benn grimm

            No strong opinion on it tbh, I would guess they’d look like the Slaan from fantasy, perhaps a little more futuristic?

    • bfmusashi

      I’d be fine with that as Friendship is Magic is clearly about sorcerously inclined xenoforms.

    • georgelabour

      In an early issue of inferno there was a short story where a guardsman and commisar crash land on a planet occupied by abhumans who have developed a decidedly equine form in response to the local high gravity…

      At the end of the story the guardsmen even prevents their extermination by falsifying a report to the administratum using the commisar’s datapad.

      All because the locals showed him the magic of friendship. Sort of.

  • Peter Bean

    i dont see any reason they all cant regenerate like vulcan tbh that “p” word i cant think of at this moment :p

    • mike

      I dunno. I’m sad my primarch was the first to go, but I think if he did come back he’d be messed up. Or hate his own chapter (iron hands)

    • Drpx

      Oldest trick in British sci-fi.

  • LunaWolf

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that a higher up GW staff member said that only Horus and Sanguinius are the only 100% confirmed dead Primarchs. I’m not sure how they work anything with Ferrus, but who knows.

    I may have also just made up reading that, who knows anymore.

    • ZeeLobby

      They already wrote the fluff of Fulgrim having him cloned and the admech grabbing one.

    • Johan Strandh

      John French (writer of Praetorian of Dorn) has actually confirmed that SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER

      It is the real Alpharius that gets butchered at the end of said book.


      So there are at least three confirmed Deadarchs by the end of the Heresy. Probably four if GW doesn’t do a silly walk with Mr. Iron Hands.

      • Sebastien Bazinet

        And this is set in stone because GW NEVER retcons anything, ever lol

        • Johan Strandh

          Well I don’t think they’ll retcon stuff they confirmed just two months ago. 🙂 But I could be wrong.

        • Drpx


          “Necrons are stealing Chaos’s thunder. Make them crazy and running Windows 10.”


          “Horus Heresy is super popular. We need to have Primarchs in 40k too.”

      • william timonen

        If they do that they cant bring Dorn back. If Alpharius the master of deception has died. Curze seeing Dorn dying in the same way as the depiction of his current death has to be true to.

    • william timonen

      If Curze didnt die I have so many questions.

  • ZeeLobby

    We already know how ferrus is coming back. Clone captured by admech.

  • bfmusashi

    Ferris Manus will return in the Slaanesh relaunch. He isn’t screaming in torment or pain but as the lead singer in the most metal band the immaterium has ever conceived.

    • ZeeLobby

      LoL. I’d actually buy that model.

  • Alvin Adorno

    What if they bring back cloned ferrus and reattach his head ferrus. And have a huge primarch vs primarch battle (I mean dance off) with the winner taking the iron hands and apart of the imerium. Then each primarch would have his own kingdom.

    • william timonen

      Let the dead ones stay dead!

  • Deacon Ix

    /s 🙂 But a Sanguinor – essence of the primarch would be quite cool

  • Christopher Witecki

    I play Blood Angels and I want Sanuinius to come back loyal and intact. Forget what the haters say GW, I would buy that model, we all would.

    • william timonen

      While it would be cool, doesnt it make his sacrifice worthless?

      • Christopher Witecki

        I see where you’re coming from, but I think it’s actually the o ly way to finish his myth. Sanguinius is very based on Catholic and other mystic Christian symbolism, to which ressurection is a central component. Christ is supposed to return in Christian myth and I don’t think that anyone considers that return to cheapen his sacrifice on the cross.

        • pokemastercube .

          the only alternative would be to reveal he is the sanguinor, but they would then need to givehim the stat line and rules to match a primarch, and given they way they like to treat us BA players, i dont have much hope of that

    • Drpx

      Then name his 40k stat profile “Super Saiyan 2.”

  • Darth Bumbles

    Omegon is dead, long live Roboute Guilliomegon!

  • Jay Mort

    Well… some of those are more believable than you might think.
    Except for Horus.
    He’s gone.
    His very soul was utterly destroyed by the Emperor.

    • Drpx

      Didn’t stop the Necrons.

  • Rainthezangoose

    I don’t care how lame it would be I would love all the primarchs to come back. AND THEN turn out there is a clone of each. But loyality swapped. Loyalist Fulgrim Chaos Russ, that sort of thing. Just put it in a alternative timeline bubble or somthing, dont care just make it happen. All loyalist primarchs vs full chaos primarchs would just be sweet.

    …actually now that i think about it this is starting to smell like fanfiction

  • jmaximum

    Hmmm…. I believe give the Sanguinor’s origin in “War Without End”…or it might have been in “The Eye of Terra”. Either way, in a weird way, they explain the Sanguinor.

  • Lumanil

    You are wrong with Horus. The emperor never killed him. He killed his clone. Horus still sits in his wheelchair somewhere near the eye of terror and plays computer-chess. That’s why Abaddon killed Biles clones. He didn’t want anyone to find out that they cheated.