FFG: New Imperial Assault Playmat

swi45_previewBattle over the Anchorhead Cantina with this new Playmat from Fantasy Flight Games!

If you’re looking for trouble you’ve come to the right place. Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled a new neoprene playmat for your skirmish games of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. This map is also entering the tournament rotation for 2017 so you’re bound to see this setup at competitive play events later this year.

via Fantasy Flight Games

“The Anchorhead Cantina Skirmish Map is now entering the tournament rotation for Imperial Assault, and this neoprene playmat offers the perfect play surface, showing the tangled hallways and common rooms of the cantina, along with the junkyard outside. Measuring 26” by 26”, this playmat features the entire map printed directly onto its surface, ensuring that your setup never takes more than seconds. “


“As you play, there’s plenty of room around the borders of the playmat for you to set up your Deployment cards and tokens, as well as handy references for each team’s starting setup zones. You’ll even find additional copies of the Anchorhead Cantina Skirmish cards included with this playmat, giving you everything you need for the definitive Imperial Assault skirmish experience. 

Finally, this playmat draws you and your opponent deeper into the Star Wars universe with evocative artwork of two characters who called Tatooine home. On one side, you’ll find the relentless bounty hunter Greedo, eager to earn a reputation as a fearless hunter. Across from him, you can see the old Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, now emerging from his self-imposed exile to aid the Rebel Alliance once more.”


Anchorhead Cantina Skirmish Map $24.95


It looks like a great map with an easy to read layout and highlighted starting zones. Keep an eye out for this one in your local retail stores as it should be available later this year.


Don’t confused Anchorhead Cantina with that OTHER Cantina…the one that’s not so friendly to droids.

  • MMO Builder

    Question to players, how much variation do the new maps add, is there much replay value with a single map?