Guilliman’s Riddle: How to Save the Imperium

Roboute Guilliman has one heck of a problem to solve – and tools unknown in his own time to succeed.

When the Primarchs finally fell into legend in the aftermath of the Heresy and the Scouring, the Imperium was a very different place with different enemies and factions.

Roboute Guilliman was personally responsible for many of the foundations laid down under the fledgling Imperium. It was he who laid down the Codex Astartes, incorporating lessons and stratagems gleaned from all 18 legions (yes even the traitor legions). It was he who broke up the Legions into the 1000 – marine chapters and thousands of other administrative details both major and minor.

The Imperium of his time was weakened with the Traitor Legions harried and penned within the Eye of Terror, and Xenos threats suddenly resurgent in the face of a disorganized broken dominion of mankind.

He was struck down on the field of battle by his brother Fulgrim, laid low by the serpent’s daemonic poison and placed in a stasis field on Maccrage.  To him no time has passed.  Imagine what the Founding Fathers of the United States would make of the the 21st century if they were magically transported to our time. Yet that example is not even 300 years.  Now imagine what Guilliman will face after 9000 years of bureaucracy, corruption, and natural organizational evolution and drift have changed his grand design.

The threats to face down are great, and many unknown in his age. So are his tools.

The Threats

In no particular order let us look at the great threats that surround and undermine the Imperium from within.

Chaos – The Traitor Legions themselves and their daemonic masters are now legion and exist in every dark corner of the galaxy.

The Beast – The Orks as always wane and wax like the force of nature they are.

The Necrons – A threat unknown to the Great Crusade and rising seemingly out of nowhere across the Galaxy.

The United Eldar – A unified Eldar race predates Guilliman and only the Emperor would understand their potential power and threat.

The Great Devourer – Another unknown threat to the Primarch – but perhaps the most straightforward.

The Rising Human Psyker Threat – The rising tide of human psykers is a double edged sword for humanity, both granting it amazing abilities and a door to eternal damnation within every weak mind.

The Administratum – Another double edged sword. 9000 years have left the Imperium barely functional and mired in paperwork slowing decisive action by decades. It is also the greatest repository of information just waiting to be put to good use.

The Tools

Luckily for Guilliman, he has a new set of organizations to throw at his challenges.

The Astartes – 1000 chapters spread across the galaxy will flock to the primarch like moths to the flame to do his bidding. His mind will allow him to wield them with the power and skill unseen since Horus led the Great Crusade as Warmaster.

Astra Militarum – The primarch will command undreamed of trillions of men under arms.

The Custodes – Ready to be deployed as needed by Guilliman, the Imperium will now have a speartip at it’s command that no foe has faced on the battlefield since the Emperor fell silent.

Sisters of Silence – Like the Custodes, a tool long forgotten stands ready to throw back any psyker threat.

The Imperial Navy – 9000 years is a lot of time to build ships.  I’m sure Guilliman will know exacly what to do with them.

Adeptus Mechanicus – Mars has harbored secrets since before the coming of the Emperor. Roboute will be able to get their “special equipment” into the fight with an authority they cannot refuse and a mind their greatest magos cannot match.

Mind of a Primarch – Of all the Primarchs, Guilliman recieved the Emperor’s gift of wisdom and organization. The Imperium will find itself put to tasks under a quality of mind unseen since the Great Crusade. A mind that remembers the words and vision of the Emperor as if they were yesterday…

The Wildcards

The Inquisition – It is unknown exactly how the Inquisition will deal with a walking talking Primarch. Will they bend the knee and acknowledge the only son of the Emperor, or will they oppose the undercutting of their authority and special place in Imperial hierarchy?

The Imperial Creed – Anathema to the cold science and reason of the Emperor’s “Imperial Truth”. 9000 years of religion and indoctrination into the Imperial Creed by the Ecclesiarcy tints every Imperial Organization from the Astartes to the Administratum.  It also provides an endless supply of the faithful and fanatical devotees to the Emperor. This is perhaps the most inscrutable Gordian Knot for the Primarch to loosen.

~So I put it to you, what are the Imperium’s greatest threats and what do you think Roboute should do in his “first 100 days” to reform and repair the Imperium?

  • David Leimbach

    I’d put mars under wildcards. They don’t truly serve the Imperium but instead their own interests. Most of the time their interests align with mankind. If the machine god awakens?

    • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

      After Master of Mankind providing new perspective on Mars/the dragon, they are pretty much just being used. Even if it looks like a conflict of loyalties situation.

      • ZeeLobby

        That’s a shame. I liked the mystery behind the dragon.

        • There still is more mystery about it than not. Master of Mankind only references something we already knew: The Emperor imprisoned the Dragon on Mars. The only potential news here is that he might have dragged it through the Webway over to the red planet.

          Mars has always been somewhat forced into compliance, and tries to find loopholes all the time. Nothing’s changed there.

          • ZeeLobby

            Well that’s good. I’m hoping they don’t switch that up.

          • Dan Wilson

            Way back before even the Emperor shows up, I can imagine Mars, likely being THE first colonised planet, would have a similar relationship with Earth/Terra as the fledgling United States had with the British Empire, i.e. trying to pull free of Earth rule.

        • Dan Wilson

          Very clearly an allusion to St. George and the Dragon. Supposedly the Emperor resurfaces throughout history. He could have been Jesus? King Arthur, Gilgamesh, and many other heroes of epic myth. King Arthur and George and the Dragon are the most obvious ones, given their national “heritage” and that GW is originally a UK company.

    • Old zogwort

      The emperor was an oppressive conqueror however he managed a large portion of Mars to revere him as the omnissiah. Killing of the omnissiah might not be the best way to improve relations with mars.

    • Moonman45

      The C’tan would not awaken without the emperor’s demise

  • ieyke

    Chaos – Kind of a joke. They’re too incompetent to ever get much done.

    The Orks – An ACTUAL joke. Aside from The Beast, Orks have always been pathetic.

    The Necrons – The REAL threat to everything in 40k.

    The United Eldar – Allies waiting to be recognized. Not really a threat.

    The Great Devourer – The other REAL threat to the galaxy.

    The Rising Human Psyker Threat – Not really a threat.

    The Administratum – Obnoxious, but not actually a threat.


    The Astartes – I mean, yea. Super helpful.

    Astra Militarum – The tarpit of the Imperium.

    The Custodes – Awesome.

    Sisters of Silence – Are there even enough of these Sisters to be useful?

    The Imperial Navy – Good.

    Adeptus Mechanicus – Sure. Everything ultimately depends on the AdMech.
    It’d be nice if Guilliman could get them to resurrect some of their better old technology.

    Mind of a Primarch – Guilliman’s mind is the greatest weapon the Imperium could ever hope to have. Perhaps even beyond The Emperor himself. The Emperor is certainly FAR more powerful, but Guilliman’s mind has kinda achieved things in terms of building utopias, claiming worlds, building the Imperium, and building armies far in excess of what The Emperor with all his might ever managed….

    The Inquisition – If the Inquisition does not bow to Guilliman, then it is corrupt and must be cleansed. Otherwise, it’s about as useful as the Astartes.

    The Imperial Creed – Guilliman is going to have to let it go until the task at hand is done. Then he can think about how best to purge that scum from the Imperium.

    • James Regan

      Will the custodes even obey though? They weren’t subject to the commands of the Primarchs even in 30K. Also, the Orks almost killed the emperor at Ullanor- while they aren’t a cohesive threat, they are also probably impossible to wipe out, and the Octavious site poses a significant threat if it runs out of ‘nids before it runs out of Orks (whichever bioweapon survives emerges stronger than both were seperately, either through increased biomass or getting really built while punching space bugs for a few decades).

      • euansmith

        “Dere ain’t as many Bugz as dere used to be.”

        “Okay, lets pull back, and give ’em a chance to breed some more. Meantime, we can just fight each other to keep our hands in.”


      • ieyke

        The Custodes would likely work with Guilliman, yes.

        “Orks almost killed the emperor at Ullanor” That’s not canon.
        Apocryphal nonsense.
        No ork would stand a chance against The Emperor.
        The modern orks are nothing compared to the orks lead by The Beast.

    • Tesq

      necron are doom; more doom than the eldar they cannot reproduces in any way possible and most of their wolrd are lost, or not awakened+ the dragon on mars is not a necrons is a ctan and necron and ctan would fight each other not ally as th current background (which would make necron ally with empire as also their need to reclaim living bodies instead cold metal they will need either eldar or empire help unless vanish forever)

      eldar are raising in this moment if they claim they victory with slaanesh they will ally again with the empire as they used to be before(for sometimes). The emperor and also gulliman have no need to actually kill the eldar (at least for now)(also eldar and deatwatch are actually allied) +(DE are working for empire to deal with the golden throne problem)

      ork-> constant and very dangerous threat probably the bigges in the whole universe if another being like beast arise for the currently imperium inthis stat is over.

      Nids/csm+deamons–>second great threat, they take time to ghater force but when they hit they hit hard

      inquisition (ordo maleous / xeno) and ecclesiarchy (ordo hereticus) -> 1 of these is destined to ally with the primarc ; i point towards the sisters, the inquisition is destined to perish probably. The deatwatch will became indipendet same goes for the grey knight. Basically the base inquisiton will be cut of troops and it remain a served diyng root.

      Imperial guard will do what they always done die for the emphera…as the boss of IG is 1 of the lord of terra they should pretty deal either very good or either very bad with guilliman return.

      joker –> adeptus custodes,they will ally with gulliman but at they own accord….but they will totally eradicate what goes againt their need so everything on terra will be decided by the adeptus custodes if any lord of terra will fight against gulliman it will be their doom for no one know the imperial palance and terra itself as the adeptus custodes.

    • TenDM

      Keep in mind the Primarchs have a real grudge against Chaos. They might not be the biggest galactic threat but Guiliman is coming in during the 13th Black Crusade and is going to want to dig into Chaos pretty hard. Luckily he’s also one of the more level headed Primarchs but I still think he’s going take on Chaos whenever he gets the chance. From a out of character perspective GW also likes to give the spotlight to Imperium vs Chaos.

  • Sage

    But isn’t a main point of the Heresy that the Imperial Truth is a lie and we do live in a world of Gods and Daemons?

    • Korvalus

      Exactly, and Guilliman is aware of that. However for that to enforce an insane religion who DIRECTLY opposes what the emperor himself said (that he was great, but not a god. Also banned and purged all religions) is bound to be a huge sore spot.

      • Sage

        But the Emperor IS a God in the same sense that Khaine is a God. Being a God in 40k is not the same as the Christian creator God.

        He is a psychic entity of cosmic power that represent humanity in the warp. What the Emperor hated was religion. But I always felt that Lorgar was right when he said the Emperor was the God of humanity. So I think Gilliam will simply dispute the semantics of doctrine and the more corrupt aspects of the faith.

        • Dan Wilson

          The Imperial Truth was a lie, but anybody who’s been a parent or a teacher knows that sometimes you have to lie to your children for their own betterment. When the gods in the sky are evil and feed on worship and corrupt religion, it’s better to tell the masses that they don’t exist, to starve them of worship and religion. I’m sure Gulliman would understand that. When a child is unburdened by the cynicism of reality, the potential achievements are infinite.

          • NNextremNN

            The warp is a reflection of thought and emotion.

            You can’t tell humans to believe in nothing. This would only create a new god of unbelief.

            The believe in the emperor would create a new actual god emperor or empower the psychic presence of the mortal emperor to become a warp god.

            The believe in science and evolution would still fuel the “better” parts in Tzeentch or Nurgle.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. My assumption was that the Emperor’s true goal was to attempt to seel the warp away. It’s really just an unexplained phenomenon. But even without believing in the chaos flows, they’d still exist. Believing in the religiously/fanatically just gives them strength and helps them cross over.

          • NNextremNN

            I thought he wanted it to revert to the peaceful way it was when the old ones lived. But I doubt this is possible.

            I think the best course especially since he is a rotting undead corpse is to actually become the god of order and justice that ordinary people already see in him. And create a opposing force of good that might have a chance of bring not peach but balance into the warp.

          • ZeeLobby

            And he shall call himself Sigmar, with his loyal following of Sigmarines :D.

            I could see that happening. Personally I’d love to see him die and get reborn on the edge of the Galaxy, have Chaos take over most of it, and have humans be fighting a separate resistance.

            Really I thought the minutes to midnight was the best place to leave it. There’s only one eventual outcome with the ever encroaching Tyranid invasion of the Galaxy, so advancing anything forward just means were closer to being dinner.

          • DJ860

            I’d like to see there be some big hype to The Emperor dying, expecting him to be reborn as a god or deity etc only for him to just *poof* disappear, dead.

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean it’s open the door for a lot more options. I don’t think GW would take that risk though. It’d be cool to have human factions that don’t just fall into Emperor or Chaos. May just be all the Infinity I’ve been playing lately though. It’s fun to have human factions with different motives. The closest we get in 40K is mechanicum, which are still emperor tricked lackeys.

          • DJ860

            I agree, I don’t see them doing that either, I think the likely option, based on the evidence so far and the creative direction of AoS is that things will get a lot more wacky when it comes to the universe and gods.

          • euansmith

            “It is my sad duty to inform you that the Emperor is dead…”

            “Long live the Emperor!”

            “No… dead.”

          • euansmith

            Having the Emperor reincarnate out of the fringes would be a cool idea. Having Chaos, the Necrons, Tyranids and Orkz beat each other in to some sort of equilibrium; and then have the new Imperium start to nibble away at the edges could leave loads of narrative openings.

          • DJ860

            This would be good, we could have a new 40k universe where the galaxy/s get carved up into different territories and the humans really do get beset on all sides by enemies.

          • Mike mad cow

            Hence 40k age of the Emperor ?

          • NNextremNN

            What if Sigmar and the Emperor are the same person? … dun dun dun …

            I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled off something like that even if not explicitly stating this but making if obvious.

            Wasn’t the old warhammer fantasy world supposed to be a isolated world in the eye of terror?

        • wibbling

          The Emperor was not a god. He was merely a powerful man.

          As for disputing the doctrine – the Emperor set about demolishing the concept of god – a man made invention. Sadly, as seems with many of his schemes he didn’t understand human nature, a need to believe in/blame something else bigger than him.

          The fellow says it below – the ‘creator god’. Man was created from a complex chain of amino acids and millennia of evolution: not ‘god’.

          • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

            I really think GW has left this open for debate. He told everyone he is not a god, he told people to toss aside religion and follow science/logic, but yet the story has the Emperor walking around in ancient times in hiding for thousands of years defying normal longevity. We are told he is just a man and yet there are NO other people who have done what he has done or come close to his level of power.

            There’s a view on Christianity that it creates a fatalistic approach to living in the sense of why bother with current life when there is eternal reward in the afterlife? So if you accept that, I can see the emperor using the imperial truth as a means to an end – get humanity to progress in reality and not be eaten by all the threats that are already out there and yet to come that the emperor foresees.

            I fail to see how a dogmatic school of thought and adherence to the imperial truth is different than any religion zealotry especially if that religion advocated the supremacy of mankind and veneration of the Emperor.

            In a nutshell, I still think the Emperor is essentially Space Jesus.

          • ZeeLobby

            Well he’s a perpetual. I haven’t read the latest books, but I don’t know if they’ve ever explained where they come from. But that’s where he gets his longetivity from.

          • NNextremNN

            I’m pretty sure he also was actual Jesus among several other religious figures. He lived long enough for that hat the powers to do what they did and saw the outcome which is probably the reason why he despised religion.

          • euansmith

            I misread your second sentence as, “He told everyone he is not a god, he told people to toss aside religion and follow Scientology.”

          • Mike mad cow

            Turns out, The Emperor was wrong about a lot…

        • Mike mad cow

          The emperor is kinda like the Genie from Aladdin. Phenomenal cosmic powers!!! … Itty bitty living space

        • Mr.Gold

          Repent Heretic…

    • wibbling

      The Emperor’s plan was to explain the chaos entities using logic and reason, not superstition. The latter gives them their power.

      Thus the imperial truth is not a lie, rather a perspective that would drag mankind from the cauldron of worshipping false invented gods (religion) and into an era of science, reason and rationality.

      Sadly, mankind being mankind, a group saw a way of gaining power over another and weak minds created their own god in the Emperor.

    • ZeeLobby

      Technically there’s still no Gods. The immaterium is just an exotic phenomenon that forms entities based on human emotions. Technically all mortals are “gods” in the sense that they contribute to some manifestation on the other side. Ofcourse then No added perpetuals and all kinds of tosh to make things, I guess, interesting. I dunno.

      • Sage

        Yes but some entities are the focus and fulcrum of an entire races emotion or being. Like Ynaed. They essentially embody their race and people accept these as divine beings. If ultimate power and being the embodiment of a species presence in the warp is the definition of being a God in 40k then the Emperor is a God.

      • David Arnold

        Whats his name, the promarch, Lorgar? I like his perspective before he fell. Sure, there are no gods, etc etc, but look at you father. You ARE a god. You may not be a magic sky wizard, except technically yeah, you are. These people want to venerate you, and while you claim to be not a god, its a matter of semantics. you are, in form and function, a god. So let them worship you, because you alternative is far worse.

  • Floride Vivant

    And the TAU? They are close to Ultramar, have been a thorn in the side of the Imperium for some times. What about the fact that their tech is edging above the Imperium’s own after merely 5000 years of evolution/civilization? Guilliman’s reaction to those blue skinned manga suit lovers will be interesting too.

    • Karru

      Guilliman would probably attempt to negotiate a cease fire or some sort of temporary alliance with them if he even cares. Compared to the list of most threats that cause trouble the Imperium, Tau is a footnote at best. While Tau is technologically advanced and possesses weaponry of better quality than the Imperium, Tau Empire is extremely small compared to everyone else.

      The Tau Empire is like a small ant colony. Sometimes this colony comes and takes the odd sugar cube from the Imperium. Imperium is just too busy with life to exterminate them, so they let it slide.

      Knowing Guilliman, he will either negotiate a treaty of sorts with them or just plainly ignore them. He knows there are more pressing concerns than technologically advanced smurfs.

      • vlad78

        Indeed and meanwhile he would find a way to loot Tau equipments and unleash hell over the Mechanicum until they find a way to keep up with the space japanese fishmen.

    • NNextremNN

      Guilliman is a men of reason. He will realize the only intelligent option is to join the greater good XD

    • georgelabour

      According to information in fracturing of biel-tan the Tau may have a few issues involving sentient (daemon-possessed?) nebula that the ad-mech set on fire.

      Or just the parts that got sucked into warp storms, became intelligent, and now chase ships through space in an attempt to burninate them.

    • happy_inquisitor

      The Tau are a problem he can defer indefinitely. Even if they do turn a few imperial worlds to their cause they will neither exterminate nor corrupt the inhabitants with chaos. Should he prevail on other fronts he would have overwhelming force to simply recapture them at leisure – should he fail elsewhere then at least some humans live for a moment longer in the galaxy.

      The Tau would share a common desire to not be wiped out or corrupted and could probably be persuaded to be more helpful than harmful anyway.

      • Nilok

        It is kind of hard to defer the Tau indefinitely when they went from the VX8 battlesuit to the Stormsurge and Ta’unar titans in only a few years years. Once the Tau are once again able to cross the Damocles Gulf, beware their new toys.

  • Karru

    Considering the situation, it is clear that Guilliman will focus on Chaos first. They are coming towards Ultramar and are currently ravaging across the Imperium. It is not exactly the most shocking of decisions.

    Now, after Chaos has been beaten back for the hundredth time, it is clear that the next thing Guilliman would start to focus on is the Imperium itself UNLESS GW decides to pull of another “galaxy threatening but not really because we like money and the Imperium cannot suffer too much” situation. Guilliman will start to reform the Imperium, starting with his home most likely. From there he will continue to the rest of the Imperium. Problem is that the Ecclesiarchy will most likely do all they can to stop this. Not only do they care about their religious beliefs, they don’t want to lose their massive amount of power they now have within the Imperium.

    This will most likely lead into a massive civil war between forces led by Guilliman and those loyal to the Ecclesiarcy. This war will most likely turn into a minor squabble. This is once again purely for the reasons of GW liking their money and thus Imperium can NEVER lose anything big. Losing their ability to form super alliances would slightly hurt their power level and this could lessen GW profits, so they won’t do it. Also, I highly doubt that they would have the creativity to pull it off.

    • wibbling

      You doubt a group that has created a universe about which you’ve spent dozens of words talking about ‘lacks the creativity’.

      Good grief.

      Do you even read what you write, so angry and unhappy you must be that even this really significant event, these fantastic models are something you whine about?

      • ZeeLobby

        A lot of the people who created that universe simply don’t work their anymore, or have moved on to more managerial positions. Their current writing team is definitely bland by comparison. Especially if it’s Matt Ward led.

      • Drew

        It remains to be seen how significant an event this actually is. If it changes the status quo in some meaningful way, I agree. GW has teased big advances before and then fallen off at the end of the road.

        Kill or revive the Emperor, eliminate a major chapter, kill a main character who actually means something, have the Imperium fracture…those are significant. Cadia falling is neat, but it loses its impact if the end result is “so the Eye of Terror is a little bigger now, and Ultramarine players can use their primarch, but otherwise, pretty much same old 40k- Chaos attacking haphazardly from the Eye, Imperium rotting from within, etc.”

        • Karru

          This is exactly the problem. Imperium was supposed to suffer a major blow from Cadia. What happened? Imperium sees the return of one of their most powerful defenders.

          The story is just so bland now. There is nothing interesting going on that actually makes you go “whoa!”, instead it’s the same. Imperium loses a “major” world, Chaos seems to be “winning” and lo and behold Chaos is beaten back or the heroes escape. Imperium isn’t losing any real major characters. Sure, Imperial Guard just lost one of their few named characters which is bad for them, but in terms of the story Creed was extremely insignificant. All his major contributions were within Cadia.

          Killing off any of the original Legion chapters would cause an impact. Oh, Imperial Fists are now dead? That would be a “Whoa!” reaction worthy.

          Killing off ANY major Imperial force would cause a massive impact. That’s the problem. GW won’t do it because of the profits. They don’t want to risk losing customers because they “accidentally” killed off the chapter they were playing.

          • Drew

            I largely agree, but I don’t think the Imperium has to lose for the story to be impactful- there are Chaos players who seem to feel “entitled” to a win, as if they were the protagonists of the story. They’re not- Chaos is the antagonist, and in a good story, the antagonist exists to be overcome. Where GW has fallen short is in making the story of the Imperium overcoming that antagonist truly compelling, with real, meaningful losses and things that will truly change the setting and/or game.

          • Karru

            That’s what I meant. Chaos shouldn’t win because that would be boring. Chaos winning would basically mean that Imperium is completely gone.

            I meant that in order for the story to be interesting, Imperium also has to suffer some major losses. For example, the Fracture of Biel-tan for the Eldar. They basically lost one of their major craftworld, that is quite an impact on a dying race.

            Imagine if Imperium suddenly lost something like Space Wolves or Black Templars. Both of them are major players in the 40k universe. That would be quite the impact on the narrative.

            Thus far it’s just Imperium losing minor characters or just completely random Chapters of Space Marines to “make” some impact.

          • Shawn

            Can you blame them after what happened with Fantasy? All the fans will blow a major artery and burn everything they’ve ever bought and painted.

            The above is, perhaps, a bit of an over blown exaggeration, but I am sure GW is aware of the internet hate, just as much as we are.

          • Karru

            And that’s the problem. They won’t do anything extremely bad for Imperium. What they can do is destroy any other faction in the game though to create that “shock” effect. Tyranids, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Ork, Chaos. All of these has the potential to suffer greatly from this new narrative, because they aren’t top selling like Imperium is so GW will be willing to “sacrifice” them for the lore.

  • Ogemo1

    I think with the addition of guilliman we will see the dawning of a new age in mankinds path, in the grim dark there can be only war,,, but with a reasonable acceptance of allies. I think the only way to counter destruction, chaos and death is the grand alliance of order, both human and aliens for the greater good. Im not a tau fan but i could see their way of thinking swaying the enlightend son of the Emperor. And think of how you could mount giant rail guns on landraiders and imperial knights.

  • Emprah

    The Imperial Truth died the moment Chaos became an apparent foe. I doubt Guilliman is stupid enough to ignore that.

    • Darth Bumbles

      Except as Fabius Bilr proved, Atheism DOES work against Chaos.

      • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

        What is the source on this? That makes no sense since chaos is emotion oriented – you can be atheist and still have extreme emotional swings.

        • deris87

          I’m not sure what he’s referencing either, but there’s a pretty consistent theme in the lore that the Chaos gods crave worship above all else and derive power from it. A reduction in Chaos-worship would diminish the Chaos gods even if it didn’t wipe them out.

  • Dan Wilson

    The teasers imply that it is Cawl himself who resurrects Gulliman, and since Cawl is such a high ranking Martian official, I think Gulliman will have, if not Mars, then at the very least Cawl’s vast resources at his disposal.

  • Darth Bumbles

    Primarch Bob is very practical.
    He’ll take one look at the Imperium and realise that right now, the Ecclesiarchy is exactly what’s needed to keep the Imperium unified, as appalling a concept as being a Demi-God to a God of a Father would be to Bob.
    But he’ll set about dismantling it, no doubt starting at the 500 Worlds.

    The Inquisition will splinter, three at least Factions, pro-Bob, anti-Bob and “we can probably use Bob to achieve our goals”.

    The successor chapters of the UltraSmurfs will flock to his banner, but some of the others will get ornery. Especially the Unforgiven if Bob really is pallying about with Cypher.

  • Gorsameth

    A tactical mastermind, creator of an entire segmentum that is far more
    prosperous then the rest of the Imperium (500 worlds of Ultramar) and a
    living icon of Imperial Might that will rally the entire Imperium.

    I’m pretty sure he will do just fine.

    And the Inquisition is hardly a wildcard. The Imperial Creed, and with it the minds of the people, will be thrown behind Guilliman. The Inquisition is a shadow organisation, they cannot publicly defy the only son of the Emperor that is walking around among them.

  • Luca Lacchini

    Cleanse. Rebuild. Improve. Strenghten. Raise. Develop.

    • ZeeLobby

      Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

      • Luca Lacchini

        That’s more a line fit for Haemonculi (and necromancers). ;-D

  • Zedatkins Zed

    Two words – Imperium secundus. Consolidate Ultramar when all else fails/falls (and the Emperor dies). Let the Inquisition and the Lords of Terra burn. Search for his lost brothers. Harness the Custodes (if they survive), Deathwatch, Grey Knights and SM chapters. Beware Mars – whatever Archmagos Cawl has done I doubt it’s 100% good.

    • petrow84

      Step 23: Don’t let the Lion push the snooze button on his phone again.

  • Mike X (Official)

    The threats… How about Tyranids? They hadn’t even been discovered by the time Guilliman was entombed.

    • zeek203

      Tyranids are also known as the great devourer.

      • euansmith

        I like a race with a decent appetite.

  • pokemastercube .

    what about the tau? they diddnt exist as a opponent to the imperium back in the crusades and heresy. or would he lookto try and use them for aid upon hearing how they do stick to agreements

    • Kolobius

      I really don’t see the Tau as a threat to the Imperium. They just want to expand and be left alone. They aren’t trying to conquer or destroy the Imperium. Hell, if the Imperium made a peace treaty with them and said “You don’t go past this line here and we won’t go past it either, we will live in peace. Even trade in technology” the two factions would get along great.
      Except for that whole suffer not the xenos to live thing that the Imperium seems stuck on. Even though they use Jokearoos and others

      • pokemastercube .

        well given the imperium has got this destroy xeno situation, the tau must be able to pose a threat to the imperium if they are still standing

  • ZeeLobby

    Seppuku is the only way! (Please, please, please… *Crosses fingers*)

    • TenDM

      Guiliman returns… just in time for the Ultramarines to get Squat’ed.

  • dreamwarder

    Did you just do a SWOT analysis? OF THE IMPERIUM??

    • NNextremNN

      Lol now that you mention it yes he kinda did. Also not a bad idea I think this is something Guilimen would do.

      • dreamwarder

        Without doubt. SMART targets too…

        • NNextremNN

          He should make a Ishikawa diagram and make a CNX analysis XD

          • dreamwarder

            and a “Saving the Imperium” Gantt

    • petrow84

      An imperial SWOT would be like:
      Strength? Faith in the Emperor!
      Weakness? You misspelled heresy.
      Occasion? You can always kill one more alien/mutant/heretic
      Threats? Everywhere!

    • Defenestratus


      Next thing you’ll recommend is that Rowboat bring in some Six Sigma blackbelts to help him make sense of this mess.

  • Gabriel De-Vere

    Is it me or every time you read Fulgrim laid Gillian low and into stasis, I have a memory stood somewhere that it was if fact a Carnifex that was responsible?? Did I jest get Ret-Coned on??? 🙁

    • ZeeLobby

      I think it was Calgar who the Swarmlord almost killed. I get their stories mixed up all the time. The Smurfs are just so alike.

      • DJ860

        Pretty sure he punched it in the face and killed it too.

        • ZeeLobby

          Haha. Yeah. It always comes back though. Silly Swarmlord.

  • DJ860

    What will be really interesting is to see what Guilliman came back, we don’t yet know if his stasis has affected him at all.

    Also, if any of the other loyalist primarchs return, they may not agree with Guilliman, all the while he’s a big fish in a small pond its pretty black and white, but what if any of the others return.

    • Shawn

      That would be interesting and, perhaps, see the galaxy carved up into terrorities run by the different primarchs and maybe fighting between them.

      • TenDM

        Look up the Imperium Secundus. It seems like if the others returned Guiliman
        would choose to unite the Primarchs under a new but loyal empire. You’ve
        got to remember they all saw what happened to Horus first hand. They don’t want to risk going down the same path by creating factions that would turn their various grudges and rivalries into full blown wars.

        • Shawn

          Good point Ten, but having the different factions would explain, fluff-wise in some fashion why the same factions fight each other on the table.

  • KnightShift

    Tyranids, yet more aliens illegally immigrating? Put up a wall and make it YUGE!!!

    (Yes ladies and gentlemen I’ll be here all week, enjoy the salad…)

    • DJ860

      Make The Imperium Great Again (this joke is so old by now)

  • Testar

    It would be cool to see civil war in Imperium between the ones loyay to Girlyman and all who are still pledged to God Emperor of Mankind. It would be intresting to see more focus on the “faith” side of Imperium like more SoB and Inquisition and to see which side would chose specific marines chapters/IG forces.

    • Drew

      I agree. I want to see the throw-down between those chapters/forces in the Imperium that have gone full grimdark and those who still have some hope in a future for humanity.

      • Dan Wilson

        Warhammer 41,000: Crisis of Faith, instead of the HH its the CoF!

  • Jonathan B.

    All Guilliman has to do about the Imperial Creed is tell everyone about that party at the Imperial Palace and how the Emperor got stinky drunk and passed out in the nacho cheese dip.

    • Deathwing

      The hallowed Nacho Cheese dip recipe was one of the many treasures of mankind lost during the dark age before the imperium, much like the mythical to-ke-to

      • Jonathan B.

        Perhaps that is the treasured relic in the possession of Belisarius Cawl…

        • Dan Wilson

          In the teaser video, Cawl is looking at a screen which clearly has Gulliman’s armour on, so I was under the impression that it was Gulliman’s armour that was the relic, and that its Cawl that resurrects Guilliman.

          • Jonathan B.

            Maybe Guilliman’s new armour is made from the hallowed Nacho Cheese dip? It’s blue from all the mold that has grown in it over the past 9000 years.

    • Deathwing

      The hallowed Nacho Cheese dip recipe was one of the many treasures of mankind lost during the dark age before the imperium, much like the mythical to-ke-to

  • SilentPony

    Honestly a lot of it can be solved by sending the Sisters, Inquisition, and the entire Ecclesiarchy, including the Black Templars, White Consuls, and any other chapter that believes the Big E is a God on Death Oaths.
    You wanna be useful? Go storm the World Killer and see how many Templars it takes to bring down Abaddon.

  • DT

    Were he last of the Sisters of silence not killed during the war of the beast?

    • SilentPony

      I thought so too! Guess they were …reformed?

  • BrianAWC

    Here’s how I hope it goes:

    Gulliman: I will come to Terra and commune with the Emperor. Inform the Custodes that I will require an audience.

    Custodes: OK, see ya soon

    High Lords of Terra: Uh, no. Nobody gets in front of the Emperor.

    Gulliman: I wasn’t asking. See you soon.

    • L-G

      The High Lords then enters a deep depression when they realise that there now, for the first time in 9000 years, exist a person they can’t command around (and frankly don’t care a bit about them), and that they probably will be taking that person’s commands instead.

      • Shawn

        Or die for trying to defy him.

  • TenDM

    This assumes that ‘fixing’ the Imperium means dragging it back 9000 years. Maybe he’ll agree with the Emperor that humanity needs to survive at any cost, and that this is the way.
    Likewise he might decide that the Emperor was wrong to give this monstrosity his blessing, leading to a rebellion against the Emperor and the Imperial Creed.

  • MechBattler

    Guilliman: “Calgar,”
    Calgar: “Yes, my lord?”
    Guilliman: “Get someone to brew me a really, REALLY big barrel of coffee. This is going to be a loooong night.”
    Calgar: “Of course. I shall fetch the turbo-aspirins as well.”
    Guilliman puts on his reading glasses and opens a tome: “Now, what the f*ck is a tyranid?”

  • Hakon

    step 1, repurpose the inquisition to instead of killing psyches, to recruit them, sending 1 sister of silence to each sister quad which will recruit these psyches into academies, the sister of silence will handle the weak minded, removing their ability or life should they become problematic, all extra personal left over will be placed under the command of the death watch to seek out and rid the tyrannic threat.
    step 2, fire up the forges of mars and bring back the technologies needed to win the fight. (30k tech)
    step 4, adjust the codex starter to work for each chapters gene seed divergence and armoured stores, take into account strengths and weapon stores, and favourite tactics, giving each of the chapters a new personalised rule set. example, make dark angles plasma weapon specialists, giving permission for their tech priests to tinker with the weapons using research from mars to remove the problematic safety failing systems and making the weapon safer.
    step 3, assist blood angels red thirst, or space wolves wolfed curse, perhaps if it can controlled, it could become a weapon, if space wolves could turn on the wulfen curse in combat and turn it off once the combat ended like a controlled berserk phase, they would be terrifying, likewise is the blood angels, could unleash their hunger, and then regain control.
    step 5, remove the church, religion is bad and his father would not approve, you do not need to ban the worship of the emperor, but simply ban the churches and eclesiarchy. eventually the lack of a shepherd and culling of any cult leaders which arise will allow the religion to die over time. the second advantage is by banning all cults, you can more easily find chaos cults.
    step 6, set up a blockade against the xenon tyranyd threat, while the lesser threats are removed, like orgs, the war against orgs should not take long with the like of gulliman at the helm, removing them will allow refocusing of all armies to deal with other threats.
    step 7, attempt an alliance with the tau empire, they may have their own way of doing things, but a man like gulliman will have no reason not to incorporate the tau and their tech into the imperium, tau could become valuable citizens.
    step 8, reinforce borders near the elder division, they are a wild card and a purely defensive stance against them would be the best bet, avoiding confrontation and re-establishing footholds on systems new the border are what gulliman does best, set up the infrastructure there.
    step 9, launch a 2 pronged crusade, a small one against the necrons, and a large one against chaos, fight them into a corner, force them to make an unbalancing move.
    step 10, await your brothers, they will bring the back up you need, all you need to do is by them time.

  • JohnnyTurbo

    I love how white Guilliman’s eyes are. He’s either blind or a demon or Brolly.

  • Rowan Drake

    But will they bring up the problems Guilliman caused, like the autonomy of the chapters allowing so many more marines to fall to chaos? I doubt it.