Star Wars Show “Aliens and iPhones”


This week – a closer look at the aliens of Rogue One, and a chat with Laura Jane Grace.

In this installment of The Star Wars Show, Pablo Hidalgo visits the Rogue One set and talks aliens with head of the creature shop Neal Scanlan, we reveal some major Marvel Star Wars news, talk with Laura Jane Grace, and much more!

Let’s jump in!

Missed the last episode? Have no fear, it’s right here…

  • neshta

    Um…do you maybe want to change that headline!?

    • Stan


  • Adelaide Lee Rosa

    Yeah definitely should change that headline – as a trans woman I’m quite aware of what that meme means in this context – “it’s a trap” has a context that you meet a cute girl, you go out with her, you pull down her pants. “it’s a trap”.

    That kind of attitude is what leads to a lot of violence against trans women, both structural and physical.

    • wavelover42

      I really hope this title was not the authors intent. If i may suggest that you contact the author of the article to clarify the meaning of the title. It is unacceptable to discriminate against someones gender, sexual preference, religious affiliation, or race! I hope you feel welcome at this site!

    • neshta

      Yes, what you said! My first comment was a tad sparse, as I was trying to compose my thoughts, but then I read yours and you nailed it!

    • The title was chosen due to the segment with Pablo Hidalgo and Tim Rose. It was not a comment on Laura Jane Grace or anyone in the trans community. It didn’t even cross my mind that it would be read any other way than what I intended. I apologize.