The Third Law: New Sci-Fi Wargame

This new game is puts players in control of brutal battle robots – coming to Kickstarter this Spring.

Primogenesis Ltd are proud to introduce their new science fiction miniatures wargame, ‘The Third Law’, launching on kickstarter this spring.  In The Third Law, players take on the role of an elite ‘Machinist’, a talented individual with the ability to remotely control a small team of brutal combat robots in battle.

Set in a bleak, near future vision of Earth, rival factions have ritualised warfare and now use small teams of robotic warriors known as ‘Wreckers’ to compete for power, influence and rare fossil fuels.  With a dynamically shifting battlefield, a wide range of factions, Machinists, Wreckers and upgrades to choose from and cutting edge game mechanics The Third Law provides unparalled strategic challenge for tabletop wargamers.

(If at this point you are thinking ‘Fight Club, crossed with Robot Wars, meets Deathrace in a tabletop wargame…you are on the right lines)

third law factions

With four initial factions to choose from (and many more to follow) we have something for everyone.  If big and industrial is your thing then look no further than the ‘Carbon Combine’.  This ragged union of miners and labourers have repurposed their heavy machinary and now grind their enemies into submission beneath the rock drills and heavy rollers of their massive Wreckers.  For those of you who enjoy bringing the enemy to heel with military precision then the advanced technology of the ‘Liberty Division’ will allow you to field titans of war such as the ‘Punisher’ Variant X.

If life in a crime syndicate has more appeal then the ‘Full Metal Dragons’ combine the elegance of eastern engineering with a feudal japanese aesthetic (who doesn’t want to see 4 metre tall robots wielding giant katana blades?) Finally, for those who want to champion the downtrodden of the Earth; taking up arms as a Machinist for ‘The Ridden’ allows you to channel your inner anarchist and swarm your opponents with rusted Loaders and madcap inventions like the Shocksphere.

robot third law

Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out even more shiny new model previews to you lovely people, more art from the fantastically talented Mr Adam Burn, as well as downloadable resources and rules so you can join us on the battlegrounds of The World After!

Here’s a gameplay example from the developers.

Visit the Official Website for More

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    sounds cool! I’ll look forward to seeing the coverage on here.

    • ZeeLobby

      Haha, sarcasm?

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        no, it does sound cool! I always liked robot wars for some reason 🙂

        • ZeeLobby

          Haha. Gotchya, Yeah. I’m definitely excited to see where they take it. Just always skeptical of how much coverage BoLS will give it, hehe.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I expect the coverage will continue as long as the payments to BoLs do. I’m pretty sure these sort of posts are what would be called ‘advertising features’.

          • Primogenesis Ltd

            I wish that were the case 🙂 it would mean we had actual money in an advertising budget lol! Actually BoLS have taken stuff from a couple of Gamewire articles we posted and been kind enough to pop it on the front page…which was a very nice surprise when I woke up this morning! Thanks for the comments guys, we are only little, its lovely to get a bit of interest 🙂

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Interested to hear that, BoLs is missing a trick if these front page articles are free!

            Good luck with your game, its a great idea.

  • Flag 5: Enemy in sight!

    I’m not a prude but I couldn’t help being distracted by the language. They might want to tone it down in future.