40K: Future Mini Triumvirates We Need

We’ve got three sets of Gathering Storm minis headed our way – but what will the future hold?

In Q1 we’ve had 3 volumes of Gathering Storm hit the shelves and with them came three Triumvirate sets of miniatures. These sets are high quality sets and GW gave them al lot of attention. They have a custom tray with a heavy card art-sheet, color instructions, the minis themselves, all inside a double layered full color box with chromed lettering.  I would be shocked if they don’t continue this line throughout the year as the 2017 40k narrative arc proceeds.

The Present

The three sets so far are:

Triumvirate of the Imperium

Celestine, Cawl, Greyfax

Triumvirate of Ynnead

Yncarne, Yvraine, Visarch

Triumvirate of the Primarch

Guilliman, Voldus, Cypher

A Possible Future

In these models we see a mix of old (Cypher, Celestine) and new (all the others).  I would assume that GW would continue this pattern and give the major factions Triumvirates that give us 1-2 old models and a new updated version of someone important with an outdated minis.  Here’s what I think we may see later this year:

Chaos Triumvirate

Abaddon, Daemon Prince, Sorceror (already rumored)

Ork Triumvirate

Ghaz, Baddruk (both mentioned already), and some new dude.

Xenos Triumvirate

Swarmlord (he’s evolved), New Necron Lord/C’Tan, Tau Commander (take your pick)

I haven’t touched Chaos Daemons as I’m sure we’ll see see at least one more Daemon Primarch show up this year. My money is on either Fulgrim, or Mortarion, or both if we’re really lucky.

~What Triumvirates do you hope to see and what important characters desperately need badass new GW plastic to bring them into the 21st century?

  • Darth Bumbles

    Alpha Legion Teiumverate:
    Alpharius, Omegon and their sister, Dot.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      I thought their sister’s name was Omegle?

    • petrow84

      Hey, the third should be “I am”.

      • euansmith

        Not “Waddiam”, as in “I am waddiam, I’m “Pop-eyed” the Slaanesh Man!”

        • polyquaternium7


    • Darth Bumbles

      Or, an Alpha Legion Triumverate where all three models are identical.

    • Donaldosaurus


    • iFiebs

      Surely they have a brother called Spartacus?


  • Jared Swenson

    I would like to see a Tau triumvirate. Farsight, Shadowsun, and Aun’shi. All of those are resins and all need new models. Still waiting for Farsight’s story to reach these end tim… er… i mean gathering storms.

    • DDisforDangerous

      I still have the original plastic-and-metal Farsight model :). Not sure they’ll update a model so soon, but it’s not unprecedented. Thankfully, I seem to have skipped most of the finecast era.

    • NNextremNN

      Wait Aun’shi is resin? Since when? The unpainted lying in my backlog is pretty much metal.

      But yes I want a new tau triumvirate with new charactes and not just some Xenos rest we forgot so we redo some old models.

      • Jonathan B.

        A bunch (but not all) of the metal models have been converted to Finecast resin (it uses the same molds).

    • Jared van Kell

      I think the Tau Triumvirate will be O’Shovah, O’Shaserra and O’Kais. The three students of Commander Puretide.

      • Jared Swenson

        That does make sense. It would take an apocalyptic event to get those 3 to unite.

        • Jared van Kell

          Well this is the Time of Ending for the 40K Universe so apocalyptic events are a dime a dozen right now.
          Besides O’Shovah and O’Shaserra worked together to fight off the Imperium in the Warzone: Damocles books and whilst Farsight is still a criminal in the eyes of the Ethereals, there is still a measure of respect between the two. All they have to do is wake up O’Kais.

  • DDisforDangerous

    Or maybe they’ll go back to releasing models the normal way. A Chaos Triumvirate would be very neat but I’d like an update of the rest of the Chaos range a bit more *cough* Havocs *cough*.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Triumvirate of Nurgle, Great Unclean One, Typhus, Mortarion.

  • petrow84

    Triumvirate of the Primarch – the first one, which actually is a triumvirate.

    • NNextremNN

      Why do you think the others weren’t?

      • Kefka

        Triumvirate comes from “tres viri” meaning “three men”
        since the first two sets contain at least one woman it is not a triumvirate in the literal sense.

        • petrow84

          Damn right.

          • Ben Zagami

            If we’re being pedantic can we even consider an Astartes, let alone a Primarch, a man anymore?

          • petrow84

            “GW never really touched on the subject…”

          • Kefka

            I’m willing to let an astartes count, since they do have mortal roots, being born of common humans.
            But a Primarch? That depends how human the Emperor is himself and if other genetic sources were involved…but I admit it’s stretching the bounds of “man” or “Human” very far.

          • NNextremNN

            Well when started Apes being humans and when will humans stop being humans.

            Also after you mentioned I looked it up and yes viri is men but I think this refers to male people. So I think it is less of a question of being human or nor but of being male or female. Which is a concept also present in other 40K races.

            So what classifies a man as man? Physiology? check!
            Functional reproduction organs? Don’t know I think they are there but don’t work for reproduction.
            Genetic? I have no clue what chromosomes primarchs have.
            Social construct / self chosen Identity? I never liked that concept anyway so I’m gonna ignore this.

          • Lewismauler

            Yeah and who truly knows how those filthy Xenos even breed let alone how they identify in terms of gender roles.

          • Iconoc1ast


        • Commissar Molotov

          Don’t get me started on the misuse of “decimate.”

          • Kefka

            what can I say, you learn more by the day~

        • Lewismauler

          Also the first Triumvirate had 5 models.
          The second had 3.5. I say .5 becuase yvraine has her gyrinx.

        • Noah Jerge

          Good catch.

      • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

        Well the first set was a Triumvirate of 5 people 😛 Second had three and a cat.

        • NNextremNN

          I think the other two girls and the cat don’t count. But I think Kefka is correct with the literal meaning.

          • Lion El’ Jonson

            Technically a Triumvirate is three men with power working as a group…..but with that being said


    • Lewismauler

      Is it even though, let’s be real Voldus is probably a eunuch. I imagine all Grey Knights are eunuchs so they’ve aren’t susceptible to the temptation of that filthy slaaneshi practice known as sex or when space marine should are involved it’s automatically bdsm becuase they know no fear

  • J Mad


    One of the most overcosted units in the game.

    • Jimmy Rajden

      The swarmlord has a plastic model all ready. They are unlikely to make a new model making the old one a generic tyrant. There is a load of models that actually need a new spotlight, swarmlord is not one of them. Asking for one is just greedy and unhinged.

      • J Mad

        Asking for a rules update to one of the worst rules set unit isnt tho.

    • petrow84

      Look at what happened to Celestine. If Swarmy gets half the goodies she got, it will be unstoppable.

      • J Mad

        A nearly 300pt model that moves 6″ should be good.

        • petrow84

          guess they should more emphasize its excellent resilience (like, IWND, Eternal warrior, 6+ wounds, native invu save, 2 regenerating Guard, like the Gemini at Celestine, etc), plus its adaptive tactics and strategy which will be passed on to the army.

  • Djbz

    How about the Triumpherate of Commoragh?

    • Logan Miller

      If they do a Commoragh triumvirate, I would much rather see it be Vect, Malys and Sliscus

      • Luca Lacchini

        Yes please to a DE triumvirate. Vect on the updated Dais, Sliscus and Sathonyx.

        • Logan Miller

          As long as Vect isn’t glued to the Dais like the 3rd Ed. model, or Santa Grimnar. Sathonyx would be great as long as he grants some uber buffs to Hellions (which are my favorite DE model after Scourgaes) and make them worthwhile for once.

          • Luca Lacchini

            I just hope the Dais isn’t just a Ravager-custom model. I’d rather see Vect on a weaponized grav-throne/battle barge sort of thing (the cover of 1°ed Rifts RPG comes to mind), with slaves, trophies, arcane weapons that make the AdMech piss their pants.

      • Logan Miller

        Sliscus though is a must have. He was mandatory in ANY DE army I fielded back in 5th before the Dark Eldar became the Not So Dark Eldar

    • TheMawr

      If a Drukhari triumvate happens with known names, I’d pretty much expect Vect/Urien & Decapicator at this point in the storyline.
      GSII seems to indicate Vect going with his darker kindred from now on.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    i really doubt swarmlord will get an update, considering hes a plastic option in the hive tyrant kit.

    as for orks, my wishlist would be: ghazgkull, wazzdakka, orkimedes

    • Karru

      Is Wazzdakka with Ghazghkull?

      • kaptinscuzgob

        i was thinking of nazdreg, i get orky names mixed up a lot

        • GrimTeef

          Yes! I’d give my best Stompa for a Nazdreg model. Hell, even a combo kit to make either Nazdreg or Ghaz, with Orkimedes and Badrukk in there as well. Then you’re crossing the big three ruling aspects of Orkdom – Bosses, Meks, and Freebootaz.

  • TDog

    Ork Triumvirate: gotta include Orkimedes!

    • Karru

      I wouldn’t be surprised he was the “big model” in the kit. Kustom build Deff Dread might be cool.

  • KnightShift

    Orks need Zogwort returned to them. Along with his ability to turn opponents into squigs.

  • euansmith
  • Derek

    Halrlequin : Sylandri Veiwalker, Lady Malys and some random dude. Probably never happen lol.

    • TheMawr

      Lady malys, evil laughing Avatar of the laughing god and some Harlequin armored dude with masks all over his armor…… oh wait…….

    • TheMawr

      More seriously my wishlisting for an Harlequin triumvirate would be :

      – Lady Malys .. but as an avatar of the laughing god to make her very different from yvraine. Masks floating about etc. but not too similar to the yncarne.

      – New character that is kind of an algamation of Solitaire/Death Jester and Shadowseer. No mask (broken solitaire mask on the ground?.) but painted face (mix of voodoo and the joker.) and having an Alien hyena sidekick (seperate base)

      – Baron Sathonyx… yeah I know he is DE but I want him to grab the Hellions, leave commoragh for what it is and join the Harlequins in the webway. adding an extra troop option for harlequins.

      I like veilwalker to be a narrative but not a combative force actually.

  • Baldrick

    A new Dante mini?…….set……

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    …The Imperial one isn’t a Triumverate!


    I want to see a DA triumverate with the Lion, Azrael, and Ezekiel

    • orionburn

      Would like a plastic Sammy vs. a new Zeke model. Azrael definitely needs an update, though.

      • Lion El’ Jonson

        Sammy already has an ace model though, I still regard it as the dankiest of the dank among GW’s miniatures.

        Ezekiel’s model is still great, but I’d like to a new one, that stays true to the original.

  • pokemastercube .

    nids dont work in a mixed triumvitare, they would just eat the others right away. would have to be nids and gsc

  • NNextremNN

    Your last one is like yeah something something Xenos whatever I have forgotten. This make absolute zero sense all other triumvirates were working together on the same battlefield and this one should kill each other … at least with the tyranid inside.

    • euansmith

      Unless the ‘nids have eaten so many pesky humans, with all that new DNA, they start to develop independent thought and the Hivemind becomes corrupted.

  • Wampasaurus

    How about a Tyranids one by itself? In fact I think if they did it right all factions could do with one. Tyranids have a couple options for their trio. Pick 3 between The Swarmlord, Old One Eye, Deathleaper, The Doom of Malan’Tai (YES PLEASE!!!), The Red Terror and maybe even a new Genestealer unique? I think we can all agree Nids are overpriced in points for what they do

  • bfmusashi

    It should be Abbadon, Huron, and Doomrider for Chaos.

    • euansmith

      It sound be Doomrider mounted on his bike, Doomrider dismounted and Doomrider in a pile on the floor, surrounded by piles of Warp Dust and Herocaine.

      • Ty Hayden

        Perhaps with a scenic base with a ‘snow’ angel imprint?

  • AnomanderRake

    Why do we need a ‘new guy’ in the Ork Triumvirate? It should be Wazdakka. Or possibly Gorgutz.

  • Randy Randalman

    They won’t redo the Swarmlord (he’s already in a “live” plastic kit). It would probably end up yet another new monster, with WS/BS 3, a 3+ save, 6″ movement and no useful biomorphs.

  • BJ Mickle

    The Tyranid Triumvirate should be a named tyranid tyrant, a named Genestealer cult member, and a named lictor or something.

    • euansmith

      Licky McLickface, the Lictor?

      • Commissar Molotov

        Awwww, sweet xenos “kisses!”

        • euansmith

          Never go ‘nid on a first date.

  • Arthfael

    “Swarmlord (he’s evolved), New Necron Lord/C’Tan, Tau Commander (take your pick)” Seriously? Even with GW’s own very loose approach to alliances, this would never work.

    • Derek Lee

      I’m sure they would all be enemies and defeat the spirit of a triumvirate. Tau on the other hand, could have Demiurg introduced or any of the other 7 races they have besides the Vespid/Kroot.

      Nids/Genestealers/??? – what would happen if nids hit a massive group of Hurd?

      Necron/C’Tan/Enslaver? – Enslavers kinda ended the war with the old ones. Maybe Necrons know how to unleash them and duck and cover until the fighting is done, or the Enslavers don’t mess with them at all. Like pairing xenomorphs from Alien and terminator exoskeletons.

      • a Zoat!

      • I often think Genestealers are where they got to after concepting Space Skaven. They wanted something hiding in shadows, and impossibly alien to understand, but because of the influence of Aliens, they ended up with Genestealers. Heck, see Mantic’s VeerMyn for something exactly half way between Skaven and Genestealers. So the concept of the other ‘aborted space skaven concept’, the Hrud, being a race that enslaved Genestealers and Tyranids would be quite cool. Perhaps not different enough in play style from a cult though.

        • Derek Lee

          Fluff wise, you would expect the nids to win over the Hurd. Then again, you would figure Great Crusade Space Marine legions would too. It would be a heck of a twist if the hidden nomadic/parasitic Hurd where the perfect combination of poison and advanced aging aura to counter the Nid’s standard nom nom nom protocols. How funny would it be if the Nids took a page out of the Imperial play book and destroyed Hurd infested planets with orbital bombardment or using the Hive fleets to push asteroids into the planet’s path?

          • Well at some point you need an anti Tyranid defense otherwise they will end up eating everything so that could work. Unless the Necrons, being non-organic can fulfil that role.

  • That Ork one? Ghaz, Ok. Badrukk? really.
    How about Nezdreg.

  • NovaeVox

    Yeah, Baddruk isn’t a great choice for Orks. The ultimate Ork triumvirate would be: Ghazghkull, Nazdreg, Wazzdakka. Probably the three most cunning and ambitious warlords in the galaxy.

    However, Orkimedes, or Zogwort, would be acceptable if every triumvirate member can’t ostensibly be a beatstick.

    • Commissar Molotov

      Bring back Nazdreg! My old Nazdreg model wants to be played!

  • Mordkanin

    Necrons could have The Silent King with a couple ‘special’ Praetorian bodyguards, like Celestine has, A C’tan shard of the Void Dragon, and I’m unsure what the 3rd would be. Something new with some new Necron plot development would be nice…

    • Something cool from Trazin’s vault

  • Drew_Da_Destroya

    “Ork Triumvirate Ghaz, Baddruk (both mentioned already), and some new dude”.

    Gimme Nazdreg or gimme WAAAAGH

  • Ty Hayden

    IG – Commissar Ciaphas Caine, Gunner Ferik Jurgen and Inquisitor Amberley Vail. It would also include an upgrade sprue for a transport vehicle so Cain can have his Pintle Heavy Bolter and to represent Jurgen’s ability to procure anything. So it would have bits of gear from every Imperial Vehicle Upgrade sprue.

  • I think we’ll see a Blood Angels triumvirate at some point down the line. I reckon that will consist of a new Mephiston in some kind of dioramic pose, an ‘Avatar of Sanguinius’ which would basically be Dante possessed by the Sanguinor, forming a daemon prince sized Sanguinius proxy. And some third character either Corbulo or someone new.

    I expect they’ll do the same with all the major factions over the next 3 years or so.

    • Probably they’ll make it so that the avatar is ‘powered up’ by channelling Black Rage and thus there will be a sort of cure for the Blood Angels, using some kind of spell where Mephiston and the librarians ‘suck’ blackrage out of death companies and inject it into Dante or some other victim, maybe even Lemartes, who then turns into a daemon prince infused by the Sanguinor’s spirit. CHEESE!

  • Rainthezangoose

    Am I the only one who doesn’t being force to buy two models they don’t specifically want/like to get one that they do?

    • Buy it from someone on ebay who’s split it then

  • Wow you put a lot of thought into that.

  • Drpx

    For necrons: Imotehk, Anrakyr and Trollzyn. If either of the other two die within 6″ of Trollzyn, he loots their stuff.

  • Daniel Rodriguez Casado

    If Fulgrim is a real thing (and we can be sure about it), maybe Fulgrim, Fabius Billis and Lucius, Like a Slaanesh triumvirate.

    If Fulgrim is similar in size to Roboute, and not so big like Magnus, can be a good option.

    To me its a logical option in the near future, and more after the eldar one.

    But for me, one with Abaddon, maybe with Typhus and Erebus. But if the entire lore is around chaos vs all, Abaddon need a new mini. Even if not because lore or a triumvirate, Abaddon need a new miniature right now.

  • Matt

    Orks and Chaos are probably the next options. Given that the Eldar book basically wrapped DE and Harlequins in already, I would not expect new models for them as part of a similar book. Tyranids, Necrons, and Tau may be tough just because they don’t really work together consistently or with anyone else. Orks are kind of the same, but Orks have the advantage of having a LOT more special characters with and without models vs. the other xenos factions.

    So far these have all been one largish model and two smaller models. For Orks I think the big model would absolutely be Ghazghkull, but larger and boosted to the point where he is comparable in terms of rules with the others. For the smaller models I would love to see Wazdakka and one of the others that never had a model before.

    Chaos is easy. There are a bunch of Chaos Primarchs left to release along with updates to models like Lucuis or Fabius Bile.

  • Ogemo1

    How about Honsou, night haunter sahaal and omegon? The Triumvirate of disorder

  • Graeme Donaldson

    Dark Eldar need one, none of this Ynnead voodoo. Vect on Dais of Destruction, Baron Sathonyx on skyboard (with rules for him in Gangs of Commorragh), new Drahzar model.