New Warhammer Fantasy Video Game announced!

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Games-Workshop and Bigben Studios announce a new game based on classic Warhammer Fantasy…

That’s right folks. Warhammer Fantasy is getting a new video game–not Age of Sigmar, but good old, dudes on blocky bases in ranks Fantasy is getting a new video game in the near future. Helmed by the studio responsible for the How to Survive games, it sounds like this will be a new Action RPG (or maybe it’ll be my secret hope, a Dynasty Warriors-esque brawler, but set in Fantasy with some multiplayer elements). I don’t think that’ll actually happen–but one can hope.

Just throw in some more skulls and he’s basically a champion of Khorne already…

via Bigben

Bigben and Games Workshop are happy to announce their partnership for the development of a consoles and PC game based on the renowned Warhammer Fantasy Battles IP.

This adaptation of the franchise will be the first Hack and Slash game to unfold in the Warhammer world. The game takes place in the Old World, a dark and bloody continent devastated by the wars against Chaos. Dive into the heart of the Warhammer story, become a hero and battle to survive the desolation.

The French studio Eko Software, known for attracting millions of survivors in the How to Survive series, was entrusted with the new Warhammer Fantasy Battles adaptation.

“We are very pleased to work with Games Workshop developing a game which draws from the incredible potential of the Warhammer world. The Eko Software and Bigben teams have long been fans of this franchise from day one, including myself. Warhammer Fantasy Battles is well suited to offer players something quite innovative in the timeless Hack and Slash genre.” affirmed Benoit Clerc, Director of Video Games at Bigben.

“We’re really pleased to start this new partnership with Bigben, and this project will be an amazing opportunity for gamers to experience an epic story in the first Hack and Slash game set in the classic Warhammer Fantasy world. Eko did a great job with their How To Survive series and we’re confident they are going to do something amazing with our IP. I know the Bigben and Eko staff are massive fans of our lore and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.”declared Jon Gillard, Head of Licensing at Games Workshop.

Additional information on the story, playable races, key realms and geography, the platforms and the game title will be unveiled shortly.

It’s kind of an exciting time for Warhammer Fantasy video games right now, what with that mysterious Total War: Warhammer countdown site going down next week sometime, teasing at some kind of big reveal (probably concerning the temple city of Lustria [it’s in the background of that page]) due to drop Friday afternoon.

Which probably means its Lizardmen, which is good, because it’s about dang time, and now all I can think about is what a Lizardman campaign would be like in Total War: Warhammer. But more than that, because we know that Lizardmen aren’t going to be in Total War: Warhammer, maybe this means they’re gearing up to announce the second game in the trilogy?

Be sure and check back for more news on both of these announcements as it develops…

  • Kritarion

    I got excited by the pictureof Lu Bu and thought we were getting a Dynasty Warhammer. Bugger.

    • Jonathan Laveaud

      Same here erf

    • ZeeLobby

      LOL, would be tight.

      • Kritarion

        Who would be the Lu Bu stand in? Archaeon? Slambo?

        • ZeeLobby

          It’d def have to be someone mounted. Sadly no one uses halberds anymore in AoS, haha.

          • ALittleGreeky

            Chaos lords use em, but they’re on foot 😛

    • TenDM

      I wonder how that’d play out. I mean the Dynasty games don’t really care about making sense, so we’d probably see WHFB, Age of Sigmar Horus Heresy and 40,000 characters fighting side by side.

  • No one wants to make game in the Age of Smegmar universe?

    • Karru

      It pretty easy to explain really. First of all, it’s still very new and lacks a lot in terms of “fleshing things out”. Meanwhile Fantasy has a rich world with lots of interesting characters and factions to build a game and a story around.

      Then there is the monetary reason. Since Fantasy is gone and still has a cr*p ton of fans wanting something that takes place in that universe, it is much wiser to develop a game that takes place there instead.

      • Age of Smegmar was a mistake. GW should apologize for it. No one will make game in this silly universe with golden sigmarines and flying flaming mountains.

        Meanwhile Friday will be announced new Total War taking place in Lustria with Lizardmen, Dark Elves and Skaven – not some “Aelvaelas of Nightness” and “Seraphonas from Magical Stars” (just type Seraphon in Google Image – GW should at least check their stupid names).

        Age of Sigmar universe is dumb and everyone in video game industry know this.

        • Yeah. That stupid viking mythology. How dumb. No one likes that stuff right? Clash of the Titans was the worst idea evar.

          • Sleeplessknight

            I agree, it was awful.

          • vlad78

            Both movies were awful to be honest. But AOS is even worse.

          • ZeeLobby

            Your being sarcastic (i’m guessing), but it is a really dull universe, except for those who are obsessed with it. It reminds me of people obsessed with like steampunk, or samurai. The old world had a ton of culture and options. There was really room for anything.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            So, a question would be, why does a wargame require a complex history to work?

          • ZeeLobby

            Not necessarily. But the more vague a world is, the less interesting. You see this in MtG all the time (especially if you’ve read their books). In realms where anything can happen, theirs fountains of feces, and rivers of blood, waterfalls of tears, etc, there’s just no connection for the reader/player. I’m still waiting for GW to write about the human side of AoS, as right it doesn’t have that aspect to give it mass appeal.

          • Aezeal

            Now the last part of your reply is starting to make some sense.. not much.. just some.

          • ZeeLobby

            I mean, look at how important relating the human element and being able to draw parallels between the reader/watcher and the story is important to every other media. I mean it basically makes/breaks cinema, and most books that lack it ring hollow. Sadly I think it makes many AoS stories ring hollow as well. Why should I care if these super-ghost-but-not-ghost warriors win or lose. We hear about the people they protect, but never see them.

            A good example of this done well is actually the Horus Heresy series. The first three books did a great job of alternating between space marines and the humans meant to document their deeds. It gave you a very personal look at humanity’s role in and perception of events. In the Old World you had characters that were just mortal/human warriors with desires/needs that you could relate to or at least grasp. A lot of that is just missing from their latest AoS stuff. It’s very fantastical, but the perspective is missing.

          • Aezeal

            Well some of the novels go deeper into what it means to be a stormcat eternal. If they put that a bit more on the foreground instead of 24/7 fights it would help even without regular humans.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            So if we apply this to the previous world of Fantasy.

            The world was considerably fleshed out (well, not Araby or Africa or Cathay etc) . It was certainly not vague.

            however the this may have restricted the development of the world. Appearing to have in some part caused its stagnation. Raising the barrier of entry and limit possible new factions/releases.

            Do you feel that a vague world can be interesting by creating a somewhat shallow but diverse universe.

            What would you say is the connection for the reader/player in Fantasy that is missing from the new story?

            As an incredibly niche hobby Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World certainly lacks mass appeal, so much so that it became eclipsed by the much more popular 40k and eventually stagnated and died.

            How does one balance the low barrier to entry and the deep lore that is required to create a successful nerdy universe like LotR or Star Wars?

          • Joseph

            “does a wargame require a complex history to be successful?”
            If I re-phrase the question to “have in depth lore and interesting
            characters/stories” then AoS seems to indicate no, at least not to be initially successful. Vague and cohesive allows you to create .
            It is however required if you want a successful video game, novel, or Pen and paper RPG, yes undeniably which is why AOS, from the near future if ever, will have no success in those areas.

            “The world was considerably fleshed out” “however this may have restricted the development of the world, appearing to me to have in
            some part caused its stagnation.”
            I must respectfully disagree. There was no real attempt to lift the stagnation after the first storm of chaos, which was fallowed many
            years later by a single lore book with blood of sigmar then they gave up. Sure it may limit you from Righting grand plots which involve the lofty characters but there’s nothing to stop you from leaving your own stamp. From a novel perspective while the old setting may have been mildly restrictive and required effort to fact check the lore on the opposite end AOS allows for very little emotional grounding and has very little of interest to be explored outside its armies fighting.

            “Do you feel that a vague world can be interesting by creating a somewhat shallow but diverse universe.”
            No, and this is a general consensus. It can be visually intriguing but not interesting. 90%-95% of pen and paper rpg players I have asked (and this is around 100 people and counting) will not touch it.

            “What would you say is the connection for the reader/player in Fantasy that is missing from the new story?”
            A cohesive/ immersive setting with relatable characters and complex stories to tell. That and the reduced ability to customise your own army to make it personal and unique.

            “As an incredibly niche hobby Warhammer Fantasy and the Old World certainly lacks mass appeal, so much so that it became eclipsed by the much more popular 40k and eventually stagnated and died.”
            40k and AoS are also neich hobbies. You don’t get people coming in of the street to buy miniatures like you would video games or books for example. So the hobby lacks mass appeal to begin with. The only mass appeal you can have is within the niche itself. And again it stagnated due to GW’s neglect, and possibly because guns have a broader appeal.

            “How does one balance the low barrier to entry and the deep lore that is required to create a successful nerdy universe like LotR or
            Star Wars?”
            Have simpler rules and a well written setting would be a nice start. LoTR despite its magical aspects is a relatable and believable setting. You could imagine yourself living in LoTR, but that’s not the case with AoS.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            What is your exposure to AoS lore? A lot of your comments don’t match my experience of the world, having read several of the novels, listened to their audiodrama series (which was very good), and owned 3 battletomes.

            I feel I have an intermediate grasp of the new setting, I can imagine myself quite easily living in that world, and can empathise the characters who fill it.

          • Joseph

            Perhaps its best i ask you for some examples as i’ve clearly
            been reading very different material? Im not really a fan of the setting at base; floating lands with people so vastly different they don’t feel like they belong together. That in addition to the lore that has been explained to me at length by people that bought/lent me battle tomes, the store mangers, and that present in the starter set and the silver tower. It seemed incompetently sparse for a brand new release. That coupled with the fact im not really comfortable
            with shelling out £35 for something i will not like and don’t need to play the game has made it difficult with recent releases.

            Are there any books that detail the life of every day citizens as appose to large battles/armies, something along the lines of Gortek & Felix or WFBR in terms of detail? Preferably something chaos related or at the very least not related to the sigmarines/sigmar.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            The first one Gates of Azyr has quite a nice bit where we see the world through the eyes of a human inhabitant constantly running away from the cannibal bloodbound.

            The stormcast in that book are unfortunately bland though.

            The nurgle lords in the novels based around Torgulg are pretty fun. Classic Old world nurgle chaps having fun and goofing around, I found the Glotkinn much more entertaining than in the end times, they feel more at home in the mythical realm of life.

            The Fyreslayer book had some suprisingly solid dwarf characters. Its the fyrslayers dealing with each of the chaos powers over 4 stories. Really fleshes out their way of life, makes them feel like a living, breathing race.

            City of secrets is just great! (if a bit short). It focusing on the citizens of one of the new cities, witch hunters and cultists with some dark elf privateers. Stormcast are not all viewed as saviours and some people are afraid of them.

            Flesh eater courts are kind of unique, with no real strong characters, but a incredibly evocative theme and flavour to their race. Really fun reading how the courts and how their madness works.

            In terms of Stormcast, I think they can work. I enjoyed Grimn from the campaign books, and a few others are fine. Essentially not as facist spacemarines. They are pretty good standard for exploring the wierder worlds, as they are quite familiar.

            The new warhammer quest book has some little bits of stuff about the city of Hammerhal. Feels very mordheimy.

            Only had a flick through that though. Not read enough.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            Its worth saying that nothing has beaten Gotrex and Felix so far in terms of quality.

            The first few books of that series was my favourite, and some of the best stuff that came out of the Old World.

            Its enjoyable reading at the moment, the world seems to be constantly built upon. Its fun to explore new areas and races as the universe is made.

            Of course this is only my opinion, as I’m quite optimistic. Like fantasy, its a mixed bag. The same tropes are there, and its surprisingly familiar in many ways.

            I’d stay away from the campaign books, they are fine, but too expensive unless you want to play a themed narrative campaign with your friends.

            The worst AoS stories are just stage by stage descriptions of the battles and who dies in what order.

            The best use strong characters to anchor you down in fantastic worlds.

            edit: one thing that can be irritating can be the overuse of silly names of weapons and units, but I’ve just been reading the horus heresy novels and it appears to occur in that too. Guess its just a GW thing. Never really was a problem in fantasy.

          • ragelion

            Considering the very same black library writers and people who write the fluff outright tell us that in actuality they found writing for whfb to be limiting. Due to the nature of the world and one of the positives they like about writing age of sigmar is because it’s far more open and less limiting.

            So saying it stifles creativity? I don’t get that.

          • ZeeLobby

            Most of BL’s star writers don’t write for AoS, and to be honest about half of the “novel” writing is pretty poor. That said, it also completely lacks the humanistic aspect, and lacks many physical boundaries. Without limitations in a setting it just gets to be a crazy mess fast. Why fight over a world of poo swamps and blood rivers? Where’s the motivation and story? You may be able to create great one and done tales, but you’ll never build a world.

          • Its all a matter of perspective.

            From my own perspective I can take or leave the old world and I can take or leave viking mythology mortal realms.

            I know personally that the new worlds have instilled more creativity in my local area than any other game to date and that more people are involved with the new narrative precisely because of its formlessness.

            The appeal is definitely there and marketable.

          • ZeeLobby

            But marketable to the masses, who’ve been familiar with the old world for 30+ years and now with another major franchise? Or marketable to a fraction of gaming groups that actually continued onto AoS?

          • I think the main issue of contention is trying to prove that whfb has a larger potential audience than aos does (and vice versa). This is unquantifiable.

            For my own position, there are more fantasy players today than there was even at the height of 7th tournament edition. The amount of new players we’ve gotten eclipsed anything we did prior.

            Caveat is a good 9 out of 10 people I know and have known to play wargames give zero damns about the background so dont’ care either way about old world vs new world. They just want to play the game that everyone else is playing so they know they can get in a game once in a while.

          • Seb


            In a friendly discussive manner, you can to one extent – by examining search trends online for phrases like Warhammer and Age of Sigmar (amongst many others I used to cross reference search spikes):

            All charts cover 2004-2017


            In addition, that is the one thing that upsets Old World fans, the game understood by players wherever you go, is now one they don’t like. So we’re split, those who prefer to game in the Old World and those that prefer Age of Sigmar.

            It was a bold move and pretty dangerous for GW to do this. When reviewing Wargaming genre search trends, it has plummeted over the years:


            I’ve been doing some serious trends research on wargaming out of personal interest and after all that effort for AoS, GW had a spike then shallowed out to pre-warhammer levels with about a 5% uptick. Something very interesting is Mantic Games has grown and is now nearly on par with search share as Warhammer.

            The biggest spike afterward was TW: Warhammer, which lifted interest in the Old World miniatures & wiki, then died off within in two months. Shows to me a massive missed opportunity of new mini players, as Age of Sigmar searches were lesser during the same period.

            Interesting reading 🙂

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            These stats may be slightly misleading due to the amount of community outreach GW has done over a decade has varied widely.

            The amount of search engines has also varied over a decade, and as this I assume only looks at google search (not old ones like yahoo or newer ones like facebook) may not provide a useful picture.

          • Seb

            Thanks for the feedback, shall explore those options also. These are two of about a dozen trends I profiled from 10 – 2 yr lots. These being the most blunt look for purpose of commentary 🙂

            As for GW outreach, you can see the drop off effect post Warpgate network closed and kept sliding from the beginning.

            Of late, Warhammer/AoS is going up compared to gradual decline.

            Cheers thereturnofsuppuppers.

          • thereturnofsuppuppers

            Its tricky. If we were to look at boardgaming (another niche hobby for us nerdy types)

            We know that there has been a recent golden age in boardgaming and a large jump in hobbyists, but looking at a search from 2004 we see a slow decline, with a hint of a rise towards the end of the decade.

            This might be because of too broad search terms, or just a lack of detailed data.

          • Seb

            Huh, funny you should bring that up, as I searched using “Tabletop gaming” and it largely matched the downward trend of “Wargaming + Miniatures” ..however, it upticked a lot of late. So I checked dates.. this was the same time frame Twitch came into being and we have boardgame shows and some DnD themed shows.

            This was similar to upticks when Forums founded, Facebook began growing (2007+), Warhammer Online and so on.

            Really is down the Rabbit Hole with trend research haha 😀

          • I don’t think search trends prove that AOS is less sellable than WHFB is though. I say that because most people I know don’t search for AOS or whfb items. In fact, the vast majority of people I know dont even read forums or blogs such as this, but our fantasy community is larger than it ever has been today.

          • Seb

            Well to some measure it can, because despite being so very new, not only does AoS now match Warhammer Fantasy, it is growing.

            So your summation is right. My original reply was that TW: Warhammer was a missed opportunity for new gamers due to encouraging a now past world (WHFB).

            It should be interesting to see the first AoS based PC games and their effect 🙂

            Fair point about readership though, I’ve been online since 1997 as a hobbyist, so the web is my strongest touchstone for information. 🙂

          • I agree that TW Warhammer is a missed opportunity. I woudl love to see them do an AOS sequel but it looks like they are doing a trilogy all in the old world.

          • Seb

            Sequel is probably likely at some point Auticus, given how it went for the Old World hah 😀

          • Aezeal

            Zee, this is not true and on top of that doesn’t make any sense either.

          • ZeeLobby

            Eh. I think it does. Many people know the old world and it’s history. Heck, I even have non-GW playing friends who played Dark Omen back in the day, or have at least read a fair amount of the older novels. I think in about 3/4 years we’ll have enough back content to be able to build a video game franchise off of. Right now the only people who’d buy it are those who are playing AoS right now.

          • Aezeal

            This makes more sense, though a first person slasher (like that blood angel SM game) could already work in this world. You can’t really do a total waar AoS .. I’admit that. On the other hand you could do a nice RPG in somcity you develop yourself… it’d probably end up as canon anyway.

          • Drpx

            I remember when Chaos were the Vikings…

        • zeno666

          lol!! Seraphon the tickling!

      • TenDM

        If I were making a game I’d jump straight onto Sigmar. This is Age of Sigmar’s formative years. You can do stuff that really makes a difference. None of that working within a massive pile of lore non-sense.

        • Karru

          Where you see a massive pile of lore non-sense, I see a structured world with building blocks ready for use. Age of Sigmar on the other hand is an utter mess with no interesting factions to play with. There is seriously nothing interesting going on with the world.

          It feels like nothing matters. What is the situation of Humans or other “mortals” in this world? Are they really that important? They have gods travelling amongst their regular forces, surely they can just fix anything that goes wrong.

          That’s the core of the issue. A game set in AoS universe would lack all impact. The first issue lies with geography. They give one of the mortal realms as the place and vast majority of players have absolutely no idea where that is. Then they give even more close up details where they are located within that realm. Of those players that know about the realms, a good portion yet have no idea where they are.

          Then you have the lack of impact. Since AoS is too high fantasy, nothing seems to matter. Considering the powers that are at work in the mortal realms, they can just fix everything with a snap of a finger. Considering that there are still humans around even after several destructive invasions, it doesn’t seem that they are struggling.

          You have immortal beings in hordes, appearing out of nowhere to attack enemies that “threaten” the mortal realms. This becomes extremely boring very quickly as there is seriously no real threat.

          In the Old World, armies couldn’t teleport. They had to march across the world to reach places. This means that they can pull off interesting twists. You go destroy one army in one place, turns out that the army was just a distraction and the real target is an entire province away. Welp, this isn’t going so well because what ever they are planning on doing, they will most likely succeed.

          Meanwhile in AoS. Oh, this army was a distraction? ON TO THE MAGICAL LIGHTING BUS BROTHERS!

          They made everything too powerful in AoS. There is no such thing as “weak” in that world because if it was it’s like an ant. You step on it and you feel absolutely nothing. You ignore it, you feel absolutely nothing. You watch it move, you feel absolutely nothing.

          • Aezeal

            Everything normal WAS stepped on.. Chaos conquered most of the realms… Only Azyr was save and closed of and there Sigmar created his armies to battle the powerfull stuff.. that is the whole point.

      • Fungrim

        2nd bit is nail on the head.

        Whilst most can just enjoy the game for a decent throw-back, the biggest audience will be those who literally live in the past and refuse to move on. They’ll wrench themselves away from the brilliance that is Kings of War (!) for a few hours and snap the game up on Steam so they can revel in the nostalgia of ‘the good ol days’ whilst screaming maniacally into their echo-chamber about the terrible new fantasy game GW is peddling that bizarrely seems to be doing very, very well…

        • Karru

          While the game might be solid, the world is very bad, bland and boring. Old World had a lot going for it, more than what AoS currently has and most likely ever will be. The current AoS writers are just so bad that even your average Tumblr Fan Fic seems better. They just made the world too “powerful” that there doesn’t seem to be any point to anything in it beyond hitting someone with a hammer really, really hard.

        • Joseph

          oh look an AOS enthusiast being smug, what a surprise…

          but in all seriousness a few questions if i may:
          1. how would you advise people ” stop living in the past” and “move on”.

          2. do you not find it ironic that your calling out old world fans for an echo
          chamber while on BOLS?

          3. Would you agree that a game that is consciously worked on in all aspects is more likely to sell as appose to a game the company neglected and let stagnate for 15 years?

          • Fungrim

            Smug? About what exactly?

            Smug because despite the fact some of my armies became void and I was going to miss some of my favourite characters, I adapted, gave it a shot and really enjoyed it? Sure. Smug because I barely come on BoLS these days because almost every thread, AoS or otherwise, gets filled with abuse, and I felt the need to point it out? Yeah I’m definitely smug there.

            1 – like any thing that ends or changes, either go with it or find something new. Enjoy the old stuff still? Absolutely. I’ve got friends who still play 3rd/4th/5th editions. I myself have End Time stuff I’d still like to read etc. Doesn’t mean there’s this intrinsic need to crow about it and use it as a tool to bash the latest edition.

            2 – I don’t find it ironic, but feel free to enlighten me. And as an aside, there’s a difference between old world fans and vehement, agressive AoS-haters who revel in every GW release as an opportunity to reach for the keyboard. Even after almost 2 years.

            3 – I would definitely agree with that yes. Hence why they did what they did. They absolutely let it stagnate, they also let their customer base stagnate. So they hit the reset button as a gamble and have been hugely improving their customer-relations ever since.

          • Joseph

            Apologies if I misinterpreted your comment, its just the wording of your comment came of a bit sarcastic and antagonistic. While I empathise, there are people who are perhaps unjustly taking out their frustration with the AoS fanbase, I feel the need to point out that the “abuse” (I would call it arguing at worst debating at best) from my perspective is neither one sided or (from my personal experiment) balanced. It feels like many people on this sighted feel the need to make a point of simultaneously celebrating Aos while also trying to get a rise out of Old World fans (again apologies if I misinterpreted your comment to be this). However the “abuse” between players is more than likely evidence that an eco-chamber isn’t the problem (believe me I still have AoS
            rammed down my throat every time I enter a GW store when I go to pick up some of the new models) but more that neither side is responsive to constructive criticism (though this is more of an issue with the game that’s still being made than one that isn’t 😛 )

            1. I wouldn’t call AoS the latest edition of fantasy but more a new game in and of itself. A lot of fans have invested large amounts of time and money and have a very large emotional investment in the game. The way AoS replaced Warhammer fantasy was handled awfully. There isn’t much in the market as far as I can tell that is a universally enjoyed alternative to WFB. Kings of war is in kind of an uncanny valley for me and other players while “9th edition” is unable to use key aspects due to copy right. I think the main issue isn’t even the game mechanics but the setting, which was an unnecessary casualty. If the new setting had at least been similar to the old world, then I don’t think there would have been as much of a polarisation as there was.

            2. All I can say is from personal experience comments that constructively criticise AOS to much that don’t seem to violate
            any rules (no swearing or attacking people for example) have “disappeared”. Cant really agree with the “nearly two years” part. If people are annoyed about it for the rest of their lives I think it would be justified. Though agreed some people feel the need to go out of their way to bash it in unconstructive and unhelpful ways. ersonally if Im on an article anyway see a comment that is worded politely that I can add my thoughts to, or one that seems to be unjustly parsing the new game/bashing the old one I will make a comment.

            3. The problem with that is it means GW is at fault for the death of the new game, they made very little attempt to fix it, and they “improved” their customer relations by first flipping them the
            metaphorical bird.

          • Fungrim

            To be honest mate I was being a bit snarky, but honestly, look through the the rest of the comments on here be honest with yourself, it’s riddled with gold like ‘Age of Smegmar’…. I mean come on.

            On a side-note, of course you’re going to have AoS rammed down your throat every time you go into a GW, that’s their job to sell their latest products. I get it rammed down my throat, and I play it! It’s the one thing about GW stores that really needs addressing to be fair – GW has its staff working like sales people rather than retail assistants.

            Anyway – digression.

            1 – it’s not the latest editon of WFB (capitalised), but it is the latest warhammer fantasy battle (lower case) game that GW have produced and are sticking with. It doesn’t have square bases, ranked units, and large rule books. But it does have dudes with swords, magic, variable stats, measuring distance etc etc.

            2 – you’re right to be fair, and I’m guilty of essentially doing the same thing in my original comment. So my apologies there. I like BoLS for news, rumours etc – but I genuinely (sadly) don’t come on it much because it became so hostile. Fair play if you’ve not seen it, but I have. It’s not pleasant.

            3 – I don’t agree they’ve flipped the metaphorical bird. They have, however, mishandled the transition. People on both sides of the AoS/non-AoS can admit that it was strangely done, especially with the delay of the Generals Handbook. But in fairness to GW they’re building much of it from the ground up, and it takes time. The content coming out of GW now (Warhammer TV, Warhammer Community, YouTube content, tournament support, speed of releases, relationship with community, independent tournaments, rules modifications based on feedback…..) the list genuinely goes on. It’s a fun, exciting place to be. (I promise, I don’t work for Games Workshop….)

          • Joseph

            The only thing I can really add is that all games workshop needed was to communicate. The only warning we had was through rumours which used to be a bit dubious on the reliability front, to be very accurate so many
            were taken by surprise.

            I realise AoS fans don’t want to be constantly scrutinised, likewise there are
            many who have had years of fun in WFB, WFRP, Hero/Warhammer Quest, and Mordheim and it’s a bit sad to see the setting, from some perspectives, squandered.

            Thank you for the constructive debate 🙂

    • Sonic tooth

      theres enough space marine games

    • thereturnofsuppuppers

      I guess except GW.

    • Bran D

      Would anyone really pay for a bloodbound vs Sigmarine video game though, cauz thats what it would be.

      • Drpx

        “What am I? Chopped liver?”


    • Emperor’s Champion

      I wish they would. AoS is the best thing since sliced bread.

    • Joseph

      because the lore is “insert expletive here”

      It lacks cohesion within itself. It has only focused on a list of battles with characters that are either from the old setting or ones no one cares about. Not to mention that AOS didn’t and still dosent have that great of a rep in the video game/P&P RPG community.

      Sacrificing a decent setting so you can have a mad menagerie of miniatures and simplifying the rules to make the game easier and cheaper to start playing might help sell minis but that kind of behaviour dose the opposite in games. While the old world is a vast and intriguing setting which is relatively untapped by good developers.

      I’d wayger you wont be seeing a decent AOS video game for a good number of years yet.

  • Karru

    Not really that excited once I remember what “How to Survive” was. I was expecting something similar to Dynasty Warriors, but the chances are we are getting just another top down, hack & slash game where you just spin around with a big sword not doing much. Would love to be wrong on this one and see something like Dynasty Warriors instead where you are a hero amongst the rank & file dudes, killing a lot of other dudes.

  • How to Survive was pretty… meh.

  • Mike X (Official)

    Uh, is not exclusively Total War: Warhammer. In fact there’s no mention of Warhammer at all on that page. For all we know, they’re announcing Total War 25 or whatever they’re on now.

    • zeno666

      Or perhaps some DLC for the DLC…

    • Prospero 4life

      Yeah but they said their next historical Total war would be where they have never gone before. And they have done the Americas before, the only real place with jungles and pyramids. Therefore through deductive reasoning the image is Lustria.

      • cudgel

        I would rather have a historical South/Central american Total War.
        Play the Aztec Triple Alliance vs the Spanish, yes please !

        • Prospero 4life

          Already happened with Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms Americas. Thats quite the long title

          • cudgel


    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      I’m Mexican and the top of that pyramid has nothing in common with prehispanic buildings.

      If this is not Lustria, then they are horribly making up actual story, or they signed with yet another franchise.

      • Mike X (Official)

        There are plenty of non-Mexican squared pyramids, you know. But I’m just saying, BoLS shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions so easily.

  • Gunther Clone C

    Hopefully Skaven will be playable. 😛

    • cudgel

      Day one DLC, like the Chaos Warriors.

      …..I hope I am wrong….

  • Sleeplessknight

    Y’know what would be awesome? A miniatures game based on this property.

    • ZeeLobby


    • Drpx

      Meh, it’s just some Tolkien-knock off with elves and dwarves and steam-powered tanks just like they had in LOTR.

  • dave long island

    They need to make another Warhammer MMO, only this time don’t make it a 2 faction piece of Gnoblar pooh.

    • cudgel

      Warhammer Online had lots of things going for it. Too bad it got released about six months to a year to early…

      • ZeeLobby

        Agreed. That and honestly, WoW has just killed that genre, both in the sense of content, and my ability to even be interested in it anymore. Was really hoping the 40K MMO would have happened, but that was canned as well.

        • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

          Define “canned”.

          I haven’t tried t but Eternal Crusade is currently live.

          • cudgel

            Define “MMO.” Maybe it will be in the future but not anytime soon.

          • Karru

            I believe his talking about 40k MMO called Dark Millennium, which was a game produced by THQ before they were shutdown. It was cancelled due to THQ shutting down, surprisingly.

          • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

            Dark Millennium team became Eternal Crusade after THQ shutdown.

          • Xodis

            Eternal Crusade is just a CoD clone with a 40K skin.

            Fight endless battles and get XP that allows you to buy upgrades so your character can fight in more endless battles. Not really a story.

        • dave long island

          The fantasy genre isn’t dead for me. I love the Old World. I’ll pick up a shield and sword and go defend Altdorf any ol’ day of the week. I still play in the private server for Warhammer Return of Reckoning. It’s still fun! I’d love a new MMO made though as previously stated. A new MMO that learns from the mistakes of the past.

      • dave long island

        Too bad indeed.

        • cudgel

          Depending on what you liked about it i.e. if you liked the PvP, Camelot Unchained will be worth a look in a year or so.

          • dave long island

            Okay thanks for the heads up on that. I liked the PvP a lot in WAR. But I think what drew me to the game and kept me there was The Old World, really. Just a great fantasy setting. And I like the various races as well, on both sides. Just a great game in the best fantasy setting. I forgave it it’s many flaws. I played from Collector’s Edition Headstart all the way until 6 months ’till shutdown, and I came back at the end when they had the free return at the end. Loved the game and still love the RoR private server. Anyways, thx man I’ll checkout Camelot Unchained.

    • TenDM

      Easier said than done. The reality is that creating Age of Reckoning style content for even just two factions simultaneously is a nightmare. World of Warcraft has all the money and it still struggles to keep both sides entertained.
      I mean imagine playing Dwarfs and getting relevant content once a year at best. As nice as it’d be at launch it wouldn’t hold up. Think Star Wars The Old Republic’s class story system. Not to mention fragmenting the playerbase to the point where PvP/PvE would be ridiculously hard to organise.

      Personally I think a new Warhammer MMO should be more like Dawn of War II. You don’t control an avatar, you control a small group of units RTS style that can be swapped out or upgraded using drops from completing content.
      Instead of running around the country side killing rats for farmers you go to various warzones or small skirmishes and fight to complete objectives or turn the tide. You join up with other players to fight in PvE and PvP events as full sized armies.
      RTS style content is always easier to make, which in turn makes it easier to handle four factions. It would also make it a bit more believable that the sub-factions were aligned with each other. A few units of dwarves sent to help the elves would make more sense than a single dwarf sent to help an army of elves.
      I think it’d add a real sense of tactical depth beyond just the stats and gear while still keeping the units small and personal.

      • Karru

        I don’t think it would be too difficult to make an MMORPG out of Warhammer that would make it different enough for people to care. Basically you make your character choosing a class. Then you go do the basic questing stuff where you travel across the places of the Old World. While you are doing this, you gather “followers” somewhat similar to Old Republic. Only difference is that you don’t actually have them with you and they aren’t exactly individuals.

        Very Mount & Blade-esque type of recruitment. You get a bunch of peasant type folk that you can then use to fight events as a mercenary at first. Basically replacing old Dungeons and the like with “contracts”. You and another 2-3 players are hired to join an army which fights against another army or just raids a town or a village. This is where your followers come in. You lead your unit(s) into combat, almost like Kingdom Under Fire.

        After these battles, your men get stronger and you can upgrade them. They wouldn’t have gear or anything like that. They get XP that they can then spent to be upgraded to a next “tier” and they can branch out into other specialisations, like Archers or even Siege Weapons.

        As you play, you gain more and more followers and your army grows. In late game, you can fight your own wars, leading your army against the enemy. PVP would be similar to the PVE content, only difference is that instead of set events and units, the opponents are now players, which can react.

        How commanding large armies would go could also be some what easy to implement. Before the game starts, you just give some basic movement and direction orders to your forces and they engage whatever they engage. You personally lead one unit that follows you everywhere as well as one “support” unit.

        By merging the MMORPG genre with a Dynasty Warriors and maybe even Guild Wars style combat, they could make a game that actually differs from everyone else, including WoW. An RTS MMO wouldn’t be too popular in my opinion. Age of Reckoning was popular but it suffered from WoW being a thing. We have Total War: Warhammer and Mark of Chaos. What we don’t have is a good third-person/first person combat game which would combine RPG elements and the massive combat which Warhammer is known for.

  • Korvalus

    Don’t pursue Archaon!

    if you want a “Warhammer Warriors”, we’ll have to wait until Omega Force and Koei says it, and currently are busy with Fire Emblem…

    However, western miniatures are not that known in japan, so maybe what is needed is some more visibility of the franchise in the east and maybe play by “their rules” (examples: merchandise, WH manga and anime…). I think that Madhouse could do a great job…

  • Bran D

    But I hate hack and slash games…prolly just gonna be generic, but killing waves of orcs and chaos as either a mage or warrior….start practicing that button spam!

  • Drpx

    Funny how I keep hearing how bland, uninteresting and unprofitable Warhammer Fantasy was despite there being a new third-party product for it every other month.

    • ragelion

      You are aware that GW’s royalties is only 1/6th of their income? They are milking the crap out people who think buying total war warhammer is a sort of protest they want the old world back.

  • disqus_dcbZY0MiwM

    If they made a (quality) WHFB Souls style game I would be all over that in a heartbeat.

  • Golden Yak

    Nice, I would love an adventure game set in the Warhammer Fantasy world. I always imagined a game following Archaon and his rise to become Everchosen would have made an awesome hack and slash game.

    If this game is set in Lustria and features the lizardmen, you could put together a pretty cool game experience, especially with larger creatures like carnosaurs. Though I can’t imagine a game that doesn’t involve Chaos and a Bloodthirster battle at some point.

  • Huntard

    Ugh, How to Survive and it’s sequel were pretty bad games. I’m really hesitant about anything to come out of this studio.

  • Fungrim

    ‘good old, dudes on blocky bases in ranks’

    That’s going to look awful if there’s animated bases on everyone…