Tabletop Spotlight: Vanguard-Raptors

The Deadly Marksmen of the Stormcast are under the Tabletop Spotlight!

The new Vanguard-Raptors are now available in stores and our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over the kit to take a look inside:

Now we’ve gone over their rules already and even compared them to a few of the other ranged options the Stormcasts have. I won’t re-tread those here as I just want to focus on the models for now.

These Vanguard-Raptors are slightly thinner than the regular Stormcasts, they also have a few more ornate things like their loin cloths and (or course) their bows. The overall quality is exactly what we’ve all come to expect from GW. Even the details on the Aetherwing’s details are really sharp and crisp. They encapsulate the Stormcast Eternals aesthetics really well and will fit with the theme perfectly.

It’s worth noting that you can make 3 Aetherwings and 3 Stormcasts with this kit – you should end up with a few extra bases. Also, you don’t have to construct the “Raptor-Prime” in case you wanted to run a unit larger than 3. The hard part will be deciding which type of bows you want to equip them with.

Overall, I can’t really complain – this is another great kit from Games Workshop! If you’re a Stormcast player and you’re looking for a way to add some long-range firepower to your lists you may want to take a look at these new Vanguard-Raptors because they will “do some work” in your lists.



Vanguard-Raptors $35

Raining death upon the enemy from afar, Vanguard-Raptors armed with longstrike crossbows are marksmen with few equals. Poised in well-chosen vantage points they wait with bolts loaded, reading the ebb and flow of battle until the perfect prey appears. When it comes their retribution is swift, loosing deadly missiles to despatch even the most resilient targets.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble 3 Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows. One model can be assembled as a Raptor-Prime – this model features a unique shoulder pad and helmet crest sculpted with a raptor motif, and carries an Aetherwing on his arm.


“I think I see something in the treeline…”

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