X-Wing: New FAQ Now Available

In the new FAQ for Star Wars: X-Wing, Fantasy Flight Games pulls out the Nerf Bat to “help clarify” some cards…

I was going to make an “Did you feel that?” comment about the cries of players everywhere but I don’t think that’s entirely true…As some of these changes were probably met with just as much cheering as tears. FFG is not afraid to go for the throat when it comes to correcting cards with errata and FAQs and the latest edition is more evidence of just that!

Download FAQ Version 4.3.0 HERE

So who got hit the hardest this round? Check it out:

via Fantasy Flight Games

Manaroo now has a clause that effects the range on her pilot ability – it’s only friend ships at Range 1 now.

The Emperor now has to name a dice result before you roll. After rolling you MUST change 1 of your dice results to the named result. No more flipping a die after you see the results.

The TIE/x7 title for the Defender got a tweak – now you can’t overlap to get the evade AND it counts as a “free evade action” which means you no longer just get to assign one. Stress hurts now…

Zuckuss also got tagged in this update as well. Now, you can only use his ability if you are not stressed. Sorry Scum, no more multi-turn Zuckuss lock-downs.

There are a bunch of little tweaks here and there to the core rules as well as some clarifications. Simultaneous Attacks and the timing got cleared up a bit and Simultaneous Effects also got touched on. I think for the long term health of the game, these changes were necessary and while it might sting right now, in the long run the game will be better off for it.


If you got caught in the back blast, you have my condolences. If you were rooting for these changes, try not to rub it in too hard. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • ChahDresh

    Gosh, I feel like someone had just posted an article about how FFG is trending more towards the video game model of using the FAQ like a balance patch… OH WAIT THAT WAS ME.

  • vyrago

    a brave move by FFG. these nerfs are huge and amount to admitting they had made mistakes with these ships/abilities. They *may* have saved X-wing, but we’ll see. Will it be enough to really envigorate the meta?