Hobby: Shadow War Terrain Assembled

Warhammer 40,000 Hobbyist rejoice because the new Shadow War Armageddon Terrain will unleash the builder in you!

When we first saw the video for the modular terrain I got pretty excited. I’ve been looking forward to putting the terrain together ever since we unboxed the core set. Well now you can check out the results:

I’ll be the first one to admit – it stinks that the online pre-order sold out. (But you can still play the game at your FLGS or local GW store right now.) On the flip side it will be in stores this weekend and if you get a chance to grab a copy you might want to do just that. I’m sure we’ll see the rules & accessories come out for purchase later on. For me, however, it’s all about the terrain! (Which is also going to be sold separately later on.)

I assembled 90% of the terrain and we still had several bits still on the sprue (which will be awesome for conversion/basing later). I constructed 3 different modular sets and a handful of extra doodads. Two of the sets were based off the instructions, for the last one I just wanted to see what I could do. Hey, I was a a Lego-kid: I liked to build the stuff on the front of the box but I also liked to get a bunch of bricks and see what I could do. And the Shadow War Terrain is PERFECT for that.

The thing that makes the terrain really modular and actually really stable is the design of the underside. The bottom of all the platforms has holes all over the place. These holes can be used to attach brackets and other extras to the bottom of the structures you build. I used these clamps to hold the sections in place as the glue set. After they set I removed them and let the glue do all the work.

You get a bunch of those brackets for the underside and you don’t have to glue them in place unless you want to leave them there permanently. But what I recommend doing is using those brackets without glue when you want to connect two sections together. You can also use those extra’s I mentioned to add some character to the underside of your sections. Those cables are functional as support and flavorful as little extras!

And speaking of cool extras, I have to call out what is probably my favorite “extra” of all: Sid the Skull!

If you can get your hands on a few sets (or if you’re patient and just wait for the kits to come out later) you’ll be able to construct some pretty insane and creative terrain sets. I’ve built lots of terrain before, from lots of different manufacturers, plastic kits, MDF kits, foam/custom terrain, and I’ve even used those plastic hobby shop kits – they all have their pros and cons. What I really appreciate about the Shadow War stuff is that it’s just so modular. And it’s not JUST another blown-out building!

I’ve been hoping for more Xenos Terrain for a while. So until we get a Craft World set or Tyranid set this stuff will have to do – and right now, I’m totally okay with that! I’m really looking forward to seeing what the hobby community does with this stuff once they get their hands on it. The results are going to be WILD.


The Shadow War: Armageddon terrain delivers on many “levels” – what craziness are you planning when you get it?!

  • Carey_Mahoney

    I assume most or even every future GW terrain release will be modular like that. Which would be awesome!!

    • Defenestratus

      to be fair, existing city ruin kits are “modular” in so far as there’s no need to actually assemble them as they are on the box.

      The new feature for these is the ability to be modular with assembled kits.

      • Carey_Mahoney

        Certainly true. My comment was actually aiming on them introducing that modular click-fit system on all of their new terrain kits. So they won’t be new kits on the block.


        But seriously, I guess this will be their course – enabling more creative combinations (e.g. AoS+40k) for the less apt hobbyists. Kinda reminds me of what Playmobil introduced in the later 90s.

      • TenDM

        Ruins match but they aren’t modular. At any rate, I’ll take these sorts of active warzones over ruins any day. I’m so sick of fighting over rubble and trees.

        • Griffin

          you do realize the majority of the terrain GW makes for for 40k isn’t ruins right…?

        • Carey_Mahoney

          Couldn’t agree more!!

    • NNextremNN

      It’s awesome for building but I doubt that they are still very modular after being painted.

      • Carey_Mahoney

        He he, true. 😀

  • erion

    “Not just another blown-out building”

    Amen, brother.

  • Jonathan B.

    “I’ll be the first one to admit – it stinks that the online pre-order sold out.”

    “I constructed 3 different modular sets and a handful of extra doodads. Two of the sets were based off the instructions, for the last one I just wanted to see what I could do.”

    So what you’re saying is that it’s too bad that two people who could have gotten sets didn’t because someone had to have three?

    • NikosanPrime

      I think you missed the point. The set was large enough that he could put together 3 different sets out of it.