Khador: Assault Kommander Strahkov & Kommandos

Strakhov’s second incarnation arrives, and brings along his elite assault kommandos in his Khador warcaster unit.

Who is He?

This is Strakhov2.  The original Strakhov was all about delivering his hard hitting melee models deep into the enemy lines.  Strakhov2 is quite different, now he is more defensive in his spells and feat.  He wants those infantry models getting there and he might have enough tools to get it done!  Strakhov is a unit of 3 models and comes with 22 jack points. If you feel like anything is expendable to get the job done and like seeing warrior models do the impossible, Strakhov 2 is the warcaster for you!

What Does Strakhov2 Do?

Strakhov is SPD6 MAT8 RAT6 DEF16 ARM15 and 17 boxes.  That is a nice defense but, doesn’t really take him out of harms way from boosted blast damage.  His 2 Kommando Bro’s are MAT7 RAT6 DEF13 ARM14 with 5 boxes.  Nothing special and with that low of defense might make Strakhov get hit by debuff spells easier.

All 3 of them are sporting a RNG8 POW6 armor piercing gun and a RNG .5 POW11 or 10 melee weapon.  Note that Strakhov can boost his gun damage for some interesting scenarios.


Special Rules:

  • Assault: With all that armor piercing these guns will get into the action faster.
  • Immunity Fire/Corrosion:  This makes Legion and Menoth a little sad.
  • Pathfinder:  Always useful
  • Alchemical Mask: Ignores cloud effects is great!
  • Tactical Flexibility: Choose 1 (Reposition 5″, Stealth for round, Overtake for activation)  All 3 of these are really useful!
  • Combo Strike for Strakhov:  This lets him get a POW15 hit in which is more respectable then the paltry 10.



  • Inviolable Resolve: This is pretty sick to slap on a Spriggan or one of the crab jacks to push their armor into the absurd.  Also a nice buff for black dragons or even normal pikes.
  • Last Stand: Stolen from Zaal1 this spell is disgusting on big nasty warbeast like Molik Karn.  Any warjack getting to a target with this buff on will most likely kill it.  Even a colossal doesn’t want to see a warjack with this spell anywhere near it.
  • Lock The Target: If you can damage with this spell it can be useful.  However, it is risky with such a low POW!
  • Quicken:  This spell is expensive but SPD buffs win games!
  • Return Fire:  This is a cheap spell that usually doesn’t get to do much but, its cost is so low probably not too bad to cast.

Feat: Mission Critical

+3 ARM, Tough, and Feign Death is a infantry delivering mechanism.  Pikemen are really scary with things like Quicken/Last Stand/ or IR on them.  And I believe that is the goto unit for Strakhov2.  Uhlans are also pretty sick!

List with Strakhov2:

S2 want’s Sylyss 100% of the time.  He has so many upkeeps that he might be starving just to pay for them.  He is infantry centered so I would invest to much outside his Battle group unless you have a specific idea in mind.  This list gives you high armor, and great targets for all your buff spells.  The Black Dragons are Retribution Sentinel level of annoying when Strakhov and they both feat.

Khador Army – 74 / 75 points

(Strakhov 2) Assault Kommander Strakhov [+22]
– Behemoth [25]
– Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker [4]
Black Dragons (max) [17]
– Black Dragon Officer & Standard [4]
Black Dragons (max) [17]
– Black Dragon Officer & Standard [4]
Iron Fang Uhlans (max) [20]
Kayazy Eliminators [5]


Revenant’s Final Thought:

I think S2 is a strong caster and really helps out Khador infantry.  He is a little focus hungry with only FOC 6 stat.  Consider that if you want to add more jacks to your list.  His unit can be stealthed or move 5″ with reposition so he can play relatively safe.


~What do you think of Khaodor’s new cast BoLS?  Please share in the comments below:

  • marxlives

    Guess he learned a lot from infiltrating that Cephalax, Cryx foundry and dragging Kharchev out.

    • Mr.Custodes


      Literally a weapon to surpass Metal Gear (Colossals), lol.

    • petrow84

      Also learned to shrink the Hunter’s cannon to man-portable size. While Nemo… learned how to make a darned telegraph… Cygnar technical superiority my a**e.

  • Bob

    How well does Strakhov work with Assault Kommandos?

    • ZeeLobby

      I dunno, but I’m running it, lol

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      he is good, real good.

    • petrow84

      Strakhov 1 kinda. Strakhov 2 – not so much, IMO.
      Support spells are cool, but for each, you can name another infantry, who profits even more of it.

  • Nosebleed

    I think a couple of devastators might be good not only to soak damage, but to pave way for strakhov and infantries to get through :D.