Warmachine: What’s Next for CID

Privateer talks about what’s being tested in the next two cycles of their Community Integrated Development program.

via Privateer:

One of the most invigorating things we’re doing at Privateer Press on a day-to-day basis is the Community Integrated Development program. Starting in April, we have a fair amount of new CID-related things on the horizon, ranging from the current feedback cycle ending, new feedback cycles starting, and “Ask Me Anything”-style conversations.

Testing for our current CID cycle, Grymkin, will end on April 10. We’ve had an amazing time working on this project and getting your feedback to help tune all the details and make this Faction as fun to play as it can be. We’re grateful for your help and hope that you’ve had a blast both playing with and against Grymkin in their pre-release state. If this inaugural CID cycle has shown us anything, it’s that together we are going to do brilliant things.

Following Grymkin, we have Steamroller 2017 starting on April 19 and Battle Engines starting on April 26 for two overlapping CID cycles. It will be your first chance to test out for yourselves some of the exciting tidbits you may have heard coming out of SmogCon and AdeptiCon. The week after Steamroller testing begins, we will launch the battle engine CID cycle. Will Shick gave you some hints about this next cycle here, but we have more in store for you! This cycle will allow everyone to play with their favorite Factions, because there are battle engines everywhere. And this time you don’t even have to proxy, because those models are already on the table.

In addition to testing battle engines, the Battle Engine CID cycle will feature a few other models that we want to put under the lens. The largest group will be Cryx’s Bane models. While we will be taking feedback about Bane models during the entire cycle, we want to have a special hyper-focused discussion for them on April 27. This will take the form of a thread in the Dev Talk section of the CID forum. It will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. PDT, and our developers will be active in the thread responding to community thoughts about these models and their theme force.

~Who’s signed up for the CID program?

  • marxlives

    CID is such an innovative system for rule building, I wouldn’t be surprised if other companies followed suit very soon. I have been playing Warmahordes for 10+ years now and they have always been ahead of the game or on the horizon of where gaming should be going before anyone else, or making successful the ideas GW dropped:

    Active tournament participation and support, updating all the factions at once. up to date faqs, continous league play. the skirmish game as a competitive and narrative game, cards rather than tables and books to keep track of stats and abilities, active community engagement through forums and social media, huge base models were did right and didn’t dominate the meta, official PP World Tournament scene like Lock and Load, now CID, list builder program giving you all the rules and cards for the game that is owned and updated by PP, complete rulebooks in starter sets, competitive theme lists to help navigate the sheer breadth of models in their line to build something that has flavour and is effective, and two cycle FAQs.

    Can’t wait for CID to complete the cycle for battle engines.

    • ZeeLobby

      Stepping into their games is like stepping into a whole new world. “Wow, they actually fixed that unit”.

    • Shawn

      I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said, but how is Warmachine narrative? I’ve been playing since 2004, and not once has anyoneever had anything remotely resembling any kind of narrative, or story telling. It was just meet in the middle, bash each other up, and try to kill the caster. Then if it’s a scenario, it’s instead meet in the middle, bash each other up and take control of this imaginary circle or that imaginary circle or blow up an objective. Nothing narrative there.

  • Hawt Dawg

    Battle Engine CID is welcome!