PP: The Sea King Unboxing

Chip on the shoulder? That’s nothing – This Troll has a SHIP on his BACK!

The new Sea King is the Gargantuan on the block. This kit is insane:

The Sea King is a really impressive kit. First off – the entire body of this model is resin and that makes it pretty hefty! I wasn’t expecting it to be perfectly honest, but the resin holds the detail really, really well. It’s especially evident when it comes to the coral on the arms and planking on the boat. You could get lost for days checking out all the detail on this model.

I’m also really impressed with the concept for this model – it’s a Troll that is so big it’s got (roughly) 1/2 a sea frigate on it’s back. The execution of the pose is really cool and it’s just radically different from other things in the game. Think about it – what other model in the game has it’s own scenery? Maybe the special edition Nightmare – but that’s the only one that comes to mind (I’m sure there are others). The Sea King Gargantuan is just a very different vibe than what I have seen in the Warmachine/Hordes line.

There are a couple of metal bits as well – you’ll want to takes some time properly cleaning this model. It’s such a cool center piece model that it will be worth the extra effort. The official release date is May 24th 2017 – so get ready for a new Troll in your neck of the woods coast! The Sea King comes for all!

Sea King $144.99

Eager to devour any who pass within reach of their webbed claws, the sea kings have heard Hoarluk Doomshaper’s call and ventured from the seas. Rising out of ancient legend to bring horror from the deep to the foes of the Trollbloods, these enormous marine beasts can easily smash a ship’s hull and devour its entire crew, leaving nothing but splintered timbers behind.


Sponge Bob never said anything about underwater trolls…

  • Crevab

    I just like saying it.

    F@$k Yeah, Seaking! /SplashingNamor

    • Jesse Cavazos

      Can you say “new color scheme”?

  • zeno666

    I’m having a hard time looking at whatever those are in the middle of the smaller pictures due to a scary picture (which was fake btw) that circulated on Facebook a couple of years ago >_<