Runewars: Lord Hawthorne Preview

Fantasy Flight Games shows off a preview of the Daqan Lord’s brave hero Lord Hawthorne!

Lord Hawthrone has fought against the enemies of the Daqan for years and has proved himself to be a worthy hero to lead your forces! Let’s take a look at what he’s bringing to the tabletop.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Lord Hawthorne comes in two different poses, on foot or mounted. Which ever version you opt for, he’s going to be packing a punch!

His surge ability let’s him get inspiration tokens which will help ward off those pesky banes he might end up with. He also passes that out to friendly units within 1-3. Not too shabby.

He’s got a pretty versatile command dial as well. He’s quick and deadly as is but when you combine him with some of his upgrade cards he really starts to shine.

Sweeping Strikes is super handy for damaging multiple units in one swipe. Pretty great for a larger base hero with some pretty damaging attacks.

Lord Hawthrone is already pretty tough and this just adds that little bit extra to his defense.


Anyone looking for a nice counter-punch option? This is also a general card so you could put this on other units, too.


Lord Hawthorne’s Dawnblade is sure to be one item he never leaves home without. The damage potential here is pushing the upper limits of what we’ve seen units be able to do. Evil beware – the Dawnblade brings the pain!

Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion Pack $24.95

“As a young man, Lord Hawthorne’s home of Seragart was beset by a horde of barbarians led by a mysterious warlord wielding foul sorcery. As a descendent of Sir Rodric the Strong, Hawthorne was not one to sit idly by. Though badly outnumbered, Hawthorne charged out of the gates with the city’s remaining troops, taking the barbarians by surprise, in the process uncovering the malicious power behind the attacks: the renegade sorcerer Ankaur Maro. Though the defenders of the city were eventually able to break the siege, Maro was able to escape.

Hawthorne was knighted for his bravery in the defense of Seragart, and vowed to never again let a foe escape his blade. Now, rumors swirl that Ankaur Maro has made his return as a servant of Waiqar, and Lord Hawthorne rides forward, determined to defeat his old foe once and for all.

The Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion includes two different figures for Lord Hawthorne to add to your Daqan army, a cavalry version and an infantry version, as well as six new upgrade cards, four of which will improve any army and two that are exclusive to Lord Hawthorne.

Lead the Daqan forces to glorious victory with the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion!”


Lord Hawthorne hits shelves in Q3 of 2017!

  • ZeeLobby

    This is the first model in the range announced so far where i’m like meh…. I mean it would have to be a great paint job to fix this.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      concur, the price is a little,..high too IMO…kinda asterix the gaul looking.

    • MMO Builder

      I was on the fence with this one, but am getting carried along with the game system and the amount of fun I’ve been having. Not an ideal sculpt, I would prefer something a little more regal and less cartoony, but the more I play, the less I’m caring. I do compare the quality of the sculpts to Games Workshop figures but on the whole don’t care as much as I thought I would, it’s not as if my paint jobs are Golden Demon winners. The whole game has so much less baggage than other games out there, people want to try it, they love the rank and file system and I imagine we’ll have plenty of options for heroes in the future, I can give them a pass this time.

      • marxlives

        I actually like the cartoony image. Any successful miniatures game 40k, Warmahordes, Malifaux, Infinity, and up and coming ones like CMoN Dark Age, they all share one common theme: a cohesive and unique aesthetic.

        I can play WMH for my super tactical chess like wargame, Malifaux for a fun poker style game, and Infinity and CMoN Dark Age for a true skirmish game that has true grittiness you would expect from a game of 3-10 models. I think Runes Wars fills the a gap, a fun WoW sort of rank and file game whose lore and style is not to taken too serious. There are a lot of grimdark options out there and RuneWars didn’t need to be another one.

        And the aesthetic is hard to do. The reason I couldn’t get into the KoW models, but could get into the rules is that even though the rules were solid, the aesthetic is not just super generic it is like really super generic watered down WHFB.

        RuneWars’ style tends to mix the generic DnD stuff with a cartoonish American animation style that leaves it looking unique and fun. I can wait to get some scratch in my pocket to buy a starter.

      • ZeeLobby

        Oh, I mean the several games I’ve watched/played have been amazing so far. Just such a solid system right out the gate.