FFG: Blood and Water Out Now For Netrunner

Netrunner’s latest expansion is now available in stores – Blood and Water!

Blood and Water is the Fourth Data Pack in the Red Sand Cycle for Android: Netrunner. The Big Four Corporations are revealing their plans on Mars and things are about to get a little crazy on the Red Planet!

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Blood and Water $14.95

Everyone knows that the Big Four want control over Mars to boost their profits. But what can Mars offer that’s profitable enough to justify the enormous expenses of terraforming a barren, irradiated desert? What’s valuable enough to warrant shipping supplies across the solar system and fighting with the entrenched Clans?

On Mars, as the newest Agendas for each faction demonstrate that HB, Jinteki, NBN, and Weyland can take their goals much farther than they can on Earth. Away from the regulations of national governments and the incessant monitoring of citizen journalists, these corporations are able to pursue their most extreme ideas with impunity.

And now, as the Big Four are growing confident enough about their power over the Red Planet to pursue their wildest agendas, it’s time for the Clans to choose their path. Will they band together to oppose the MCA or will they let old feuds tear them apart? The corporations say that they can bring water to Mars, but whose blood will pay for it?

The sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) of Blood and Water reveal the corporations’ plans for Mars and give the Clans, along with their netrunning allies, a chance to stop them.

New Runner Alice Merchant

Alice Merchant’s ability is pretty good for going “dumpster diving” on the Corp Player. Archives is the Corp’s discard pile so when you successfully run on it, the Corp must trash a card from their HQ (their hand). This can be pretty useful for keeping the Corp Player on their backfoot if they have to constantly spend clicks getting cards in hand or defending their discard pile instead of those valuable servers.

New Runner Tech

Daredevil is a nice console for keeping your Grip (Runner’s hand) topped off. Plus the two extra memory slots aren’t bad either.

If you were playing a Criminal Runner, you were probably going to be running on the HQ anyways – why not get some extra cushion in your credit account when you do it! These credits can be spent to trash cards or for use with Psi-game or even to steal Future Perfect from the Corp.

Jarogniew Mercs are another way Runners can mitigate Meat Damage. That can be pretty useful when you’re worried about getting hit by a classic Scorched Earth combo.

New Corp Tech

Loki is a mean piece of Ice. It’s not super strong but it’s ability to mimic another piece of rezzed ICE can send a runner scampering back to meat space.


Did you have to trash an agenda? Well guess what – now you can move it from the vulnerable Archives to the bottom of your R&D. You might not be able to get to it very quickly, but neither will the runner.

New Corp Agendas

When you run vs Jinteki, you know you’re going to get cut. The Obokata Protocol makes attempting to steal this agenda almost as deadly as running on a souped-up server. I hope you have some way to mitigate taking all that net damage otherwise you’re going to go brain dead…


You know what’s great about Meteor Mining? You can get your money back on your investment…or you can drop a Meteor on the runner in the form of 7 meat damage. OUCH!

Did you get stuck with a bad hand? Well if you can manage to Score Reeducation then you can basically cycle out your HQ for a new hand – oh and it makes the runner drop their grip back into their stack as well. Bonus!

Blood and Water adds some cool new mechanics to both sides arsenal. You can read more about the data pack HERE and HERE. It’s in stores right now!


They want to bring water to Mars, but who’s Blood is going to be spilled to do it?

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