40K: “Gabriel Angelos” Tabletop Invasion

The Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens is finally crossing over from the Digital Realm to the analog world and invading your tabletop!

The (in)famous Blood Ravens Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos, a fan-favorite hero, is finally getting an official model to use on the tabletop from Games Workshop. And he’s bringing his deadly God-splittler Daemon hammer with him!

via Games Workshop

“Gabriel Angelos is the first of the new Warhammer 40,000 character series and is a beautiful model depicted wielding the Daemon hammer God-splitter and armoured in modified Tartaros war-plate. You’ll be able to add this legendary Chapter Master to your forces very soon, and he’s even getting a special rules sheet to represent his unique abilities on the tabletop.”

Gabriel Angelos started out in the Dawn of War Series as a Captain of the Blood Ravens Third Company and has many glorious battles under his command. As the series has progressed he’s fought Rebel Imperial Guard, Orks, Eldar, Necrons, Tyranids and Chaos – Although that last one might have been partially his own fault…

Despited his role in unleashing a Chaos Warp Storm, Chapter Master Gabriel Angelos is still considered a mighty hero of the Blood Ravens and a faithful servant to the Emperor. I’m glad to see him finally get a model for the tabletop!


He may have lost his right eye, an arm and both his legs – but that won’t stop a TRUE hero of the Space Marines!

  • Ronin

    Can he do backflips and change voice actors? 😉

  • Boondox

    Very cool. Doesn’t look to hard to convert him to another Chapter either…

  • Dan Wilson

    Those shoulder pads are farcically big…

  • Ryan Miller

    Wonder if this means we will see a codex for these most awsome of psyker marines…

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    I would have preferred DOW 2 Angelos, but this still looks good.

  • Buraisu Sama

    Still waiting for commander Boreal and Sindri

  • Matt C

    soooo Forgeworld or GW Plastic?

    • EnTyme

      That’s Forge World. It’s the same style as the Horus Heresy character series.

  • euansmith

    Apparently the Blood Raven Artifacts section just reads, “Take any Artifact with the Imperial Keyword. Bonus points for using an Artifact that is sacred to your opponent’s army.”

    • Lion El’ Jonson

      More like “Take any Artifact from Imperium or Chaos and may take Primarch weapons aswell”

  • Boondox

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Pedro Kantor in terminator armor. Even though there aren’t any rules for him despite the fluff…

    • Arthfael

      If Cantor or any Space Marine hero gets a new model, I bet is they’ll get it as a Primaris. After all, the new fluff says there’s no age restriction for turning normal Marines into Primaris Marines.

      • Boondox

        There are several parts of the Primaris fluff that don’t sit well with me and that’s one of them. But if they released this guy as a non-Primaris with Tartaros armor then there might be hope for other characters. I haven’t played Dawn of War 3 yet so I don’t know if the Indomitus Crusade is mentioned in it…

        • Arthfael

          Honestly, I’d be surprised if the game mentions it. But I think the reason they released him is because it’s easy to turn an already created 3D model into a miniature these days, you can tell from the shoulder pads picture that at least some 3D printing played was involved.
          Don’t mind if they go that way though, I play Eldar and would totally buy a model of the Ghostseer skin for Taldeer.

  • loveone789

    …but what about gorgutz and his ridiculous power klaw?

    • luke-vdv

      Hopefully they would make him look like pre-DoW III Gorgutz…

      • loveone789

        i hope not as we already have a ghazghkull thraka model. I prefer the Dow 3 gorgutz look. and to jump from Dow 3 Angelos to old school designs would be inconsistent.

        • luke-vdv

          You like the look of that stupidly oversized claw thing and yellow suit? I suppose someone must have liked it seeing as someone designed it…

  • FerociousBeast

    If they stay true to DoW3, Gabe will be the first model with keywords “Terminator” AND “Fly”! It’s a brave new world!

  • silashand

    Now if they’d only re-release the Blood Ravens transfer sheet as well…

  • So I guess he’s absolutely canon now

  • luke-vdv

    Can we please get an entire series of DoW characters? Sindri, Bale, Colonel Brom, Orkamungus, Toth, and the rest from the expansions.

  • Sean Schoonmaker

    It’s the model old Marine scale or Primaris?

  • Scott Steinhart

    Alternative Angelos model from Russia have a way better sculpt. And quality of cast of course.