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40K FAQs, Primaris Marines, New Codex, Grymkin & More

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Jul 24 2017

Boy did you miss a crazy weekend, loaded down with 40K and gamer news. Get in here!

40K: Terrain in 8th Edition

Kazzigum is back with thoughts on the “effectiveness” of terrain in Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition.

D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 56

40K: The Defenders of Humanity

The Space Marines are getting a new version of Objective Secured – Come take a look at the Defenders of Humanity!

Privateer Press: Grymkin get New Units, no new Vowels

Check out the latest releases for the Grymkin from Privateer Press.

GW: New Releases July 22nd “Pricing & Links”

The next batch of Primaris Marines are up for Pre-Order – and the Space Marine Codex!

40K Breaking: Updated FAQs for 8th Edition Core Book and Indexes

Just in time for the new Codex to be out, a list of new FAQ clarifications and errata for all the main books.

New Edition of Dropzone Commander Inbound

Try and hold out as long as you can–we’ve got dropships inbound with a brand new edition, units, and more.


40K: Codex Space Marines – New Primaris Weapon Options

We’ve already seen the boxed set versions of the new Primaris Units. Now they’ve got some serious upgrades with the advent of the Codex.

40K: Codex Space Marines Overview

The Space Marine Codex is out! Take a look!

40K: Primaris Preview 2 – Apothecary Boogaloo

Here’s a 2nd Wave of new Primaris Releases–which, like the 2nd Wave Ska, are primarily black and white, and coming soon to Coventry.

~Onto the new week.

  • 40K: Codex Space Marines Overview