40K FAQ: Eldar and Necron Changes

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Though the first Xenos index FAQ is relatively short, it’s full of big changes.

The Warhammer 40,000 FAQ’s dropped earlier this week and we’ve been showcasing some of the big changes in each one. We started with the Rulebook FAQ and have also looked at some of the big ones for the Imperium and Chaos. Today we dive into Xenos 1 and take a look at the fate of the Aeouldari and everyone’s favorite undead robots, the Necron.

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Let’s start with one of the biggest changes in the lists of Errata, a change to the Starcannon.

This one stings. Starcannon used to be only strength 6, but at least they did 3 damage per hit. Now you’re getting D3 damage at best, which seems like a pretty massive tweak. You’ll still spike at that high level every now and then, but prepare for a little more variance whenever you’re shooting at those big important targets. This just sort of reinforces the buff that good old-fashioned Plasma guns got in this edition.

Next up, we’ve got a few clarifications. Melta Bombs get brought in line with the rest of the Melta Bombs in the game. Aeldari don’t get an extra 2″ range on their melta bombs because they’re more aerodynamic or anything. Similarly, the Wave Serpent’s Serpent Shield ability only goes off in the Shooting Phase, which makes sense. It’s a weapon that you shoot. You shouldn’t be able to shoot it say, in your Fight phase or whatever.

This seems to be an important change. Again it’s just adding one word, but that implies that the Tesseract Vault can’t just pop off 3 anti-matter meteors per turn, which is for the best.

Similarly, the Command Barge gets a change that helps keep it a little safer. 

Making it a character means you can more easily screen it behind your other units, so no more blasting this one out of the sky.

The last big piece of errata. Stinger pistols are finally worth the 7 points. Moving on to the FAQs, we get some interesting rules clarifications.

Necrons come back at full health whenever they get back up, making them harder to keep down.

I think we’ve needed this clarification. The Ynnari are a cool concept, but there was the potential to cheese it up with some mix and match combos (like the one mentioned above), it just reinforces the most important rule of 8th Edition: check your datasheets.

This one has interesting implications. So even if you take a d3 mortal wounds, or a d6 or whatever, they happen one at a time. Which also helps to explain why damage from Mortal Wounds carries over from model to model. If you’re doing a d3 Mortal Wounds, you’re dealing that much damage but one mortal wound at a time. This also goes a long way towards explaining how this interacts with rules like Disgustingly Resilient and the like.

All in all, some pretty good stuff. A small but powerful wave of Errata and answers to FAQs that should help the game run smoothly.

Happy gaming!

  • Chris Hilliard

    The starcannon change seems to move them in line with other heavy weapons. That might not be fun for Eldar players, but its probably good for the game overall.

    • Calgar

      Yeah, a buddy of mine was in the process of replacing every eldar weapon with starcannons. He is now considering other options again.

      • zeno666

        Same here. I was cutting up a lot of them and getting them ready for primer when this dropped.
        This makes them not quite worth their points.
        Gonna have to get other weapons on the assembly line now..

      • AircoolUK

        Meanwhile GW are laughing their backsides off.

      • petrow84

        Moral of the story: always wait for the first faq before grabbing your modelling knife,

    • Christopher2004

      The change is fine. However the points are now rather steep

    • zeno666

      Seems like Eldar was great in the last edition. And if you’re one of the great non space marine armies, you’re getting your achilles tendon cut for the next one.
      Same old, same old.

    • Heinz Fiction

      Too bad it didn’t move the point costs in line as well. I think the starcannon is hard to justify now. It still has a niche were it outperforms the other guns but it is a rather narrow one…

    • Spacefrisian

      Yet it stil cannot power up like its Imperium counter part… The plasma canon.


    Some good clarification on the Ynnari stuff. So no riding in eachothers transports, period. And no charging in and fighting out of phase.

    I’ll probably just stick with vanilla Harlequins or Dark Eldar.

    • Drew_Da_Destroya

      Vanilla Harlies are so damn good right now. I haven’t gotten my Dark Eldar out onto the battlefield yet, though.

      • GWELLS

        Yeah, I like how they made a point that DE and Harlies have abilities that make it worth it to just not go Ynnari. Last edition there was just literally no reason not to (mostly because there books kinda sucked). Ynnari Eldar are actually quite possibly the slowest Eldar faction in general, as all the other factions have all the old speed bonuses.

        • Drew_Da_Destroya

          Yeah, I honestly appreciate that I have the option now to go Ynnari or not with my Clowns and DE, whereas before it was a necessity to even pretend to compete.

          Now, I’m pretty sure I’ll never run my Harlies as Ynnari, because Rising Crescendo is too good to give up. The new Power from Pain chart seems pretty good now too (way better than last edition’s, at least), but I’ll have to run some test games to see if I like it, or would prefer Strength from Death instead.

  • majbjörn

    Do you guys think Fire Prism and Warlocks on bike is undertuned?

    • zeno666

      Undertuned as in overpriced, then yes.

      • majbjörn

        Sure, overpriced.. though I would prefer them buffing Eldar units by increasing the power rather than lowering point cost. Lowering point cost feels a little…Orky. 😉

        • zeno666

          The 17 pts for a Dire Avenger really stings. Give them something like blade storm back or assault 3.

    • Cameron

      Warlocks on bikes are horrendous.

      • euansmith

        Horrendous good, or horrendous bad? That is bad in the old definition of the term, rather than bad meaning good… these words… they do not work.

  • Randy Randalman

    I am surprised at how many people are misinterpreting the rules simply because they don’t understand the keyword system. Buffs and triggers happen based on the keywords at the bottom of the data sheet, not the name of the unit entry. All keyword requirements must be met to receive the bonuses.

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Weird. Starcannons were barely a thing in 7th anymore…and now not only are they more expensive but they do random damage with often less results. So while the Impy armies get a general power boost, the Eldar get more and more nerfs.

    …almost as if they are trying to get older players to buy tye new mofels if they want to stay competitive…

    Gods this company.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar


  • Peter B

    Don’t forget the clarification that Word of the Phoenix only works in Ynnari Infantry and Jetbikes. Casting on on my Scorpion got REALLY nasty quick.

  • Huntard

    The Ynnari one was never an issue since the transport rules state what keyword of eldar can get in the ride and Ynnari only adds Ynnari keyword to the unit, no magical ability to ignore the rules on the transport’s sheet. Will of Ynnead is a rule only possessed by the models in the triumvirate.

    It’s an FAQ brought up by people who don’t want to bother with basic reading comprehension.