GW: New Releases July 29th “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop has a couple of new Primaris Heroes, the Repulsor and some new books to check out this week!

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Primaris Repulsor $80

The Repulsor armoured transport is a deadly combination of manoeuvrability and raw brute force. Due to the turbine array at its rear, it has tremendous motive power, held aloft by powerful anti-gravitic generators. The Repulsor is so heavily armed and armoured that is doesn’t skim over the landscape but instead crushes the ground below it. The tank grinds forward with a deep bass thrum, reducing rock to gravel and fallen bodies to smears of gore and powdered bone.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Space Marines Primaris Repulsor, an armoured transport not only capable of ferrying 10 Primaris Space Marines into battle, but also defending itself with the vast array of weaponry at its disposal. The Repulsor has a choice of:

– a turret-mounted heavy onslaught gatling cannon, which can be replaced with a las-talon;
– a front-mounted twin heavy bolter, which can be replaced with a twin lascannon;
– a pintle-mounted Icarus irontail heavy stubber, which can be replaced with an onslaught gatling cannon;
– a rear-mounted Icarus rocket pod, which can be replaced with an irontail heavy stubber;
– 2 krakstorm grenade launchers, which can be replaced with 2 storm bolters or 2 auto launchers.

The body of the Repulsor itself features numerous modelling options – there are 6 stowage assemblies, which are entirely modular, configurable in countless different ways with cases of grenades and rocket pods modelled open or closed. The top hatch can be modelled closed or open; should you choose the open option, you can place a Tech-marine in the hatch either pointing toward the foe or operating the pintle-mounted weapon. There are also the usual details you would expect from an Imperial craft – lights, radar arrays, huge exhaust vents and an aquila displayed proudly at the fore.

The Primaris Repulsor comes as 168 components, and includes a transfer sheet and a Citadel 100mm Round base – this features a clear hover stand, which can be set at an angle, adding a certain degree of camber to your model.

Primaris Chaplain $35

The spiritual leaders of their Chapters, Chaplains are awe-inspiring warrior priests who administer rites, preserve rituals and perform ancient ceremonies of initiation, vindications and redemption that are as important to a Space Marine Chapter as its roll of honour or skill at arms. Every Chapter has its own Chaplain, acting as leader in both devotions and combat and second only to the company Captain in rank.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble a Primaris Chaplain. Wearing iconic jet-black Mk X power armour featuring unique greaves, he fights fiercely using his absolver bolt pistol and crozius arcanum. His hooded cassock lends him an air of sinister intensity, with plenty of spikes, chains, skulls and purity seals dotted all about. His helmet features a skull design and the chestplate of his armour is modified to portray an exposed ribcage – a reminder of the mortality that his enemies face. His backpack has an attached iron halo, whose 12 points aptly represent the High Lords of Terra.

The Primaris Chaplain comes as 12 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base. The kit also includes a Space Marines Character Transfer Sheet, which features Captain, Chaplain, Librarian and Lieutenant iconography.

Primaris Apothecary $35

Amongst the most honoured Space Marines of a Chapter are its Apothecaries. It is their role to to mind the physical well-being of their battle-brothers – this is seen most obviously on the battlefield, where an Apothecary serves as an emergency medic. Their most important duty, though, concerns the dead; an Apothecary can harvest the progenoid organs from a fallen Space Marine, ensuring the creation of further warriors and the continuation of the Chapter.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Primaris Apothecary. Strikingly detailed, clad as he is in Mk X power armour, this miniature features far more accoutrements and gadgets than the standard Primaris Space Marine – as befits his battlefield role. Strung around the chest plate are several canopic jars, bearing purity seals: these are filled with progenoid organs that have passed his scrutiny, and will be used in the creation of further Primaris Space Marines. In his right hand he clutches a freshly-hewn organ upon which his gaze is fixed; another canopic jar hangs from his arm, ready. His left arm holds a narthecium, the grisly instrument of his craft, though this can be replaced with an optional absolver pistol (often the last thing a fallen brother will see…)

Adding to the detail and options of this kit are a selection of lamps and surgical inspection lenses, with a chainsaw, injector servo arm, drill and stapler amongst the possible modelling options. As a macabre narrative extra, a slain Space Marine is included with a huge incision made by the Apothecary’s narthecium, to be added to the base.

The Primaris Apothecary comes as 28 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round base. The kit also includes a Ultramarines-Character Transfer Sheet, which features Captain, Chaplain, Librarian and Lieutenant iconography.

Tallarn (Hardback) $30

The Horus Heresy Book 45

The Iron Warriors came from nowhere, falling upon the world of Tallarn in a flash and devastating it with deadly virus weapons. A verdant world was transformed in a heartbeat into a radioactive wasteland… but that was only the beginning.

It’s a collection of all John French’s tales from Tallarn… do you really need any more convincing? Okay then. Millions of tanks clashing in desperate battle on a dying world.

As the Warmaster’s campaign of galactic domination continues, his generals seek out fresh battlefields to conquer. After leaving the Crone World of Iydris behind, Perturabo strikes for Tallarn. A bitter, vengeful primarch, the lord of the Iron Warriors unleashes a deadly bombardment against the world, killing millions but entrenching the survivors. A brutal, all-consuming armoured conflict ensues, the greatest of the war, and one that grinds down all combatants over more than a year of relentless battles. But Perturabo’s reasons for the attack are about more than unleashing punitive destruction against the Imperium – he has an entirely darker purpose in mind.

Written by John French
The contents of this novel were previously published separately as the novella Tallarn: Executioner, the novel Tallarn: Ironclad, and the short stories ‘Tallarn: Siren’ and ‘Tallarn: Witness’.

Lord Of Undeath (Paperback) $16

A Realmgate Wars novel

Many attempts have been made by Sigmar’s Stormcasts to forge an alliance with the God of Death, mighty Nagash. The latest attempt sees the Anvils of the Heldenhammer enter the Undying King’s domain, with a desperate plea for aid…

Finally, Nagash enters the Realmgate Wars. And he does it in style… (but of course he does – he is Nagash after all.)

Nagash. A name whispered in fear, even by the dread followers of the Dark Gods. Once a member of Sigmar’s pantheon, the Great Necromancer has not been seen in an age, ever since that mighty assemblage of divine beings parted ways. In his absence, the Mortarchs, Nagash’s fell lieutenants, have been free to pursue their own ends, though ever beneath the oppressive shadow of the forces of Chaos. As that same shadow seeks to smother them all, so too do storm clouds gather, as Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals arrive to deliver a crushing counter-strike against the Ruinous Powers. The grim Anvils of the Heldenhammer have been given the seemingly impossible task of seeking out and forging an alliance with the God of Death. Whether the Stormcast Eternal’s entreaties will be acted upon, or even heard, remains to be seen – and if they are, at what price?

Written by C L Werner.

White Dwarf August 2017 $9

Is that salvation on the horizon for the Imperium? Why, yes – in the shape of a new issue of White Dwarf. And not only that, but with it a raft of new Primaris Space Marines. We’ve got your in-depth guide in Designers’ Notes, and – wait for it – the return of Index Astartes! After that, six of ’Eavy Metal’s finest tackle the new Space Marines in our stunning ’Eavy Metal Space Marine Challenge. But it’s not all Space Marines. The first of a new generation of codexes arrive with us this month, and we take a look at what’s in store in Damned Tomes & Ancient Pages. Elsewhere, Tactica Imperialis takes a look at stratagems, Pete Foley talks tournaments in the General’s Almanack before putting his money where his mouth is in this month’s battle report, Illuminations enters the Mortal Realms and much, much more.

Linebreaker Bombardment $173.25

  • dynath

    The apothecary is the only one of the new pramaris characters that I have felt is worth the price. Two sprues, lots of fiddly bits. The others are just so simple I’d rather they were 10 bucks cheaper. I look forward to picking them up second hand or just in my FLGS discount bin around christmas time.

  • badmojo1966

    How does $35 and $80 convert to $60 and $140 AUD?? I can understand freight but I can order the same models including postage for cheaper from UK or US than I can from GW which is 10km away. Must be a massive tax on hobbies in Australia.

    • Big Red

      One of the main reasons that the Australian price is higher is that GW adopts a VERY conservative currency conversion. I have never been able to find the formula they use, but the people that I know in GW Australia management mentioned that they look at the pasty 20 years to ensure they are at a very low risk of losing money on the currency conversion. From 1998 to 2008 the pound to AUD was garbage compared to the current rate. The lowest in that range is 0.34 pound to AUD, vs the current rate of 0.59.

      What I have heard from the GW Australia office is that around 1/3 to 1/2 the difference is in real costs is transporting the goods to Australia, running the distribution warehouse in Sydney, distribution around Australia ect.

      They adopt the currency conversion rate to protect themselves from currency changes. This is something that a lot of companies do as they see the AUD as a risky company.

      • badmojo1966

        Thanks for the reply. Another point for reference. I picked up the open war cards today – $28 sheesh!

  • willy2fly

    I ‘member when miniatures from GW used be a couple of quid. ‘Member?

    • euansmith

      Of course, back then, we didn’t a two quid to spend on a mini either.

  • Krizzab

    35 bucks.. only the apothecary “worth” that price. We are speaking of single position plastic miniature.


    I wonder if the adeptus restartes will replace the adeptus astartes in 10 years.

    • Krizzab

      i think in a time of 3-5 years the “old marines” will fade cuz the new recruits will be build with the new organs and geneseed. Before that GW will warn all with a novel or something.

      • RS TROUT

        They’re probably going to be incorruptible like grey knights too lol. Not dissing them, but aren’t space marines players already spoiled enough and aren’t space marines already the elite?

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    were is the new codex space marines? when it is released?

    • el_tigre

      Last week

      • mhtsaropinigitakis

        crap i missed it…now i have to wait 1 hole year for the next codex!

        • euansmith

          Thanks, that produced a genuine belly laugh.

  • Spacefrisian

    Sadly i can never buy these, i dont have $

    • Foxdonut

      I don’t have money either but that dosent stop me! Hooyah enlisted personnel financial planning. Future me is a lazy punk leeching off my retirement and cozying up with my wife anyways, F that guy.

      • euansmith

        Future me is getting all those kickstarters I back. He never shares them with me, neither. Ungrateful tosser.

  • NikosanPrime

    Did anyone else notice the Repulsor’s spruces are designed so that you can replace one spruce and have almost antirely different looking tank?

    The two hull sprues are designed to have 3 Hardpoints where different turrets can be added, 2 doors that could be altered to become Sponson points and the Upper Hull has a central section that can be replaced with a different Hull piece and you could change it to anything, even a Front Exit Ramp.

    anyways, even if I don’t like the Turret and a couple of things about it the way they divided everything up for potential new tank kits is impressive and I want 5 just to start kit bashing different possibilities. Now if only they had Vehicle Design Rules still.

  • marxlives

    Got to admit the Primaris models make the old marines look pretty sad.