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White Dwarf: More Primaris Inbound

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Jul 29

More Primaris Units are on the way in August – The “missing” kits have been spotted!

The first weekend of August is looking to be packed full of Primaris Marines. The full Intercessor Kit and Primaris Hellblasters are going to drop in for Pre-order August 5th and the following week the Inceptors will go up for pre-order. And if the screen cap from iTunes was accurate, that means the weekend of August 5th is going to a jam-packed release date!

images via imgur

Primaris Intercessors Pre-order August 5th

Primaris Hellblasters Pre-order August 5th


Primaris Inceptors Pre-order August 12th

Save your pennies. August 5th is going to be a BIG release weekend…

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