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Now that Chaos Space Marines have got their own Codex, the Index for Chaos is getting an update.

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That’s right friends, time for Chaos to be, well, chaotic. With the updates brought about by the Chaos Codex the Chaos Index is changing a little (go Tzeentch) to reflect that. The points for Daemonettes, Horrors, Bloodletters, and Plaguebearers are changing with the latest release. Similarly there are updates for the ways Brimstone Horrors work. And you’ll also see that Thousand Sons (and Be’lakor) have access to the Dark Hereticus Discipline:

Brimstone Horrors have been very popular in the new edition, and it’s not hard to see why – who doesn’t want to command an army of malicious, sentient magical flame? Even so, we’re keen to keep Chaos armies as diverse as possible, as well as making sure that Pink Horrors are just as powerful and as useful as their smaller cousins. To this end, Brimstone Horrors now cost slightly more points, while Pink Horrors cost less. You’ll also need 10 or more Pink Horrors in a unit to make full use of Smite. Finally, PlaguebearersDaemonettes and Bloodletters now cost fewer points, making them a more attractive option when building your army. These changes are now the de-facto profiles and points for all these units

Secondly, if you’re a Thousand Sons player, you may have noticed that the Dark Hereticus discipline in the new codex is larger than the one in the Index. Don’t worry – the discipline isn’t being replaced and you won’t need to get Codex: Chaos Space Marines to keep using it. Similarly, if you have Codex: Chaos Space Marines, you’re welcome to use the expanded Dark Hereticus powers with your Thousand Sons Psykers. If you’re a Daemons player, this change also applies to Be’lakor.

You can find the full writeup below. So be sure and update your list of errata and datasheets for those units affected. Fortunately, thanks to the digital nature of the game rules, keeping these updates current is easier than ever.

Index Chaos Updated FAQ/Errata

Stay tuned for more Chaos updates–likely we’ll see another wave with the release of Deathguard.

  • Hussein Alobaidi

    Amazing effort on GW’s part. Very pleased to see this level of consistent support! Thumbs up.

  • lemt

    It’s incredible that GW is actually following up on their promises of keeping an eye on things and fixing errors, and adapting points costs, in record time.

    • Randy Randalman

      It isn’t surprising given they promised it.

    • Spacefrisian

      Dont praise them to soon, check the dexes for characters on bike. A pretty bi error leaving those out.

      • Koonitz

        Considering GW said for things in the index, but not in the codex, to just use the index datasheet, I feel like this is less of a problem than people let on.

        After all, if you want to use that spiffy cool Imperial Space Marine model, well, he ain’t in the codex, either.

        Just use the index datasheets for characters on bikes.

      • arkhanist

        It’s not an error; it’s intentional. They’re stripping out stuff they don’t sell any more, and in some cases, never did..

        So it’s less confusing for new players who won’t see stuff in the codex that’s only available it you convert it or ebay it. And you have to trim the options down at some point as new stuff gets added – SM still have the largest number of options of any army.

        For us oldies, the index datasheets are still valid for that sort of thing, and some will come from forgeworld (who sell the bits!) instead – the rifledread, for example.

        I’m not a huge fan of the decision, as it does mean more of my stuff will eventually become invalid as it has in the past, and it limits the options for sweet conversions. But GW is a business that has to sell new stuff and can’t support OOP models with rules forever, so I do understand it.