Geekery: First Look at Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’

Those who binge watched The Defenders this weekend got a sneak peek at Frank Castle’s new solo series – now you can, too.

The solo series was announced at SDCC last year. Hints that the new show was closer to hitting our TV sets started appearing on series’ official Facebook late last month, and Frank showed up in the Stan Lee narrated trailer for the Defenders released during SDCC…

Following that, the crowd in Hall H got a preview that was an exclusive – until now.

Bernthal’s take on Castle became a fan favorite during season 2 of Daredevil – in which Matt Murdock spent a lot of time trying to reform him. Murdock failed. Fans are better for it because we get to see more, and it’s very clear The Punisher isn’t slowing down. Along wiht Bernthal the cast includes Deborah Ann Woll reprising her role as Karen Page, Ben Barnes, and a group of solid newcomers. 

They finished out production in sping, so it was expected to get an early 2018 release. Looks like we’re getting it ealier – sometime in Q4 of this year. I’m looking forward to binge watching this.

One batch, two batch…

  • Richard Mitchell

    Defenders was sooooo good. Netflix is doing hero shows right. I like them better than some of the movies.

    • lunahula .

      Will be interesting to see if Punisher kind of weaves back into the narrative of the other four heroes in some way for the next Defenders or upcoming seasons of other shows. Or if it goes and blazes its own trail or introduces more new characters and shows for them.

      Either or both would make me happy!

      • euansmith

        I can’t really see Luke or Danny putting up with Frank’s modus operandi. Even Matt “I like to Punch People A Lot” Murdoch took exception to Castle’s level of lethality. It might be nice to the Defenders getting called in to try to end the Punisher’s campaign.

        • lunahula .

          That or just a situation like a new enemy or return of the Kingpin that makes them unwilling but ultimately accepting of having Castle as an ally.

      • Richard Mitchell

        That is true. Either way would be cool. He really is a true anti-hero in a universe of heroes and I could see the Defenders and other groups take issue with him. Which lives up to the comics anyway. Punisher is either to small time for groups like Avengers to apprehend, but he is tactical and brutal enough that street level heroes can’t really get a hold of him. Last season does tell me that Mr.Fisk and him have unfinished business.

  • Tshiva keln

    Love this version of Punisher, can’t wait!

  • euansmith

    I think that Bernthal is pretty much perfect casting for the role. It is a shame that Clancy Brown won’t be making another appearance.

    I enjoyed the Defenders, which was a big relief after Iron Fist.

    • Tshiva keln

      I liked Ironfist. It was Luke Cage I struggled with. Got the whole boring Superman thing of can’t be hurt then had to keep bringing in those bullets like they do with Kryptonite. Means there is either no peril or it gets very samey.

      • euansmith

        With Luke, I think that the danger is to his supporting cast (There’s something different about Misty Knight; but I can’t quite put my finger on it). Plus they can maybe has something like the backstory in Homecoming, where someone is selling alien tech to baddies; stuff that is powerful enough to endanger Luke.

        For me. Madame Gau summed up what I felt was wrong with Iron Fist, when she said, “There are some problems you can’t punch”. It seemed like the plot gave Danny little chance to shine; couple that with a very slow story and weak martial arts form on the part of the 2nd Best Martial Artist in the World, and I was not impressed.

        Still each to their own. I’m sure we can agree that the Dare Devil 2.0 should have focused on the Punisher 😉

  • I_am_Alpharius

    Can’t wait for this series. Bernthal is perfect casting for the character. Hopefully, they won’t shirk on the violence that the comics portray.