X-Wing: Rules Puzzler Challenge

Pilots, break out your squad builders and thinking caps– ChahDresh has some puzzlers to tickle your brain cells!

Today’s column is something different. Today we explore the fringes of the X-Wing universe. Today we get some puzzlers!

Answer the following questions, then check below for my answers. All of these questions assume 100-point no-epic squads. Feel free to use your favorite squad builder— you’ll need them for some of the questions!


1)      What is the largest number of red dice you can roll in a single attack? (Note: Exclude added results and re-rolls—only physical dice on the initial roll.)

2)      What is the largest number of green dice you can roll in one defense? (Same rules as above.)

3)      What is the largest number of guaranteed evade results you can achieve in one defense?

4)      What is the farthest straight-line distance you can move in one turn, as measured in small ship bases?

5)      What is the largest number of degrees a ship can turn in one activation?

6)      What is the maximum number of points you can spend on a small ship?

7)      What is the maximum number of points you can spend on a large ship?

8)      What is the largest possible Final Salvo?

9)      What is the maximum number of stress tokens a ship can give itself in one turn?

10)   What is the maximum number of focus tokens a 100-point squad can give a single ship in one turn?

Now, here are some pictures to give some distance until the answers.



Who can’t wait to see his shenanigans next movie? I can’t!

This should be enough.


1)      Eight red dice (N’Dru firing a Cruise Missile at speed 4 with Swarm Leader for two: 5+1+2=8)

2)      Nine green dice (Talonbane Cobra at range 3 with an Illicit Cloaking Device, Stealth Device, friendly ship with Bodyguard, obscured: 2+2+2+1+1+1=9)

3)      A bit of a bait-and-switch: to answer this, ask instead, “What’s the largest number of evade tokens you can take?” And the answer is, “Four evade tokens.” VCX takes evade action, Ahsoka Tano grants a free action, VCX takes a focus and uses Jan Ors crew to turn it into an evade, Experimental Interface into Lando with two evade results—1+1+2=4. (Autothrusters ships with focus, evade, and the Emperor still max out at 3 guaranteed evades.)

4)      Fifteen bases (YT-1300 or 2400 doing a 4-ahead covers six bases, Burnout SLAM for six more, Experimental Interface into Leebo for three = 15)

5)      405 degrees (Nien Nunb does a K-turn or T-Roll such that he drops his stress with his pilot ability, Lightning Reflexes, boosts with Primed Thrusters: 180 + 180 + 45 = 405)

6)      Miranda Doni with TLT, Advanced Proton Torpedoes x2, Homing Missiles, Shield Upgrade, Sabine Wren, Proton Bombs x3: 29+6+12+5+4+2+15=73 points.

7)      RAC, Gunner, Gunner, Hux (for variety), APT, Engine Upgrade, Proton Bombs, Opportunist, Dauntless: 46+15+6+4+5+4+2=82 points. Runner up: YV-666 (79 points)

8)      Sixteen red dice (Four Sigma Squadron Pilots with 4 reds each = 16)

9)      Eleven stress tokens (G1-A uses Advanced Sensors to Push the Limit (1) before executing a green maneuver, uses Glitterstim (1) and a friendly ship with Wingman sheds the stress, then fires at the Talonbane from answer 2 and uses Zuckuss to force all dice to reroll (9))

10)   Nine focus tokens (a YT-1300 or VCX with Recon Specialist, Experimental Interface into Lando with double eyeball results, friendly Kyle Katarn passing a token banked with Moldy Crow and using his action for Jyn Erso for three, friendly Garven Dreis)


~How many did you get? And be sure to tell me if you can beat my answers– I eat this stuff up!

  • tylran

    1) 9 with mods (original question seems stupid). But basically it’s Norra Wexley with Finn and Swarm Leader, Jan Ors in a HWK and something like Shara Bey maybe. So 4 attack dice when range 1, +1 from Jan Ors, +2 from Swarm Leaders, +1 eye from Norra, +1 blank from Finn. If you have EI and R7-T1 on Norra and you borrow a target lock from Shara, you have a TL and focus to mod those dice. And this is a primary weapon attack, mind you!

    2) 9, with Talonbane sillyness.

    I just got tired of the questions at this point, since most of them are too tiring to find out.

    • ChahDresh

      Ah, but I specifically ruled out Finn and Norra’s ability with the way I worded the question. Those are added results. You don’t “roll” them.

      • Harold Larson

        swarm leader is primary attack only so it wouldn’t work with cruise missile

  • aw

    can’t spend multiple evade tokens on the same defense roll, and there’s an 84 point boba fett


  • Willem

    I found a 17 dice final salvo:


  • Joshua Jabin

    3) You can only spend 1 evade token for its standard effect per attack. However, a range 1 out of arc attack against a protecorate starfighter with concord dawn tittle, autothrusters, and intensity, with Nym on the same team, with a bomb obstructing the attack would have r guaranteed evades.

    4) A shadowcaster with PTL, engine upgrade, and burnout slam could do 17 (5 Straight for 7, SLAM for 7 more, ptl to boost for 3.)

    • Harold Larson

      concord dawn requires you to be in each other’s firing arc so it wouldn’t work with autothrusters.

  • Hyperiant

    A Jumpmaster with Burnout SLAM, Advanced SLAM can white sloop, white sloop, then boost for 225 + 225 + 45 = 495 degrees.

    You got just about every one of these wrong, dude.

    • Kyle Oldham

      His elite pilot talent can add a little more though with lightning reflexes, so wouldn’t it even be 675 degrees?

      • Hyperiant

        I made a mistake by adding the boost degrees, because Jumpmasters don’t have boost and their mod slot would be taken up by Advanced SLAM. Lightning Reflexes is small ship only.

  • Clay Johnson

    2) Could you get this to 10 if you are defending against Zuckuss pilot?

  • Carlos Irala

    Eight red dice (N’Dru firing a Cruise Missile at speed 4 with Swarm Leader for two: 5+1+2=8), very tricky, the ships which trigger Swarm Leader have to be at exactly range 3 from N’Dru.

    Also Fenn Rau gets 8 dices, with Advanced Proton torpedoes and Swarm leader for two (5+1+2=8)

  • Clay Clarke

    1) Swarm Leader states it can be used only for primary weapon attacks, which bunks that answer, and
    3) right off the bat, we know we can’t perform the same action twice, even as a free action, so bunk there, too.